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About Behavior of Putin’s Trolls on Independent Sites

About Behavior of Putin’s Trolls on Independent Sites
Аlexander Golovenko 29.02.2012

Just few days remain before the next self-appointment of Mr. Putin Imperator of All Russia and his PR managers don't know how to show off. Bright speech of their boss at voluntary-compulsory show in "Luzniki" was last peep of pre-election creative. It favourably differed from his singing on December, 10th, 2010 at “a charitable concert” in the Ice Palace of the Northern capital in favor of children sick of cancer. For the love song “Bilberry Hill” addressed to Hollywood movie stars remained not clear to our people being sung in foreign language. The more so gathered money was stolen by someone...

While how not to shiver from a pathetic call of “gallery slave” all over the country: “Let’s die near Moscow!” It makes one’s flash crawls.

They say that it is not casual citation from Lermontov’s "Borodino". It appears it becomes a core of all internal policy of the new-old president for the next six years. The governors had been already told to make similar actions, finishing their appeals with corresponding places of residence. So right after March, 4th already the whole power will hear: “Let’s die!...” - near to Bryansk, Tula, Kaluga, Orel, Smolensk and other depressive regions. Dying out, according to the Washington regional committee, insufficiently actively. Only 800-900 thousand people die a year. It’ll be good if the number will be higher.

Simple rural guy from village Mymrino of the Orel region called Gena could spoil celebration of the assailant. He could, for example, to declare tomorrow: “Go to hell”, to withdraw his nominee from presidential race and discomfiture of planetary scale will happen. For all will understand at once that without “leading political force” led by constant Parteigenosse Zyuganov so-called "presidential election" in Russia - absolutely shameful farce. It’s as if to marry innocent girl who already has “one son and two daughters”.

That is why the Kremlin makes everything possible that “the communist №1” won’t kick up. That he won’t withdraw his nominee in protest despite all conceivable and inconceivable infringements of laws and the Constitution by “the candidate №1”. This time there’s no "damaging information" on TV, no “karaulov’s” and other exposing sensations. The electorate should trust in light shape of the leader of “humiliated and offended” and to go on March, 4th to ballot-boxes. For the sake of that voter participations which is Vladimir Vladimirovich's bottleneck.

For if there will be no at least 40% - non-legitimacy of his accessions to the throne will appear obvious even to supported by him girls – member of "Nashi" losing innocence in Seliger camps of Mr. Yakemenko. Present conscience of the nation Kshyusha Sobchak will also doubt in legality of "elections". Therefore hundreds spies with one task to "rub" all critics of comrade Zyuganov are sent to the Internet. As they say, not sparing cartridges. To mix up with dirt all who either call for boycott of elections, or cast a shade on a forehead of dear leader decorated with well-known Aryan wrinkle.

As I have been conducting, so to say, virtual fights for ideals of good and justice not for the first year, I fail not to meet these pro-Putin’s messengers. They are especially active on “FORUM.msk” and "Newsland" - the most advanced independent portals.

Their logic is primitive as a stick. If you cast a shade on Parteigenosse Zyuganov – it means you help Putin. It means you are son of a bitch, a skin for sale. For Gennady Andreevich “today has  unique chance to come peacefully to the power and to lead the country towards socialism”. The fact that he had such "possibility" already four times (with doubler Kharitonov) is being shamefully being held back.

Well, tell me: unless any normal person thinks today that Mr. Putin who has fallen so low as to organize absolutely shameful "attempt" will give the power to Zyuganov even if the one would like to get it? The one doesn't want it and never wanted it, for he has absolutely different targets - to consecrate with his presence ascent of the next Kremlin candidate on throne. Danger to a mode was represented by leaders of the movement In Defense of the Army Lev Rokhlin and his companion Victor Ilyukhin. Therefore now they are not far from each other on the Troyekurovskoye Cemetery...

For example, in the beginning of October one experienced troll appeared on "Newsland” whence pro-Putin agents flow to “FORUM.msk” and back, he tells he is propagandist-observer of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. He works in a female skirt under nickname “SMESHINKA 1” with maiden avatar. This is my firm belief. The photo of the blonde, as he considers, should cause special trust of public. Making his best he already for the second elections urges to vote for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and, naturally, - for its permanent leader. This troll bosses together with others pro-Putins who are ready to defame any critic of Zyuganov. That’s what he do attacking a victim together. Though personal attacks, "damaging evidences" about authors of publications are forbidden by portal Rules – they don’t care, for stakes are high.

Here you are a pearl of one of such pro-Putin "defenders":

Patriot51: “Golovenko, son of a bitch! When will you stop pouring slops on Zyuganov? How much were you paid for mean tricks? Tell us, we will chip in together and pay to you one dollar more that you didn’t spit curare”.

CheshireCat007 who intended to be my personal censor also doesn’t have scruples. Here you are what he told to my other “well-wisher” - to a clone golovnyak: “I have set myself a target to beat off attacks of Golovenko on Zyu, at least, before elections, I still have hope”.

This “Cheshire cat» as if cine “Agent 007” appropriated powers of both investigator, judge, public prosecutor and the executor of own sentence, he even warned about it: “Henceforth, your every lampoon will be checked up in the most attentive way to last comma, if I will fail to cope, guys will help me. If there will be distortions or, God forbid, frank lie, I reserve the right to blame you publicly using bad words …”

Here I think: what will be, if such defenders – supporters of Zyuganov will come to the power in the country if these are really they? Meanwhile they only expel other - minded from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and smash “neo-trotskysts’” regional committees and whole party organizations, unforgettable Egor Ligachyov told about it well to the mass-media. If they will really drive to the Kremlin? If it means that all other – minded will be ill-treated. Imagine - Giordano Bruno's fire burn across all Russia…

From editorial board: Certainly, coming to power of Zyuganov’s party is simply a figure of speech. "The majority isn't counted up, it’s being won", Lev Trotsky whom Zyuganov doesn’t like wrote in due time. Zyuganov is very strongly incited against Trostkyism, therefore not for the first time he tries to win by way of calculations. Or pretends that he tries.

Actually Zyuganov already hasn’t been struggling for any power, he simply tries to keep what he has - Joint-Stock Company "The Communist Party of the Russian Federation". But today attitude to the “leader” of the party inside is very negative. The only thing which still keeps Zyuganov afloat is the Kremlin which finds it convenient to deal with weak and "responsible" sparring partner. Zyuganov is reliable, Zyuganov won't kick up.

Here, for example, not so long ago on debates on SOTV Andrey Piontkovsky told that Zyuganov could suddenly become the president – he only should promise publicly that he would become "the technical president", that is to promise to carry out reform of electoral laws and to appoint in a year new elections. But Zyuganov doesn't take such obligations. It would seem you have an open door – while Zyuganov pretends that he doesn't see it and nuzzles a door post.

He is being told once again - break elections! Be the hero, then already nobody will knock you over from position of a leader of your party. But Gennady Andreevich still hopes to deserve new term by obedience. He doesn't understand that after inevitably lost elections when he would get less, than his party on parliamentary elections, he as the head of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation will be done.

Certainly, Zyuganov has been already reported that inner-party struggle is going on inside the party and it’s going on between those whom he nursed, made deputies - they are preparing unpleasant surprise for him at the congress. But Gennady Andreevich believes that he will be supported by the Kremlin. While he has been already written off by the Kremlin long time ago - quite probably, not disinterestedly. There are already other people there, other preferences.

However, he would deserve his pension by his fidelity to the Kremlin, it is guaranteed.


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