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We Won Square but Lost Tribune

We Won Square but Lost Tribune
Baranov Anatoly 13.06.2012

 March passed, the rain washed casual garbage away, policemen were also driven away. No falling of a mode, no money taken away from the national heroine Ksenia Sobchak at search was returned - liberal mass media was shocked. The world community is also concerned. "Why didn’t you, benefactors, act for those 12 arrested by the power on the same business and already being imprisoned?" - Limonov inquires, but his question hangs without the answer. Investigatory committee forgives Udaltsov his "non-appearance" according to the summon and waits for him tomorrow.

What was it?

One and a half million euros earned by overtoiling work and put on the occasion into the envelopes with inscriptions "for this and for that" - strong move of the power. One more police provocation, but much more skillful, than before. Now it will leave mark of Cain on a liberal component of all-civil protest. No, it’s not cheap scam of the members of the movement "Nashi" with shameful pick-up near the residence of the American ambassador. Unless McFaul could have brought the national heroine one and a half million, the more so in euro? No, absolutely different theme will be developed now: the part of "Putin oligarchs" pays its interest in protest movement. It’s a kind of accusation as well too - now the Kremlin will be strongly hooked "on treasury”. They will surely find something in "RosPil", will somehow connect it to winter anonymous contributions with Yandex money - Kudrin, Sobchak, further according to the list...

It is very good that the left managed not to put foot in it. Almost managed.

For the whole day I was asked by the left, the right, simply strangers if I was going to make public speech. - No, nobody, actually, asked me to do it. Thanks God. I promised already in December: it’s shameful and risky to represent someone you are not in reality on all-civil meetings where "the back side of embroidery" is visible only to the initiated. We can’t allow some not too honest politicians to use us blindly. Apparently they can’t do it differently.

Today there’s sense to make public speeches for adherents, only when you are surrounded by such people and everything’s organized by them. There are a lot of adherents – we have been following liberals for long. Yesterday, when the geography of procession along boulevards divided people into left and right columns, it became clear - we are people, we are the bulk.

Unless it could be different?

The protest changed its face for last half a year. "Hamsters" left in the past, dinosaurs died out. "Outraged citizens" came to their place - new proletariat speaking our language. Or someone considers people compelled to take credit to buy refrigerator "middle class"? Or the engineer engaged in taxi-driving at nights – petty bourgeois?

Yesterday, not less than 60 thousand (I think closer to hundred thousand) Muscovites, inhabitants of Moscow region and nearest to it cities (Tver, Vladimir and even Yaroslavl) in the rain and under real threat of police lawlessness – came to show all and first of all to themselves that the country is dissatisfied with mode, the country is dissatisfied with persons in power and the main thing - the country is dissatisfied with bourgeois and bureaucratic dictatorship.

Unless it could be different?

For already 20 years the mode has been celebrating the national catastrophe, crash of historical Russia and transition of the country and its people from "trend setter” for a half of the globe into the category of "washed-up countries", to "the Northern Nigeria". Yes, many peoples who suffered national catastrophes mark them somehow. Only the Russian Federation – celebrates it! At the state level. It’s simply a group of mad citizens, "madman with the razor" who would either wound himself or people around if not to stop him.

So, it turns out that people who gathered on June, 12th to say big "No!" to the mode is the unique adequate force in the gone mad Putin state.

However it is all-civil component. There’s one more nuance - we, generally, live in history. Moreover - we live in the world history which right in front of our eyes makes “phase transition" from habitual capitalism to the unknown. Capitalism is a novelty in our country, we haven’t got tired of it yet, therefore we are not the leaders, we are last in the universal process.

It’s visible in our protest movement - the geography of procession along boulevards divided society into two not equal halves: to those who go to the left – that is who with all progressive mankind the world want to change the world, to make it better and those who quite agree "to remain on the place", if they are in orchestra seats. It’s big pleasure – for the present Russia is not the world periphery completely, the left column was much more numerous, than the rights which consisted of liberals and nationalists. At that it’s not the final division – quite big part of nationalists and smaller, but also essential part of liberals is about to "go to the left". They simply haven’t gotten orientation. Someone simply haven’t talked to the left, haven’t reached agreement...

Striking contrast - "organizing committee" of all meetings is still afloat. "Organizing committee" is something from cheerful 90s, apparently, still wearing convenient training trousers.

The left were deceived – they got only one speaker – Udaltsov – instead of five who were planned. Decision was made late at night on the eve of the meeting when it was already late to change anything.

I am talking about myself – I know whom I have to do with, I am not playing with thimbleriggers. The Coordination Council of Forum of the Left Forces for some reason decided to believe, though they were clearly told – they would deceive. They even decided not to withdraw signatures from under schizophrenic "manifesto" (instead of resolution of the meeting as though all of us suddenly decided to form general party). Thus none member of CC of the Forum of Left Forces told anything good about the content of the document, but if one half persuaded to tell colleagues where to go with that masterpiece, other part convinced "not to make liberals angry". Voices were halved. The decision didn't pass. Thus we were immediately deceived.

It’s frustrating that after all it was perfectly known that we would be deceived.

Colleague Shubin writes: "The most interesting in Nemtsov's performance is that part of his speech where he started talking about importance of social and economic requirements. What was the reason to provoke split, to discredit liberal wing of the movement by refusal to include social requirements in the manifesto?"

Thus it’s exact repetition of what occurred on the meeting on Pushkin Square a year ago - when one very respectful representative of the liberal movement convinced the left "not to rub the wrong way” and not to speak about class fight, nationalization and so on. We (as long as I remember, Udaltsov, the National Bolshevik - Sergey Aksenov and I) agreed and some minutes later heard all untold from lips of... Boris Nemtsov. Unless it’s possible not to agree with the colleague Shubin who wrote below: "We should be afraid that the liberal and populist block will try to privatize also social protest as it has privatized political earlier". It’s exactly so - everything what’s lying about will be stolen.

If it’s possible to deal with them now? Though, likely, wishing "not to rub the wrong way” will still appear. Though there’s already different question to them – if among envelopes taken from Ksenia Anatolyevna away there’s one with inscription: “To…”? It’s not casual that liberal "organizing committee" makes isolated decision who would represent the left, the nationalists and others in its structure.

The more so we saw it yesterday – we are much more numerous, we are the people.

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