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Why Does Putin Personally Evaluate Lost in Disaster Lives?

Why Does Putin Personally Evaluate Lost in Disaster Lives?
Alexander Golovenko 11.07.2012

Four years we were guessing what role “strong lawyer” Medvedev played after inauguration on May, 7th, 2008 in the Kremlin? Putin’s throne-keeper? Decorative doll president? Westerner liberal?

We were amused by his war with “Ilyich bulbs” and time zones. His self-satisfied phrases gave out his boundless conceit and Napoleon's hypertrophied complex. Peculiar, however, to his boss as well.

Eventually, the writer A.Prokhanov called successor "inadequate" and his aimless four-year board “extra-uterine pregnancy”. Independent experts were of the same opinion.

After monstrous flood in Krasnodar Territory it is possible to say simply: prime minister Medvedev – is complete zero.

It’s beyond me to understand how it’s possible that yesterday’s president and nowadays head of the government does not go to the place of the disaster to divide grief of people, to console, encourage, head rescue works …

I am writing these words and try to stop myself as I understand that recent throne-keeper can't head any rescue works due to his scandalous incompetence in anything. Grief of the Russian people is also alien to him, he proved it more than once.

That’s why he hid in a sad minute from the country. Television didn't show him for two days and we didn't know at all what creator of “laws” and “innovations” did.

However, unless we should be surprised? After explosions on "Raspadskaya" which carried lives of 90 miners away he went … to Middle Eastern tour.

For over 12 years the country has been living from mourning to mourning which main reasons are dull management of Putin and Medvedev. In raw model of economy chosen by them where supply of oil and gas abroad is the main thing, while other spheres are doomed to desolation. When the main goal of being in power - distribution of the budget.

In conditions of lawlessness of the officials, in "slovenliness", full irresponsibility and impunity Mr. Putin chose for himself, as he obviously think, safe tactics.

He almost never goes at once to the place of catastrophes, acts of terrorism, explosions, accidents and other states of emergency with large number of loss of human lives, he doesn't meet their relatives.

He assigned himself a role of the benefactor who individually, at his own discretion, establishes sizes of aid for funeral and coffin.

It’s been at once recollected: for lives of victims of “Lame Horse” he ordered to give relatives 400 thousand roubles. 1 million to the widows of dead miners on "Raspadskaya". It’s impossible to understand his logic. Blown up in airport Domodedovo soul he estimated in 3 million rubles, while lives of passengers of “Bulgaria” who sank in Volga - in 1 million.

After universal tragedy in Krasnodar Territory "national leader" didn't change to his habit. He didn't want to meet inhabitants of Krymsk where most of all inhabitants died. He just examined from helicopter flooded houses, “got foretaste” and held meeting with local officials where he presented his financial calculations.

Thus he decided to give each member of suffered family 50 thousand rubles from the local budget and 100 thousand – from the federal. Why the sum is like this? Proceeding from what calculations? One has his house sank, other has all his things spoiled. Who counted up damage of each family? Nobody! After all today such money is simply ridiculous for people who got into trouble.

Why did the Kremlin benefactor decide to give 1 million robles for sank father, mother, child, why not five or ten? Nobody knows why. Who in general allocated him with the right to estimate human life? Nobody.

That is why question of adoption of special law in which it is necessary to establish accurately amount of compensation in cases of mass death of people from acts of terrorism, production, transport, technogenic and other catastrophes is being brought up.

- It’s clear to me who saw a lot of human grief and tears of widows - such law is necessary, - the deputy of the State Duma from Kuzbass Nina Ostanina told two years ago. - It is necessary to register there accurately responsibility of the officials for death of people in spheres subordinated to them. Either mine or plane or river vessel. In particular, it is necessary to establish amount of compensation to families of the worker who died at the place of production, to establish size of their social insurance, including education of children in higher education institutions and provision of housing. It shouldn't be humiliating sums in which the power estimates human life. We see that sometimes officials are guilty of mass death of people and consequently are interested to establish as little as possible amounts of compensations to their relatives.

In a word, it shouldn't be tiny sums in which Mr. Putin at own discretion estimates life of a person died in accident. It is necessary that everything was under the law. That he doesn’t make PR using grief of families of the died.

Certainly we need such law, for the country will fall on evil days with “gallery slave”…


From editorial board: Certainly, disappearance of our “IPhone-boy” from information space is more than strange – it hardly possible that he is disconnected from his favourite Twitter, he should know what’s going on.

Though these days many other prominent persons disappeared. For example, chief sanitary officer Onishchenko. Though in such moments role of sanitary-and-epidemiologic services isn't less important, than role of "disaster medicine" (which, as it became clear, we don’t have - only on paper). For years of restoration of capitalism Public Health Authority degenerated in racketeering form – though highly skilled racketeering. Alas, it’s not that qualification which is required during accidents. Onishchenko failed - after all it’s not the same as to inspect the Georgian port wine, system should work here.

New Minister of EMERCOM already declared yesterday completion of search and rescue works. All are rescued? All are found? They gave figure - 171 victims. Declared – that’s all, the end. That is if today the 172nd corpse will be found, the minister should be sent under tribunal, if I am not mistaken?

Well, at last about wonderful deputies from Krasnodar Territory - hey, where are you? Probably they pour now drinking water, distribute humanitarian help to the voters? Supervise rescue works? After all the state pays their journey to every place of the country, not just to health resort of the Presidential Administration. However deputies from Krasnodar Territory from the CPRF Sergey Obukhov, Konstantin Shirshov and Nikolay Haritonov are still in Moscow. They have sound sleep and good appetite. They are going to create youth group to send it to the place of catastrophe – it’s interesting what for if EMERCOM has already “finished” everything?


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