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Now There’s Clearance

Now There’s Clearance
Eugenie Ikhlov 13.08.2012

Sometimes the smallest intervention promptly changes surrounding picture, clears up things which have been trying to appear long ago, but there was no occasion. Thus light tremor of a glass turns overcooled water into ice. Thus oversaturated hydrochloric solution starts crystallization from one grain of sand.

These days we saw clearance in several very important questions.

The first thing. We got convinced that the Russian Federation – is not nation, it’s empire. Blurts of the Krasnodar governor became, naturally, key event. The problem is not he "kindled". While reaction to his words is indicative. Certainly, if to imagine that the Russian Federation is such North Euro-Asian United States as liberals thought 19 years ago, Tkachev's words are impossible, inconceivable. The American governor, for example, in Arizona can say something sharp concerning inrush of the Mexican illegal immigrants (though it causes indignation in other states). But he can't say anything about undesirability of “invasions of citizens of Florida” (or Utah, or California). Reciprocal liberal attempts (as it’s made by "Ekho of Moscow") are also inconceivable in America - to calm passions saying something like “ethnic Caucasians bring medals to our Olympic team”. Public accounting of ethnic roots of medalists is impossible "even more" than public appeals to "soft" ethnic cleaning in America. It happens so because uniform civil nation exists in the USA. While there’s no such in the Russian Federation and it will have no time to appear.

Both Tkachev's opponents and his apologists (“told the truth” at last) recognize that the Russian Federation "is quantized" not by individuals but by ethnoses.

When a year and a half ago under impression of December events on Manezhnay Square and Square of Europe I sadly suggested to drink for the Russian power "without clinking glasses", it caused misunderstanding and indignation. But if Russia didn't become the state on the basis of civil nation where ethnos and faith – private business, then – it is empire. There’s no other – the third - form of poly-ethnic states. In search of habitual and as it seemed simple enough ways of management the Kremlin "successfully" returned Russia to a model of centenary prescription – empire of orthodox Russians with vassal ethnic tsars on the outskirts. Recent public squabble of two such governors – Chechen and Ingush - is classical fight between such vassals.

By the way, Tkachev reminded that there’s special class in the southern territories of the empire – Cossacks who should be used as para-military (more precisely, para-police) formation - for submission of alien ethnoses.

By the way, there is one more obvious class in Russia - deprived not only political, but also civil and social rights migrants - "guest workers". Tendency to complete replacement of a niche of unqualified labor by them is also obvious.

The mere existence of such "slavish" class – not less obvious sign of imperial type (only – "vertical"), than, let us assume, existence of privileged "service" class (Cossacks) and ruling class – nomenclature.

So, we see that modern Russia is empire. Both on "vertical" - hierarchy of classes and on "horizontal" - it is Slavic orthodox base encouraged by the state with vassal "ethno-hierarchies" where Islam is under KGB sight around it.

Distinction between the Russian and western education is that Karamzin's history-sophy (formation of centralized Russian empire is a prime, teleological target of the state) is in the center of the Russian education in this or that view, while in the center of the western one – Mommsen's history-sophy (disintegration of empires is inevitable). Therefore, when in Russia they say that we have empire, for a person with the western mentality it means only one thing – ruin is ahead of the power already around the next historical turn.

Farewell of the Russian intellectuals to Orthodox Church is other tectonic process shown already quite clearly for the second time for last quarter of the millennium. The first took place at Ekaterina therefore, by the way, scandal round anathema 112 years ago to the count Lev Nikolaevich only emphasized obvious thing – the role of the church as spiritual core of the Russian civilization finally passed to intelligentsia.

Quarter of century ago intelligentsia voluntary bent low before church-martyr. However “case with punk public prayer” which people already openly started comparing to “Beylis's case” finally buried prestige of tsarism, as though someone suddenly drew literary and mystical veil aside and banal small wholesale opiate-trafficking syndicate appeared before our amazed eyes. That’s the turn for domestic intelligentsia to ask itself – if they need intermediary in faith?

If Moscow patriarchate demanded “to fagot witches” honestly as its historical predecessors, it would be simpler, but now we see Pilate’s washing hands off. After all Russian intelligentsia approached Orthodoxy through Mikhail Afanasyevich and acquired that Pilate’s sin is the most terrible. After all "people" will always demand "to crucify", "high priests" - always to judge "trouble-makers", while wise, all understanding and brave governor, the native of the highest imperial elite should act following highest reasons.

Such two moments of truth took place during these few days. At last. That nice answer of Putin to Makarevich which almost literally repeated well-known Putin’s answer to Khodorkovsky's reproach concerning total (as it seemed then) corruption of state officials at their meeting in the Kremlin in February, 2003. Well, misters moderate progressive thinkers, Putin’s mode will not fight against corruption – for it’s both basis and guard of corruption, after all you are naive person, Andrey Vadimovich. Not police despotism, decomposing the state, generates "kickbacks" and “distribution”, but dictatorship and pop ideology covering its shameful nakedness in the form of clerical and great-power propaganda chatting are created for protection of the debugged system of "kickbacks-distributions".

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