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Liberal Clan Is on the War-Path

Liberal Clan Is on the War-Path
Delyagin Michael 02.09.2012

Dvorkovich's open letter to Putin makes impression of the announcement of battlefield war by liberal clan where Dvorkovich occupies the post of one of the speakers Dvorkovich, this announcement is related not to Sechin personally, but to all power clan including Putin.

Regardless of the substantial side of a question (transfer of power supply networks lobbied by Sechin to "Rosneftegaz" really looks ridiculously from administrative point of view) open letter is a political gesture, while the presidential commission (on energy industry) – is purely administrative body. Addressing the head of the commission - president Putin - with open letter, not with official note the member of the commission Deputy Prime Minister Dvorkovich thereby shows impossibility of normal office communication and, respectively, full incapacity of this commission.

Thus the very genre of a message bares disability of notorious Putin "vertical" - according to the official version, "power" and in practice corruption.

Economic essence is simple: having received phenomenal income for smashing of uniform technological complex of power industry and having finished it to a full inefficiency, liberal reformers intend to "earn" again – now already on correction of own destructive actions. Certainly they want to do it at the expense of the state and finally – at our expense. Sechin tries to butt into this “feast of winners” and to expand own zone of control at their expense, while the last give rigid and public repulse.

While the format of this repulse is evidently excessive for the commercial and administrative conflict.

By the way, billionaire Abyzov who has become the one thanks to Chubais’s reform of power industry, not casually enters Medvedev's government. It is very probable that his nominal position (Minister of the Open Government which is rarely mentioned and resembles tracing-paper of mossy Sorosovsky development) is simply a cover of real work on new consolidation of assets in interests of liberal clan.

It seems that in the face of approaching global crisis (not talking about internal social and economic, political crisis) liberal clan realized categorical need of getting under complete control the Russian state and Dvorkovich's letter – simply one of the volleys of slowly developing new political war.

Liberal fundamentalists considering that the state should serve not to people, but to the Russian business (such is the essence of notorious Washington consensus), on the one hand, and power oligarchs sacredly believing that the state should serve not to people, but to them personally, on the other, represent contenting parties.

Liberals possess better organization, media resources, natural craving of intelligentsia for freedom, support of the West (where offshore aristocracy including security officials transferred all assets) and the main thing – clear, crystal strategic consciousness which is usually associated by observers with a shadow figure of “the mighty old man” Voloshin.

Therefore they usually win - and now when their influence sharply weakens with the approaching end of Medvedev’s premiership – it’s natural for them to set the task on complete "cleaning" of a state machinery from all hostile elements. Remembering well their principles and approaches of the middle of the 90s, I can assume that the role of hostile elements will be played by both supporters of power oligarchy and ordinary patriotic statesmen, as well as all “carriers of the state consciousness” capable not only to oppose them but also to think over alien to them thoughts. After all there are really no more carriers of totalitarian consciousness than liberals in Russia.

It is not known, whether they really put such task, but they simply don’t have other way out from the point of view of the political situation. After all their symbol and support – Medvedev – has been turned into a laughing-stock, at Putin he doesn’t have independent resource, he is evidently temporary prime minister. As in days of "GKChP-3" (detention Chubais on a checkpoint of the House of Government after the first round of presidential election of 1996 with “a box from under the copier” full with cash was interpreted by him as an attempt to mount a coup d'etat and led to exile of the security officers of that time) following the logic of circumstances they should pass into attack not to lose everything.

While transfer of dispute inside presidential commission (let even on a question of principle) on political level by means of the open letter is attack. Not banal “putting out the rubbish”, but extraordinary step, announcement of political, not administrative or commercial war.

Putin can't make a choice between clans. Liberals are supported by the West supervising all assets of the offshore aristocracy, without security officers Putin will be “eaten up" even quicker, than it was done with Lebed supported Chubais in "GKChP-3".

His unique choice - monstrously terrible, difficult and, possibly, unnatural for him, but unique guaranteeing him preservation of the power - is a choice in favor of Russia.

Resolute and irrevocable refusal of plundering of the country and legalization of stolen in the luxurious countries, representing essence of public administration for the quarter of a century of national treachery.

Transition to the development of the country is really terrible for the power - for both clans – for it means radical restriction of corruption and arbitrariness of monopolies that, most likely, will be apprehended by a ruling party as overthrow of bases of political system and impudent robbery of ruling class.

Reaction of this offshore aristocracy can be such that Milosevic's destiny will seem to Putina limit of dreams.

This reaction, let even on the other occasion, has been started judging from Dvorkovich's open letter.

Today’s leaders of Russia have no other way out than to break this reaction (better in a germ): alternative – power loss, that is death, social at the best social.

Radical restriction of corruption, restriction of arbitrariness of monopolies, normalization of social policy, reasonable protectionism and complex modernization of technological infrastructure is categorical imperative not of people’s benefits, but of own survival of the present management.

There’s nothing difficult in it from the technical point of view: take textbook from the shelf and read.

From the political point of view it is revolution.

But revolution which is not made by the power will inevitably sweep away this power – it’s an axiom. If Putin and his company won't go on this revolution, liberal clan – “assault infantry” of the global business uniting both imperious and protest liberals – will inevitably sweep away him, having dipped Russia into a life in comparison with which “dashing 90s” will seem a kind kingdom of good, justice, welfare and humanity.

Putin can hardly make right choice: if he could – he would make it earlier.

Then this choice could be done by us.

It’s necessary to be ready to make this choice and to prepare society while there’s time.

After all the shot made by Dvorkovich is not decisive battle.

Though the war has already began.

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