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Аnatomy of the Political Crisis

Аnatomy of the Political Crisis
Kalashnikov Maxim 09.10.2012

It’s moving towards revolution. For high-ranking enemies of Putin didn’t disappear. They obviously intend to wait for the convenient moment.

Recently I watched “Anatomy of Protest-2”. Well, strong information counterstroke and obvious preparation of electorate for arrests of several figures of street opposition. It’s already clear now that Putin’s elite enemies will fail to eliminate him in any other way than using revolution. I think that such revolution in the Russian Federation is possible at an extreme aggravation of world system crisis.

Masses, as always, will play deeply passive role – they are used. Solving role will be played by SSA – subjects of strategic action. Closed groups of elite possessing real resources.


I am not going to condemn Sergey Udaltsov. Udaltsov went on contact with the Georgians? Took money from abroad? Well, I also not once wrote that revolution needs money, money and one more time money besides irritated masses. No volunteers and enthusiasts will replace cash: they will only let to save up, no more than that. While for normal functioning of underground resistance considerable expenses are necessary. Too many things are necessary to buy - pay placed orders, to contain staff of organizers, to carry out camps of preparation.

How many times the author of these lines wrote on "Forum.Msk" that both considerable means and control center abroad are necessary for revolution. The event only confirmed my conclusions.

The revolutionary has special psychology. To make revolution he will take money from everybody – from the Jews, jedi, from surkovs, from the sharks of the Anglo-Saxon capital, from the German General Staff (underline necessary). For the sake of revolution and capture of the power revolutionary can go on the dirtiest and cynical actions, he can refer for help to geopolitical enemies of the country. For if you take the power and lead the country to new victories (having often “stiffed" sponsors), the victory of the revolutionary will write off everything. Prior to it - search of money, blood, dirt and cynicism. If you aren't ready to it, you won’t become revolutionary. Revolution can’t be done in white gloves.

Russian revolutionaries of different types at the beginning of the XX century aspiring to dethrone tsar and to seize power went to get means and weapon to the Germans and Japanese, to Anglo-Saxon and Jewish financiers. Afflicted with hatred to red, some white nationalists for the sake only of a hint on creation of some “Russian national state” under protectorate of Berlin went on cooperation with Hitler, closing eyes on the fact that the Germans killed peaceful Russian population in millions, burned whole villages with alive inhabitants. Yeltsin, aspiring to take the power and to throw off Gorbachev, ran for support to the worst geopolitical enemy – to the United States. Then, by the way, he ruined the USSR, having led to multimillion victims first of all among the Russians, that is somehow more serious, than prospective act of terrorism on the Trans-Siberian Railway which was told Udaltsov organized. Creating great criminal revolution in the Russian Federation and strengthening personal authority Yeltsin all the time received support of the West which was openly building new world order on fragments of Russia (the USSR) at the expense of Russia and against it. Well, now Yeltsin's present colleague Pu recollects him as hero of democracy and the founder of “the new Russian state”, there’s even his monument in Yekaterinburg and the Russia mass media sing praises. Putin – Yeltsin's successor, his mode integrally grows from Yeltsinism. In this case Udaltsov is opposed not by innocent birds. To come to power and strengthen it these people went to the length of monstrous cyclonite explosions of houses in the 1999s. ("Doctrines" in Ryazan strongly resembling failed attempt to blow up one more house by means of the staff of FSB of that time speak much).

So to accuse the revolutionary that he goes to look for means in the enemy country is ridiculous. All revolutionaries did so and will do so. Where could they find money for revolution in the present Russian Federation, if the richest, supervising literally all group is in the power? Naturally, it could be done only in the countries-enemies of the Russian Federation, money could be also taken from the Russian money-bags and from the part of oligarchs capable to help as though from abroad. So, street oppositionists moved there. Earlier I thought that it is possible to agree secretly with the power of one of the Slavic neighbouring republics (considering local head good candidate for a post of the governor of the incorporated country), but this option is obviously unreal. Thus Udaltsov had to deal with other forces.

Therefore I am not going to condemn him. There’s simply one rule in revolution: if you managed to – everything will be forgotten. While if you was caught before – you will be defamed and destroyed. That’s what’s happening now. It’s possible to wait for "demolition" of the first leaders of street actions.

Though what will be further?


Let's draw conclusions.

The first: there are no nonviolent methods of change of the power in the Russian Federation. Therefore the country, it seems, moves aside revolution.

The second. Revolution can be done by those Putin's high-ranking enemies who were not shown in the program. After all they have billions and supervise those mass media that carried out massed information “preparation" of protest meetings, which inflated their future president-protege (Navalny). Putin is afraid to touch them, directing thunders and lightning on minor figures of street activists. It means, Big Enemies remain. It’s liberal clan.

The third. Even in the program (which was prepared by means of intelligence services of the Russian Federation) was not told anything distinct about financing of revolutionaries from the USA. Only – about the Georgians and Berezovsky with Borodin. It means that the Americans are not in a hurry to play the game to overthrow Putin at full capacity. (there is NO “cyclonite list” similar to “Magnitsky’s list” or “list of travel banned Kremlin tyrants”). It means, while the liberal clan should pay.

The fourth. The control center of revolution should be out of the Russian Federation, out of reach of its intelligence services.

The fifth. Apparently, revolution will occur while the economy of the Russian Federation will be crashed down by the next wave of global crisis and failures of Putin power become scandalous. Thus revolution will be supported by mass street actions.

The sixth. As left and nationalists of different types are poor and separated, the power in the Russian Federation will be taken by large oligarchical capital. For it has both money, mass media and possibility to organize its armed groups. People? Don't make me laugh. People – abstraction. People are amorphous, split now. It can't to create ideology, organize own groups. It has neither money, nor media. Everything will be solved by fight of large predators and it will happen in Moscow. The rest of the Russian Federation will wait. That is why personally I don’t want to waste forces on amorphous and inclined to swaying masses. To collect own SSA – more important business.

Putin's regime could keep eternally providing slow degradation of the Russian Federation and decaying of its people – if the world economy would remain in situation “till autumn of 2008”. But it’s impossible. It means that political crisis in the Russian Federation will inevitably become aggravated again.

Notorious people will be in any case used in a deeply suffering role. Elite SSA (subjects of strategic action) which are cleverer, richer and competent will twirl masses.

Though we will talk about it later.

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