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We Shouldn’t Joke with the Mode Any More

We Shouldn’t Joke with the Mode Any More
Baranov Anatoly 22.10.2012

Situation in society is imperceptibly heated. A lot of things happened yesterday, within one day – they beat coordinator of "White Ribbon" Igor Bakirov, put on the wanted list Leonid Razvozzhayev – it seems that opposition they decide to shake opposition seriously, from different sides but to hit one point, systemztically.

Bakirov was beaten silly somehow, he went following his won will with the stranger, he "was touched" with own popularity. It is pleasant to be popular, but in America even the world champion in boxing in heavy weight usually goes with the security guard - the price of popularity. Cory Sanders was recently shot in a tavern, casually. He was there without protection. Certainly, Bakirov has no possibility to pay service of professionals, but no one should stop being cautious.

Razvozzhayev is experienced person. Treachery of friends gives especially a lot of experience - evidences on Lenya were given simply on the air. He didn’t wait for being arrested - clever fellow. Really clever fellow. I don't understand - we are talking and talking about unscrupulous mode and still obediently go on call from prosecutor's office. We even considers it some kind of valor: "He didn't hide, he appeared before justice". Yes, but where’s justice? If Bolsheviks would obediently go Okhranka, so we will be still living at Romanovs.

I am afraid, the authorities still have lot of aces in a hole.

Games ended long ago. Yes, actually, they never were games, they only seemed to be games. Yes, it joyful to run on the Moscow boulevards from OMON fighters - until they are given the order "Kill!" They aren't able to fight but they can kill unarmed and not ready to resistance people. Sometimes they happen to be in the civilian, by the way.

Don’t forget experience of 1993 when only two years passed between cheerful revolution of August, 1991st and terrible October, 93rd. That terrible October discouraged the country to a serious protest for one and a half decades.

It seems to me, Putin and Co would like to repeat this lesson very much. If it will be necessary to shed 10 times more blood, it’s not a problem and not an obstacle. The fact that Nazarbayev in Kazakhstan shot workers, while Putin doesn’t have such experience in Russia doesn’t mean bigger humanity of the second. Simply Nazarbayev has that chance, while Putin hasn’t had 7-month's strike in oil branch yet. If it would happen, I am afraid Nazarbayev’s execution would seem rather humane to us. Let's recollect Chechnya – they dealt shortly there. Why should they pull punches in Moscow or Penza?

We deal with the hostile state - hostile in its relation first of all to own citizens.

This state disarms army - and strengthens internal troops intended to fight with "internal enemy". Judging by a number and ammunition of the internal corpse, potentially all population of the country, but for, maybe, inhabitants of Rublevka and Kurortny district of Petersburg is internal enemy.

Putin's Russia has absolutely no investigation – we have SVR which has being ruining everything that is possible and GRU being systematically destroyed. While the staff of political police of FSB and protection of FPS mode are exaggerated and equipped better than ever.

Transition from own "defense industry" to purchases of arms abroad is also sign phenomenon. They try to produce weapon for war with external enemy themselves, not to purchase it from the probable opponent. While they buy the best samples of foreign equipment for police operations – no mass losses and breakdown of the equipment are planned, while it’s necessary to protect the staff, they could be used later...

After all Yeltsin’s mode acted often spontaneously, without preparation and clear plan. Putin's mode is German-like rational and is Russian-like ruthless to own people. "Russians eat themselves, that’s the way they are still alive”... They switched on mechanism which they have been prepared and adjusted long ago, the mechanism of dot repressions - with prospect of transition into mass ones. It is a flywheel, it is untwisted and then it is very difficult for stopping.

After October, 14 they gave themselves a term to September of next year to make mechanism of elections of "those who should be elected" will be debugged as hours by “the day of uniform vote”. By this moment "United Russia" will return itself constitutional majority in the parliament, having created new deputy group of "independent" which in the sum with UR and LDPR should give absolute majority. Then all regional elections will simply become stamping of “necessary” candidates.

Already after October, 14 the authorities understood that political strategists aren't necessary to them any longer, they even didn’t pay to their servants. What political strategies? Retaliatory formations plus operative staff of political police is quite capable to provide safe work of a voting machine in which already nobody will dare not only to count bulletins for the second time, but even to count them up for the first time. What’s the need to calculate them, if there’s a result of electronic vote? The mere question could be considered a question of "the treachery of the homeland".

To give some evidences in their prosecutor's office, investigatory committee and so on is simply a crime.

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