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What Ideology Does Putin’s Russia Need?

What Ideology Does Putin’s Russia Need?
Alexander Golovenko 13.11.2012

If it doesn’t seem to you that after three participants of Pussy Riot group was sentenced to two years of staying in colony for execution of "punk public prayer" “Virgin Mary, Redeem Us of Putin” in the Christ the Savior Cathedral, the Kremlin suddenly realized ideological emptiness in society? It even created in its interior some committee which will be engaged in moral improvement of citizens. As they say, there’s nothing more ridiculous. Meanwhile "extremism" appears to it everywhere.

At the first meeting of a new Council for Culture and Art the president V. Putin unexpectedly admitted:

- Alongside with obvious achievements in cultural development we often face cultural poverty, with all types of fakes and "fast food" from culture. Very serious risks are put in here. First of all it’s that we face possibility of loss of own cultural face, national cultural code, moral core. All this weakens and destroys society. It’s easy to manipulate the society in which cultural tradition is dissolved. Immunity to all sorts of extremist, destructive and even aggressive ideas is lost.

I would applaud Vladimir Vladimirovich, if he would have pronounced these words about 12 years ago. Let's say, in January-February, 2000, when he accepted reins of government from hands of completely gone wrong illegitimate Yeltsin.

Now whom should we ask for actual loss of “own cultural face” and loss of “national cultural code”? Let's not flip off.

Perhaps from the official television which every day brainwashes the public in the direction necessary to the authorities? From this "zombie-box" which captivated “blue screens” with scandalous talk shows, “soap operas”, platitude, violence, that very manipulation of public opinion and even frank lies?

Perhaps we should ask from all Kremlin Agitprop which has been ruled by half-educated person of two higher education institutions and PR manager, banker Surkov for about ten years?

For example, unless deputies of the Moscow City Council, the State Dumas, the Federation Council, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Culture, the State Office of Public Prosecutor and other public organizations haven’t tried to cover scandalous "TV-project" "Dom-2" which frankly involves youth in prostitution? No way! After all untouchable Ksyusha Sobchak was the pointed there. It seems that "TV-brothel" was created specially for her "promotion"!

That’s it wasn’t successful.

In my opinion, the public is already simply tired of fighting against “trade union of souteneurs” which has been publishing advertisement of its “girls” on pages of “The Moscow Komsomolets” and many regional newspapers for more than ten years. Why the editor-in-chief P. Gusev and owners of these underground brothels aren’t afraid of anything and anybody, though there are in the Criminal code articles 240 and 241 about responsibility for involvement into prostitution and keeping of brothels?

Mayors of Moscow, presidents, prime ministers, chiefs of capital police and the Ministry of the Interior change, but brothels remain in inviolability. Conclusion is one: it means that it is necessary to someone “behind the crenelations”. After all souteneurs receive enormous incomes from sex slaves deprived of civil rights – it means they are able to share …

Whom could we write and to complain, if by D. Medvedev's recognition in his being the president, the present power is arranged in such a way that nothing happens without a push from the Kremlin? Who blames Stalin, the USSR and the Soviet past most of all? Let's not flip off.

By and large, there’s no one who could answer for loss of “moral core” and ideological emptiness … Because it is put … into the Constitution which proclaims: “No ideology can be established as state or obligatory”.

But ideology - such sphere which abhors the vacuum. When the state “runs from economy” on a call of the right liberals, its place is occupied by private business and crime. Thus very often they merge with each other and with selling officials in “love ecstasy” (Putin's expression).

When the state runs from ideology, “sacred place” also doesn’t remain empty. It is occupied by every possible "prophets" - from hierarches of the Russian Orthodox Church and devilish sects to thieves in law of organized criminal group.

What are the reasons of such form of protest as "punk public prayer" of feminists from Pussy Riot group in the Cathedral? What is “vanguard art” professed by them? Why did it appear after twenty years of “vivifying reforms”?

Neither consequence, nor courts give answers to these questions. Statements about "religious hatred" as smart lawyers note - unsubstantiated stamp from the UK which explains nothing.

While the answer could be: we have the art which reflects sociopolitical and economic system. Such is "fast-food culture", mister president. We have “gangster capitalism”, irremovable autocracy, cult of profit, infringement of the civil rights and freedoms.

What in general ideology can be in society where 10% of nouveau riches grasped all natural riches and established beggarly salaries to the state employees and veterans? What moral and patriotic education is possible to talk about in the country where dollar millionaires and billionaires appear in crises as mushrooms after the rain?

Where after the ruin of the USSR on a place of “The Moral Code of the Builder of Communism” other one settled in: “Get enriched every possible way and be able to share”.

So what ideology can be in Putin’s Russia?

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