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March of Millions Will Pass in Silence

March of Millions Will Pass in Silence
Baranov Anatoly 25.11.2012

Leaders and national heroes from Coordination Council of opposition decided that "March of Millions" will pass without meeting. The most part of members of Coordination Council of opposition is inclined to carry out the action in procession format, without meeting. Optimal date of "March", according to the majority of organizers, will be December, 9. The deputy from "Just Russia" and the member of CC Dmitry Gudkov told to “Izvestiya”.

— As practice showed, people with pleasure participate in procession, but do not like format of meetings much, the more so everything that we wanted we had already told during previous meetings, - the national hero told to the antinational newspaper.

Some part of the unstable public was jarred by the fact that leaders already have nothing to tell to masses (let’s keep silent about heroes, their destiny not to say words, but to make deeds). Though the public is wrong - leaders had nothing to tell already on the meeting on December, 6 last year and since then the problem tormented and tortured these people. At last the right decision was found - all should keep silent!

The unique problem - why they don’t keep silent in relation to mass media? It turns out strange – unanimously they duplicate in mass media one and the same: "There’s nothing to say, we have nothing to say..." It would seem, if you have nothing to say, so, keep silent instead of prattling about it at every turn.

It would be quite good to pass in procession along the center of Moscow, to come to the specified place, to a tribune, where leaders and heroes stand as on a school ruleup making beautiful rank. And are silent! Though why to be silent so demonstratively? It is possible to sing together a song or to read a rhyme. For example:

Farewell! Unwashed, indigent Russia,

The land of slaves, the state of lords.

And you, its navy-coated marshals!

And you, their dedicated herds.

Then it’s possible to go to have a rest to Mexico with a feeling of fulfilled duty as the national hero and leader (in one person) Navalny on a wave of last year's protests. It’s possible to return in February and to hold meeting on a subject "How I Spent New Year's Vacation" – they will have a story to tell?!

By the way, already on December, 24 last year there was a problem with resolution - the liberal part of organizers didn't want to include class requirements, while others didn’t want to act with petition. At last they decided not to adopt any resolution at all - simply to gather, talk, cry out cheers and chants and to go home to collect things. Though it ended not so well. Now, if to refuse absolutely format of the meeting, the problem of the general requirements disappear on its own. We demand nothing! We simply gathered, walked, limbered up. Shouted.

Generally, only one problem remained – they didn't make the decision regarding the date. One leaders want to carry it out on 8th and others on 9th.

If you ask me, I would answer that certainly on 8th. After all it’s possible to go to have a rest the whole day earlier!

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