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The First Stage Has Been Passed, Let’s Go Further

The First Stage Has Been Passed, Let’s Go Further
Vladimir Kornev 03.12.2012

The most unpleasant - to stay in "prostration" when it is unclear that’s going on around. Why it is unclear? Probably because the majority thinks "human like" and they don't know that there can be the same beings able to tell correct words, but not to be people in matter. At that falsity of their human shape is covered with a huge layer of thought-over lie and such rare acting that one need time "to punch" this layer and to get to the truth. As no capacious word for definition of mutating part of the population which generally occupies power posts and grasped all resources of the country has been thought up yet, let’s call them THEY.

If to speak upon, not going into deep analysis where THEY came from, it is possible to tell the following:

Insatiable thirst of money and power is satisfied by them at the price of sale of the country, its destrukturization and gradual, it is possible to tell, mediated with reforms killing of the population.

Certainly, there was "moment X" in 1993. Further it had been technically developed. It should be noted that it would be wrong to assume that it is an internal problem. I think internal THEY would fail to create such mechanism of disorder, destrukturization, being combined with huge outflow of money out of the country. I think that analytical services of all countries – "bewitched friends" – have been intensively worked. Sometimes they work on Old Square as at Yeltsin and Gaidar, today no one hides it already.

For certain they supposed decomposition and killing has to be combined with strengthened "endarkenment". By way of lies, acting, "carpet layer" of false information for the brains of the population, visibility of new programs, reforms, etc. They felt at last that our people are trustful and will go to revolt only when they have nothing to lose. So, they give us visibility that there’s something to lose: shelves of cheap low-quality goods...

They hope that mass of irreconcilable will die in political non-existence for uncertain period, population will get reduced, next generation - weakened and confused by promotion - won't be a danger. You may laugh at it but it really occurs, the country gradually goes to the drawn scenario of a raw appendage with the 50-million population serving oil and gas pipes.

Cabal leads its war, remarkably using local potential – THEM. Class brothers of those who outside the USSR were always considered enemies, now every day they get enriched as for the whole year - at our expense... So, recently this trans-border bourgeoisie – no matter how we call it, all the same it has no definition – had to get hold of itself for the power to pass from a puppet number two to a puppet number one.

What significant did happen a year ago? Population understood ahead of time what would be done with it, what would be done with its country. That was that part of population who is not 70 years old, "firm Leninists", but quite young people who earn enough for a bread and butter. THEY understood that process has been started and THEY are exposed. It happens sometimes in ordinary life that a person uses cunning with serious mine, does mucks but once he gets exposed. He doesn't spare himself to act and smile, he understands that this trick doesn't work any more and therefore there’s no need to lose time for it, he openly show hostile emotions, commit jurisdictional at every system actions.

It is possible to argue long how many people came to participate in the meetings - 50 or 200 thousand - but one should be full idiot not to understand that if 50 thousand came, it means there are 50 million who think approximately the same way, but didn't come for various reasons.

Therefore if there was hidden war against population before May inauguration, now we can see phase of open war. In various directions. It’s no so difficult having a bag of pocket power organizations, pocket courts, completely operated mass media.

It isn't difficult to understand THEM. Firstly, certainly it is a pity when everywhere you hear that you are a swindler, that you got so many yachts, planes, real estate, cars and other... "Listen, it is offensive, huh?" - companion Saakhov used to say in one old Soviet comedy. Secondly: there is no wish to depart with things "acquired by hard working". Thirdly: continuation of this scenario threatens THEIR freedom and life. That is for sure: if population learns everything or nearly everything about things which were betrayed, sold and ruined to please oneself and cabal, which was done under incessant groan about shortage of means practically for everything... I think moratoriums will be cancelled and excellent recidivist would grow dim against newly appeared Kremlin criminals after that.

That’s the reason why backs of the State Duma and the Council of Federation are itching. That’s the reason repressive laws pour as from a horn of plenty and are accepted surprisingly instantly.

Well, we understand already much, we know already a lot. We know the main thing that THEY are our enemies. THEY sold us together with the territory to cabal. We will not be confused by dot resignations, as almost all of them are serdyukovs. The thing that we know it is already big plus. We hate THEM. They are loved only by themselves and a small group of feeble-minded. We know that we can’t get rid of them using elections or fast talks. We know depth of THEIR meanness. Let them think out THEIR laws (I say THEIR because they never got the majority, there were total falsifications from 1996 including so-called "political strategists", therefore these are laws of the aggressors).

We know what we have, we saw animal grin. And we will thoroughly think what to do to get rid of THEM. THEY confuse us, create a heap of parties, they confused us with the CPRF, having put simulator controllable by THEM who has been talking one and the same things for years at the head. The leader will appear because he comes when he is waited for. Nature abhors not only the vacuum, but also idiocy. There are no other words to describe situation in the country.

One my companion told not knowing that those were catchwords: "The Russian people (I think he meant all people living in Russia) are unique and differ from others as they could be deceived, trampled down, killed. And when all already decide that it’s the end, they won't rise, forces come from nowhere and they rises and sweep all worthless things round themselves".

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