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Putin Playing the Same Role for the 9th Time

Putin Playing the Same Role for the 9th Time
Baranov Anatoly 14.12.2012

Vladimir Putin addressed message to the Federal Assembly. It occurred for the 9th time in his life that is impossible on spirit and letter of the existing Constitution of the Russian Federation. Nevertheless it happened on Constitution Day.

Whether Putin read the Basic law of the country? He likely read it, but long time ago. Otherwise he wouldn't tell about responsibility of the population of the country, ostensibly registered in the Constitution, but would tell about responsibility of the power. However, the Russian courts admit requirement of responsibility of the power extremism.

There wasn’t a lot of logic in Putin's words. At first he said: "For a planet we, irrespective of our ethnic origin, were and remain uniform people. I remember one of the meetings with veterans. There were people of different nationalities: Tatars and Ukrainians, Georgians and Russians. One of the veterans not Russian said: "For the whole world we are one people, we are the Russians". It was so during war, it was always so".

He added further: "Process of obtaining citizenship for our compatriots, for those who culturally and spiritually are close to Russia is complicated and bureaucratized. (...) I charge to develop accelerated order of granting the Russian citizenship to our compatriots, native speakers of the Russian language and the Russian culture, to lineal descendants of those who was born both in the Russian Empire and in the Soviet Union".

Then he suddenly drew interesting conclusion from the aforesaid: "We still have practice when citizens of certain states of the CIS come to the Russian Federation according to the national passports. Enough time passed so that all states of the CIS got created as those. After all it’s impossible to provide effective migratory control in conditions when citizens of other countries come according to the national passports. I think that not later than in 2015 entry into Russia has to be allowed only on the international, not national passports of other countries".

It turns out that all of us seem to be the Russians (even Georgians and Kyrgyz), but entrance to Russia should be according to the international passports - even if you are ethnic Russian, but have not Russian citizenship. Generally, we equaled the Belarusians and the Ukrainians in the rights with the Finns, the Poles and the Chinese from Manchuria. Empire...

At the same time he challenged unilaterally a number of interstate contracts of the Russian Federation.

Further he reported: "We won't allow appearance in Russia of closed ethnic enclaves with own informal jurisdiction living out of uniform legal and cultural framework of the country, defiantly ignoring standard norms, laws and rules".

He drew conclusion: "In this regard I consider it correct to expand possibilities of the national and cultural autonomies, including assignation of budgetary grants to them".

Later he threw all world community in shock: "Direct or indirect external intervention in our internal political processes is unacceptable. Official who for his political activity receives money from abroad and thus serves to others national interests can't be politician in the Russian Federation".

So, personally president Putin in free democratic Russia decides who should be the politician in the Russian Federation and who should go to prison on charge of high treason. Because even the fee received for publication in the Mongol magazine is indirect intervention. Or even for publication in the mass media operating in the territory of Russia but having foreign financing. If to think better even not the fee, but the mere fact of publication. If to think even better, even fact of communication with the journalist should be regarded as "indirect intervention". So, if you see the foreigner on the street - run away from him!

After all now all citizens of the CIS countries are foreigners. That is publication in the Ukrainian mass media - also "indirect intervention". In any case article in the Ukrainian mass media serves the Ukrainian national interests, it can’t be different. One should think over publications of the Ukrainian (Tajik, Chinese) authors in the Russian mass media – it’s possible that they also serve?

It should be noted that last 20 and even more years we were pushed to be open, integrated into the world community. Just recently the Ministry of Education and Science recognized a number of the Russian higher education institutions inefficient first of all by criterion of small number of publications in foreign scientific literature. While how to publish materials in foreign literature without having relations? Without visiting foreign universities on exchange, without getting grants, without receiving, eventually, fees for the works? That is the state publicly forces scientific and creative community to interact with abroad - and then it send them to prison for it, makes them "suspicious" in treachery of the national interests, that is creates many thousands class of "persons deprived of their civil rights” which is forbidden to participate in political life of own country. Let’s note that we are talking now about the most intellectually developed part of the society. It doesn’t threat to representatives of "United Russia" and its youth divisions, they don’t know any foreign words except "Hande hoch”. Thesis works of these torches of learning remind Putin's thesis on the theme of mineralogy with which contents, I believe, he is familiar even less, than with the text of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

There were absolutely indisputable things in Putin’s message: "If there could be trust to the official or politician who says big words about benefit of Russia, while tries to take abroad own means, own money? I ask to support legislative offers on restriction of the rights of officials and politicians to have foreign accounts, securities and shares. (Applause. ) Wait to applaud. Perhaps not everything will be pleasant to you. (Laughter in a hall) This requirement has to concern all officials making key decisions: both top officials of the state, the Government and Presidential Administration, their close relatives. It, of course, has to concern the members of the Federation Council and deputies of the State Duma. As to the real estate abroad, in any case it should be declared according to the law and the official should report both the cost and origin of income which allowed him to make this transaction".

There is, of course, a question of real estate. Incomes of the officials are known, they have no right to the additional incomes. Whence they could get money for real estate purchase abroad in principle? That is we are talking simply about decencies – official is offered just to hide quickly accounts and assets abroad. It is more difficult to hide real estate therefore it should be declared. Putin, probably, has already observed all decencies and conversations about his 40-milliard fortune are only conversations...

As a whole Mikhail Delyagin, the chairman of the Editorial board of FORUM.msk, more exhaustively commented the message of the president:

Existence of steady reception of wi-fi of a network of not know to anybody "LM hotel" in Georgievsky Hall of the Kremlin caused the most alive but mostly not for reproduction in conditions of "souvenir democracy" comments. It appeared the main intrigue of the performance of Putin, judging by reaction of some listeners.

Mikhail Delyagin emphasized that the message didn't create new "image of desirable future" that would be natural to formal return to higher authority after four-year break. Putin looked tired, there was no drive and orientation not on new boundaries, but on protection of old overturns all his habitual positioning. "The only guarantee of defeat is strategic defense", - the economist noted.

Having got pleased with the correct understanding of the technological rent taken by the West by the president, Mikhail Delyagin noted that that understanding was incompatible with that course on complex destruction of technologies which was consistently conducted for the whole quarter of a century of the national treachery. In particular, policy of replacement of indigenous people of Russia with "hardworking compatriots" who won’t be influenced by passport requirement barrier and destruction of education are incompatible with understanding of importance of technologies.

The economist expressed pleasure concerning support of birth rate and return of a high role of school, - but noted their incompatibility with juvenile justice and destruction of education which accompany reform of educations and budgetary organizations as a whole.

Having called "deofshorization" fine slogan, Mikhail Delyagin specified that the flight of Russia into offshore is caused by the state crime which impunity was strenuously shown exactly on the eve of the message (recollect reaction to Magnitsky bill, release of the last suspects in the case of prosecutors, winding down of Serdyukov’s case and transfer of Razvozzhayev to Siberia after expired period of the case).

It’s not clear why to break just adopted budget because of such deeply insignificant innovation as tax on luxury - while there many much more acute tax problems.

At last, the message contained also disputable statements contradicting data and common sense – like acquisition of shares of state companies is investments into real sector, while natural increase of the population has been taking place for already several years.

Though it’s already result of consecutive carrying out policy of endarkenment of the Russian society: who said that it can avoid the Kremlin speech writers?

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