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Putin Security Officials Won’t Allow Democratic Change of Power in Russia

Putin Security Officials Won’t Allow Democratic Change of Power in Russia
Baranov Anatoly 22.12.2012

There are no preconditions to "color" revolution in Russia today and the authorities won't allow realization of similar scenarios in the country, Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolay Patrushev declared. He noted that "color" revolutions are imported and their scenarios "are carefully perfected by the western technologists". Patrushev declared that in autumn of last year Russia became a "range" for use of information, organizational and other external levers of intervention into internal affairs.

However what they call "color revolutions"?

In essence, events of August, 1991 which brought present power (pardon the pun) to power became the first "color revolution". Putin - Yeltsin's successor, while Yeltsin - the successor of August putsch and organizer of the real putsch of October, 1993. Not casually the president of the USA Clinton was one of the first who supported execution of the Russian parliament. Now Yeltsin's successor takes offense at the spouse of the former U.S. President – you know, they import revolutions.

However import of revolutions to Putin's Russia is carried out generally from Georgia, Ukraine, Baltic. In some, purely geographical sense it may be done from the West... Something worse, than “color revolution” – eastern despotism - is being imported from the East, from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenia to Russia. If Putin being in power for the third time has become pure ”Russiabashi”, why citizens can’t replace him with something more acceptable?

"Color revolution" in every case - nonviolent action (that can't be said about suppression of such revolutions). That is "color revolution" is a form of nonviolent democratic change of the power in the country where simple lowering of the ballot paper into the ballot box can’t change anything.

While suppression of "color revolution" is always violence, at that from the part of the power being visually caught by hand on falsification of the national will.

Unless someone in Russia has doubts that elections of all last years were dishonest, counting of votes was carried out with falsifications and ballot stuffing - and all this was done only favor of the ruling party. Unless citizens had no bases to be indignant?

Defeat of "color revolution" in Russia happened when "leaders" appointed from above began negotiations with the power which was at that time already completely illegitimate in the opinion of citizens. It’s necessary to study the role of Patrushev’s departments in it – it should be done either by future investigators, or historians. As luck would have it.

On May, 6th the power fixed victory over people, having provoked slaughter on Bolotnaya Square and started untwisting flywheel of repressions. October, 14th, after regional "elections" where there was in general no correlation between calculation of bulletins and the results declared by election commissions - is already new reality which is described by words: "vote or don't – it doesn’t mean anything..."

In such situation having declared "color revolutions", in fact, analog of high treason, "Putin security officials" try to liquidate electivity as such completely, having replaced it with termless board of the clan. Participation in "elections" in general loses sense, even propaganda one. Every opposition turns into mode scenery: here you are dfferent animals.

Irremovability of a ruling clan is provided financially as well - "elections", though so-called, are all the same bourgeois, that is they cost money and theoretically the more money, the bigger chance of victory. Though there’s in the country already no spare money which wouldn't be supervised by "Putin security officials". While foreign money is admited now by the Russian policy the main material evidence of high treason.

It is possible to consider that during last "color revolution" Russia smoothly passed from somehow decorative but bourgeois democracy to bourgeois dictatorship which is not hidden already. With elements of feudalism as in the same Kazakhstan, only there the role of princes of blood is played by daughters and sons-in-law of Elbasa Nazarbayev, while here it’s played by Putin’s colleagues, neighbors in cooperative “Ozero” and sparring partners on tatami. Whether it’s better than imperial barber Kutaysov or sultan eunuchs?

All this, finally, leads to rotting of system and all country as a result. All the same it will be ended in the same revolution, only not color one - as in Libya or Syria. With intervention of foreign forces. At that with risk of death of the state as that - only who brought the country to that line? Unless it’s not the power considering own infinite enrichment and irresponsible board benefit for people? Unless it is Navalny stole everything and Razvozzhayev sold everything for the Georgian dollars? Unless it was opposition which appointed Serdyukov and Skrynnik, Zurabov and Golikova, Ivanov and Dvorkovich?

If something serious will happen, unless they seriously believe that people wait when comrade Putin will send us to fight and marshal Shoygu will lead us to fight?

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