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Мichael Delyagin: “Clowns Got Tired, Let Them Go to Have a Rest”

Мichael Delyagin: “Clowns Got Tired, Let Them Go to Have a Rest”

Source: «Mir Novostey»

Director of Institute of Problems of Globalization, the chairman of Editorial board of FORUM.msk Mikhail Delyagin answers questions about tasks of the government sounded by the Prime Minister Medvedev.

- If the tasks which our government set are actual?

- Tasks are quite actual, but they aren't united into uniform complex. There’s such feeling that separate ideas including correct ones were picked at random from the head, mixed and threw out: people, eat it and don't forget to thank.

Thus key problems without which solution of any a little bit large-scale creative activity is impossible in principle, as far as I can judge, aren't considered by this government at all.

I am talking about reminding base of the state mode corruption, total and pitch arbitrariness of monopolies, artificial deduction of mass of the population in created for the sake of enrichment of officials and oligarchs poverty, division of until recently United Russia on almost disconnected pieces, destruction of ethno-cultural balance of the society.

- What tasks are most real and accomplishable?

- The majority of tasks declared by the government are accomplishable. Only one trouble: key condition of their performance – removal of not only Medvedev, but also all liberal vice-premier "scum". People of deeds should replace bored to death, emasculated "non-fulfillers of promises”.

Now, when Medvedev in already third time, if I am not mistaken, tells about affordable housing, it is already even not ridiculous, he should feel shame telling such things.

Clowns got tired, let them go to have a rest.

- Whether the plan of development of the country represented by the Ministry looks not like utopia?

- I don't see the signs of the plan. It is enough to point out lack of worked out mechanisms of realization of the slogans "given through TV". However, I assume that certain members of the government don't suspect that it’s necessary to keep promises, the more so they don't guess that corresponding methods and mechanisms are necessary for achievement of the purpose.

At the present prime minister and his deputies, at preservation of a ruling party and created for quarter of century of national treachery model of economy which means plundering of the Soviet heritage by the power and its legalization in the luxurious countries as personal riches proclaimed promises look not even like utopia, but like fictitious and demonstrative product.

- Which articles of the plan are impracticable for sure?

- It isn't clear what they mean by saying "continue to develop the Far East". If it means "continue to destroy this part of Russia, blocking its development and plundering funds allocated for it, promoting its colonization by China and other neighbors", a task is quite accomplishable.

If the word "development" is understood literally, why they talk then about continuation? The Far East promptly loses its population: people run because of hopelessness up hill and down dale, even to China where about 100 thousand citizens of Russia constantly live.

It is impossible to reduce the number of smokers and drinking people by 20-25% by means of "campaigns": it’s necessary to change life of people, to increase daily culture of behavior, to return them meaning of life.

Entry of Russia into the first twenty of the World bank rating "Conditions for Business" is impossible, if, of course, not to apply nuclear weapon against several tens of countries interfering with us here. We can rise in this rating, but even if the country leaders will start fulfilling their official duties tomorrow and will do it brilliantly - change of business climate is difficult, painful thing, such result is unattainable in such term.

The international financial center in Moscow can be created only as Hammer International Trading Center – as a set of offices and meeting rooms. To create real financial center in such terms… - It’s also long and hard work which, in my opinion, has never ever tried.

30 industrial parks and science and technology parks for blossoming of small business – approximately the same as I-Phone presented to Medvedev for modernization of all branch of communication.

At last, notorious 5% of growth of gross domestic product which are promised by Medvedev testify to misunderstanding of the essence of the matter. At least 5.5% are needed for maintenance of socio-political stability as it’s shown by the researches executed on governmental task, thus they were carried out in situation which was much better than the one we have now. 5% aren't enough, there’s no basic difference between them and, for example, lack of growth at all. Promotion of this indicator by Medvedev testifies to the fact that possibly he has heard about it something, but either hasn’t understood, or simply hasn’t become interested.

Probably, the prime minister really has more important things, than to understand what he is talking about.

At least, this prime minister.

- To what extend the plans of the government are socially directed? Or they have some other tendency?

- It’s possible to say everything, but the policy of the government has expressed asocial character. Last summer, upon completion of election season law on budgetary organizations adopted beforehand came into action, according to the official version it’s called "to increase availability for a price of the budgetary services" - that is to lower availability of education, health care and culture.

Now “United Russia” under the cover of various scandals stamped harmful law "About Education" in the State Duma.

So even PR of the government have no social focus, not speaking about its real policy. As for the "plans" - I am afraid that it simply doesn’t have any.

Perhaps we should be happy, not afraid that it’s so …

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