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Putin’s Party Won at the “Anniversary” Session of the CPRF

Putin’s Party Won at the “Anniversary” Session of the CPRF
Аlexander Golovenko 27.02.2013

Preliminary mopping up of cinema and concert hall Izmajlovo was carried out so thoroughly that no "neo-Trotskyite" or oppositional soul could get inside. Even if it was the member of the Central Committee of the CPRF. They say that the best forces of FSO were attracted not to allow failure of the scenario of triumphal election of 68-year-old Gennady Andreevich "secretary general" for the next term. So, no surprises occurred.

Several important conclusions follow from it. It is possible to say – fatal and corner.

The first. Course of dear Gennady Andreevich and his environment on cooperation with the Kremlin is entirely supported and approved by not less dear Vladimir Vladimirovich.

The second. Position of the chairman of the Central Committee of the CPRF, as well as position of the president of Russia from now on becomes state-building, lifelong and inherited.

Thus it is also vigilantly protected from encroachments of intelligence services. Those who by naivety believed that "the leader of the party should be elected by the communists" were cruelly shamed. The Kremlin elects the leader of the CPRF for us and nobody is going to entrust such important matter to some party members.

The third. Now it is quite possible to tell that comrade Zyuganov G. A. becomes the vice president of V. Putin on work with communistic and left movement.

Actually, everything confidently went towards it. Recently we were witnesses of very touching care of the owner of the Kremlin of the senior companion from CPSU.

As skilled scout Vladimir Vladimirovich, has probably understood long ago that nobody can lead the flock to capitalism under red banners better than Gennady Andreevich. It also refers to million of those who vote for him.

Nobody could use longing of the senior generation for the USSR and better life so skillfully. Nobody will manage to fool endlessly people with "socialism"" which once will provide them with fabricated "government of the national trust".

It is known that Vladimir Putin took up his first Kremlin watch in March of 2000 having bypassed Gennady Andreevich on elections considerably. He didn't become proud.

On the contrary, the president of our densely populated power form the very beginning treated the leader of “the main force in the country” especially respectfully, he didn’t allow any offensive attack in his address. No caustic hairpin. Here you are the school of CPSU and party fellowship!

Already at VII congress of the CPRF in December, 2000 newly elected president sent very heartfelt greeting.

So sweeping all these years I distinctly see that the CPRF and its forever green at heart leader were surrounded with constant care and attention of the head of our risen from knees power.

Who was the first to express concern last June when Gennady Andreevich was on vacations in Kislovodsk? Stenting of cardio system could be done in the local hospital easily.

However Vladimir Vladimirovich ordered to send personal board to pick up the leader of the main oppositional force of the present. Thus he also ordered the Minister of Health Mrs. Skvortsova to take personal care of health of the got sick opponent.

Let’s note that Putin expressed so friendly care when dear comrade Zyuganov declared to the whole world that he considered presidential elections of March, 4 illegitimate and, therefore, Putin - fake president.

Other would spit angrily, while Putin sends the plane to Kislovodsk to rescue immemorial rival …

On the other hand, if there’s something to be surprised? If Vladimir Vladimirovich cares so much of tigresses, deer, sharks, Asiatic white cranes and other endangered species of fauna, why he can’t take care of the chief of the CPRF?

The longer comrade Zyuganov will be the head of this party of "eternal defeatists", the easier the owner of the Kremlin and supporting him oligarchs could push laws on further enslavement of the country and robbery of its endangered population …

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