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Berezovsky Could Have Lived Normal Human Life….

Berezovsky Could Have Lived Normal Human Life….
Yury Mukhin 26.03.2013

"Ostap took off captain's peak-cap and told:

– I was often unfair to the dead. But whether the dead was moral person? No, he wasn't moral person. It was former blind, impostor and goose-stealer. He put all his forces to live at the expense of a society. While society didn't want that he lived at its expense. Mikhail Samuelevich couldn't bear such contradiction in views because he had hot temper. Therefore he died. That’s all".

«The Little Golden Calf»

It’s impossible to write better speech than this one on the grave of our elite beginning from putin and finishing with Gusinsky and Abramovich!

Berezovsky was a fighter, not like Abramovich or Prokhorov! Therefore he is worth not only of farewell speech, but also of obituary.

Let's begin with the biography.

As soon as Ilf and Petrov already told about his morality, we will begin with a question, whether a dead was clever person? Yes, he was cleverer than Yeltsin but was it so difficult?

In childhood Borya studied in English special school, but for some reason his genius suddenly opened not in the field of literature, but in the sphere of physic-mathematical sciences. "Successes on other subjects were slightly worse", - the biographer reports. Though something was wrong with physics as well as Borya strenuously visited lessons for entrants of MEPhI, but, nevertheless, didn't risk to enter it. The biographer claims that Borya "received brilliant characteristic and recommendations for entrance physical faculty of the Moscow State University, however, as it was already mentioned, was compelled to enter not the most prestigious Moscow Forestry Engineering Institute".

As a person who entered institute approximately at the same time I should say that "recommendations for entrance" were at that time given, probably, only to the “right” persons as all others entered institutes following the results of the exams. Borya got low marks at examinations to the Moscow State University – even recommendations didn’t help. He entered Forestry Institute, some "closed" faculty. Borya studied badly, his graduation work was elementary poor: "Device for Automatic Detection of High-Speed Process". That is Borya had to count or simply to copy the device, but he failed to do even it. His academic advisor gave negative review of the project: "The name of a subject isn't developed in the work", - that is, generally, a big rarity as advisor is also responsible for the work. Such review could be given only to very stupid or lazy student. Though Borya got his satisfactory mark for it.

Young forester didn't go to work in the woods, but started running across Moscow in search of freebie. Soon he found it in the Institute of Problems of Management "under shelter" of academician Trapeznikov. The biographer reports that Berezovsky "was average scientist", but Borya, as well as Borya Yeltsin, became good "party member" – the member of the Communist Party Committee and the member of the Komsomol Committee – so, he became the pride of CPSU. It made "average scientist" laboratory chief, i.e. he received "black people" at his disposal who worked for him.

I draw such conclusion because normal, knowing specialty laboratory chief would have at least a couple of works without coauthors, while except reports at conferences Berezovsky didn’t have own articles, he acted only as coauthor of the real authors. That is Berezovsky was average scientist. As for the reports - articles in the scientific and technical magazines are reviewed and there’s at least some selection there – they won’t print frank emptiness or nonsense. Report at conference - is only the report: you can say what you want, all the same it will be published in the collection. The fact that a third of "publications" of Berezovsky is reports says that all his scientific work never represented any scientific interest. Well, the fact that he became academician says that it is necessary to close the Russian Academy of Sciences long ago as they dispersed CPSU where Yeltsin became the first secretary of the Moscow City Committee.

Some people won’t agree with me – whether Berezovsky could be stupid, if he became oligarch? After all it’s necessary to have brains for it. No, something different was necessary for it at that time.

Once I used to talk to the doctor of historical sciences A.N.Kolesnik specializing on collecting historical information by poll of still alive figures of investigated by him time. So, he told that the former chief of the 5th Department (protection of the constitutional system) of KGB, the First Deputy Chairman of KGB of the USSR, general F.D.Bobkov who was at that time seriously ill told that all present oligarchs (Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Abramovich and so forth) at the time of the USSR were his agents, that is agents of KGB who reported KGB about moods and conversations in the intellectual environment. Those persons were the ones who were transferred property of the USSR, at that it was done following the order from "the top". So, Berezovsky accepting property of the USSR simply executed order of KGB, the fact that later he dared to be willful is common practice of intelligence services. In any case, Berezovsky should be grateful for his financial status not to his own intellectual merits.

After all one shouldn’t forget that Berezovsky, as well as present sewing master Khodorkovsky, were desperate builders of present Russia, Berezovsly was even the founder of a ruling dynasty of Putins. Then above mentioned oligarchs started fighting against what they constructed. Well, if these builders have brains? Slightly more, than others, but only slightly, isn't it?

Let's talk in general. Oligarchs get a lot of money – what is the purpose? You will say that money means power over people. Yes, power! Unless these feeble-minded need this power? The power is necessary in order to make dreams come true with the help of the power. Unless these poor have any dreams? Unless they as Lenin or Trotsky were lit by idea to make workers of the whole world happy? Or they as Stalin or Mao are fanatics of the idea to make workers of all countries happy? Or they invented dynamite as Nobel, but have no opportunity to introduce it into life without personal authority? Or they invented mass of household appliances as Edison? Or they have idea to present a new vehicle to the world as Ford? What do they need the power for?

After all they showed that they aren't capable to use the power even on duty. They took control over mass of property "in this country" and they had direct duty to keep its efficiency at least at the level of the USSR. While they, having the power, appeared to be not capable to do anything in business being their, so to say, specialty - having received everything in working condition they disorganized all.

They took such idiots to work in the TV companies! Idiots not capable to organize population to vote for necessary candidates. Since these fans of money have the power no elections took place without falsification of the results of vote by the Central Electoral Commission.

Whether it means that Berezovsky was outstanding fool? No, he wasn't fool in the USSR, for certain all his numerous then friends considered him both clever and pleasant. He became stupid when he started stealing shamelessly and unscrupulously.

Unfortunately it is impossible to feel sorry for those whom these people robed. Shenderovich is right – population of Russia is goats as it allowed to rob itself, both oligarchs and supporters of Putin aren't guilty. Unless the louse is guilty that it sucks people’s blood, that it is afraid of dust and tries to push off other louse from a pubis? No, it is a life of louse. The one who became buggy is guilty.

Those are fools who became louses. Those who earlier were capable, clever, cheerful and now preferred to change human life for life of stupid raiser of money. Why!? What money gave them?

You will tell me that those raiser of money became happy in private life.

Are you sure?? Cross oneself!

They became to eat better? Don't deceive yourself. More expensively – yes! But better?? No matter how they chaw from pleasure in expensive restaurants, they eat there nothing more tasty, than what their mothers cooked for them.

They feel more safely, than in the USSR? Don't make me laugh! Especially in the obituary about Berezovsky's premature death. Yes, they could have been called kikes in the USSR, but nevertheless they were both respected and protected, now they don't know how many people are ready to pay acceptable sum to the one who "will kill" them and Putin is not the last in this list.

Their work became more interesting? Don't make me laugh! Well, if it’s work - to bribe officials and to get oneself national property transferred by them? After all they aren’t capable to fulfill simple creative tasks which decision gives pleasure. Don't tell me baize about liberalism, market, civilization and other "universal values". You don't tell them to yourself especially against situation in Cyprus.

Oligarchs have more women? Don't deceive yourself, women belong to the money stolen by them. After all earlier laboratory chief Boris Berezovsky was loved because he was Borenka Berezovsky, while not so long ago his loved wife got quite interesting sum in the court during divorce suit. Oh, she really loves him!

They are respected in the world? Don't make me laugh! I went abroad in the time of the USSR and I remember respect to myself. While now, thanks to them, the Russians aren't respected in the world. Oligarchs are also not respected. Their money - yes, money is respected, while they - as people - no.

So, what do they need this money for? They will die and order to put money into a coffin? After all you will die with the thought that surrounding you friends and relatives wait for your death to open the will at last.

Don’t speak about children. It’s bitter to talk about it, but their children were first people whom they made unfortunate. They could have been normal children, but they made them children of thieves and this fact won’t be forgotten. They will have no friends, they will never know why people surround them - because they love them personally or love their money? They won't be sure why they are loved by spouses, their children should be hidden as Putin hides the brood.

So, what useful the dead got for this money in comparison with what he had earlier – in the USSR? Yes, he could eat many expensive dishes and have a lot of beautiful prostitutes. The louse has the same benefits on the typhus patient. Boris was such louse. Fat louse and that’s all.

Berezovsky could have lived normal human life, but he was pointed other way. I hope that the thought that all his friends and enemies would die the same way flashed in consolation when he was departing. They will meet in the same place.

I look at the life of the dead - Boris, you weren't right!

However, it’s all the same to you now.

Now about his death. It looks simply touching how amicably mass media of Russia spin a set of words with the only purpose not to use short word "is killed".

For few days they had a version that Berezovsky had heart attack or committed suicide. I should notice that these versions can be combined, as eskimo and mustard. Threat of heart attack could be established today at early stage with usage of absolutely bloodless tool and in presence of money this threat is liquidated rather reliably. If Berezovsky had threat of heart attack, he would have enough money to liquidate it.

Newspaper Sunday Times spread gossip which was joyfully supported by the Russian mass media that Berezovsky was treated clinical depression, therefore he committed suicide. Who cured him? Who risked to lose all his patients, having revealed medical secret? This suicide is interesting – a person in depression got up in the morning, had breakfast and started taking bath. Then in the bathroom he committed suicide using some secret unknown way?? He just made his heart stop??

Then mass media happily reported that radioactivity traces aren't found in the house. It means that version with polonium as poison can be rejected, but a lot of other poisons which could have been used remain.

Peskov reported that Berezovsky wrote a letter to Putin. I trust it, it’s in the spirit of Boris Abramych. Quite recently he wrote a letter to citizens and prosecutor's office, having established for Putin's head award in 50 million rubles.

Further Peskov reported that in this letter Berezovsky asked Putin for permission to return to Russia, so to say, to the native Russian birches. As they say today – it’s bullshit. They found Depardieu-2! Real Depardieu is cleverer, than those morons who handed him over the Russian passport and already two apartments at the expense of taxpayers of Russia. This French son of a bitch lodged in Belgium.

While Berezovsky could blackmail Putin in the letter. He had questions – for example, where B. N. Yeltsin got to. The main thing is that Berezovsky at heart was a person who could have gone on disclosure of these questions.

There’s a question – how careful Berezovsky could have been approached? There’s such version. Oligarchs have taken roots nonsense – that for money they can employ themselves faithful servants. A thought that servants make them source of own income and look at them only as at this source doesn't reach oligarchs. When the source runs low, there could appear desire to take from the source something more. There’s no a lot of work – just pour to Berezovsky’s coffee some pulvis and receive few million dollars of severance pay. Berezovsky in connection with becoming poor reduced staff of servants. But it only the version. The fact that Berezovsky's lawyer was the first who yelled about suicide gave way to such version.

Whoever made it, it’s a murder and it is necessary to shoot for murder. It’s the world of normal people. While oligarchs aren't normal. The same Berezovsky, let using other hands, killed not one hundred thousand fellow citizens for the sake of the money. Whether it’s surprising that someone will earn a couple of millions using him?

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