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So, If We Will Create New Communistic Party and How Will We Do it?

So, If We Will Create New Communistic Party and How Will We Do it?
Baranov Anatoly 06.03.2013

It is known that "epoch-making" congress ended the same way it began – nothing new happened. It’s silly to wait for the next "fatal" congress, imaginary expectations took more than half a year away from us, they could have been spent with bigger advantage. The communists found themselves before last boundary - the 6th plenum of alternative city town committee on convocation of the conference of MCU CPRF and discussion of the results of the 15th congress will take place on March, 23.

Primary organizations are offered to discuss versions of the solution of plenum.

For discussion in primary party organizations

Comrades! Bureau of Moscow City Committee of the CPRF considers that 15th congress of the CPRF obliges us to return again to a question of condition of party and communistic movement, question of our tasks and opportunities.

Those tendencies in the party which forced us two years ago to hold recovery city conference and to elect city committee significantly amplified at the congress. New political parties "ROT Front" and "Communists of Russia" appeared since then. Public organization "Interregional Association of Communists" is created with our active participation.

Today we are faced by a question "What to do?" Here you are possible, but not exhaustive variants of answer:

1 to continue work in the ranks of parallel Moscow City Office of the CPRF, to fight for improvement of the CPRF, for a change of opportunistic management;

2 to force work on development of structures of the Interregional Association of Communists (IAC) and its transformation into political party keeping in parallel Moscow city office of the CPRF;

3 to stop activity within the CPRF and to turn our mind to the work in the Interregional Association of Communists (IAC), having accelerated its transformation into new political party;

4 to carry out course of amalgamation with the registered political party "Communists of Russia" by way of carrying out of unifying congress;

5 to lay a course for amalgamation with the registered political party "ROT Front" by way of carrying out of unifying congress.

Bureau of Moscow City Committee of the CPRF offers you, comrades, to discuss this problem in any convenient to you form and to let Moscow City Committee know your arguments and conclusions.

Likely, it makes sense to discuss offers of the bureau in open access and among significantly wider audience - the question concerns not only today's members of MCC and IAC, it is a question of formation of real alternative to Zyuganov’s (in fact pro-Kremlin) pseudo-communist party which rejected not only revolutionary way, but also class fight, Marxism and even race for power within bourgeois system. In essence – it’s a question of the future of the country and ways of its development. Or degradation.

If to look at the question more widely, point 1 is simply rejection of political struggle, transformation into a club of "sufferers for the truth" without any prospects to leave its "pound". Well, what kind of "work" we carry out "within frameworks"? We gather periodically, sometimes our quantity is big, sometimes – small, and groan. Because we can’t to affect "opportunistic" (I put the word in quotes because I don't want to offend honest in comparison with traitors opportunists) CPRF management. Well, unless we can shame, but we know what they have instead of conscience. The spectre of communism is haunting in Europe, in our country it lives in grand style.

In this meaning points 2 and 3 are, in fact, one and the same. Unless the fact that someone still has illusions in relation to his opportunities to affect operation CPRF interferes with the work in IAC and its transformation into political party? If it agrees, if it doesn't sabotage decision on transformation into political party - let it remain in the CPRF meanwhile. Why to place our people before choice when it is possible not to do it? After all in the end, when IAC will become full-fledged Communist Party, it would be necessary to leave the CPRF and to enter new Communist Party all the same. The main thing - to decide that we create new Communist Party.

The question with “Communists of Russia” and “ROT Front” is slightly more difficult. These are our companions with whom we actively work already today. We will continue working with them further, including over creation of uniform real Communist Party. The more so we have no ideological divergences. But let us speak honestly – all that we have now are not parties, these are just party projects. If it was not so, there will be a question of introduction into the ranks and that’s all. Though there are no ranks for the present, that is the problem. There are packs of documents received on simplified, "Medvedev's" scheme; there are several regional organizations - those which exist are very small, there are a lot of such that exist only formally. If tomorrow the Ministry of Justice will slightly change rules of the game and registration will be withdrawn, there will be nothing to object in essence.

In essence, real quantity of people is enough for one full-fledged, strong party - but not for two-three. In no way.

How future party should look like? I think it shouldn’t be very mass, chase of number will inevitably push us into "zyuganovshchina" from Lenin "less is more". 3-4 thousand party functionaries are enough for the work in legal political space of the Russian Federation, they should be evenly distributed about the country, well organized into party network. The main thing is that there should be a lot of sympathizing, ready to take part in party fight round these primary and regional structures. Otherwise, when the number of organization is unfairly inflated, the question: how to entertain "idle" masses, if there is no serious task becomes the main task on places. While there are already neither forces, nor time, nor desire to place serious tasks.

Well, the main task of new Communist Party is not the fight against Zyuganov's political corpse. Some comrades are, seemingly, keen on it. Though more than 2 thousand years ago one competent man said: "Let the dead bury their own dead".

However for today 3-4 thousand competent and efficient party members on places - very serious question, it is possible to solve it only by joint efforts of all today’s communistic organizations, not of one of them.

Here, of course, there’s a question of "unifying congress" of the parties "Communists of Russia", "ROP Front" and... Whom, by the way? How the party can unite with not - party? If comrades thought about it? It seems to me that first of all it is necessary to formalize party structure of IAC and then probably to carry out unifying congress of already created political units without delay. Or otherwise simply to write personal statement to one of brotherly parties and not to make fuss, though quality of such decision will be low, like multiplication by zero.

Thus, if to exclude point 1 – absolutely unacceptable in my opinion - other points don’t contradict each other in any way, they rather complete. We are Marxists and should to rely on Marxist dialectics, not to die against static, metaphysical in their essence decisions. Possibly, from the very beginning point 2 will be the most correct, but on a course of its execution it will inevitably come to point 3, while following the results points 4 and 5 will appear.

One shouldn’t look for the conflicts where they are initially absent.

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