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Egor Timurovich Navalny – the President?

Egor Timurovich Navalny – the President?
Мajsuryan Alexander 11.04.2013

Alexey Navalny on air of TV channel Dozhd declared: "I want to become president. I want to change life in the country. I want to change control system of the country. I want to make it so that 140 million people who live in this country, for whom oil and gas flows from the earth don't live in such poverty and gloomy shabbiness, so that they live normally. As the European country. We aren't worse, than the Estonians".

You know we heard somewhere once already. Senior generation for certain read "Theme" of Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin. There were same feeling lines: "To live in general as all civilized world lives, there is a strong wish... While we live so miserably and poorly, I can't eat sturgeon and black caviar, I can't rush in the car passing traffic lights and jumping aside cars, I can't swallow import superdrugs knowing that a neigbour has no aspirin for a child. Because it is a shame".

Look how they similar: there were false tears about people who "live miserably and poorly" and here - about people who "live in poverty and gloomy shabbiness". Though there are also undoubted distinctions: a quarter of a century passed after all. March towards "the European country", sorry, to "the civilized world" has been continued all these years. "Poverty" remained “poverty” and "shabbiness” - "shabbiness". Milestones of the way passed...

Well, what methods Mr. Navalny is going to use to lead us forward from "gloomy shabbiness" further, further and further? We know them - the same using which we came from simple "poverty" to, according to Navalny’s version, "gloomy shabbiness". Gaidar's methods. Here you are remarkable quote from the blog of Mr. Navalny about his teacher - Egor Timurovich: "Egor Gaidar died... I was his fan during romantic time of market economy formation. I quarreled to blue with those who were against him. Romantic time passed but Gaidar remained one of the few who kept unconditional respect and piety... We became orphans. Cherished memory to Egor Gaidar. To the great person who passed great shocks and remained Man".

Really and truly it’s not enough to cite this quote, no matter how many times it’s done. It is necessary to print it and to hand over to all those who is going to support Mr. Navalny and to vote for him in the form of leaflet. So that they won’t say then that they supposedly weren’t warned. They were!

After all in 1991 Egor Gaidar was for the Soviet citizens "Terra incognito", they knew well his grandfather-writer, knew his father - the admiral and the head of Timurite movement (help to old men, disabled people, etc.), but Egor Timurovich wasn’t known to anyone. Whether they could assume that grandson of the revolutionary and the son of Timurite (undoubtedly, Timurite himself from the childhood) will send about one million needy - those patients, pensioners, etc. who were carefully patronized by Timurites – to die ahead of schedule? Not to be unfounded, I will give dry statistics of mortality in Russia for 1990-1994:

1.655.993 people died in 1990;

1.690.657 people died in 1991;

1.807.290 people died in 1992;

2.129.339 people died in 1993;

2.301.366 people died in 1994.

If to consider mortality of 1990-91 "normal", by simple subtraction it is easy to establish that more than one million people died "ahead of schedule" during "romantic time of market economy formation". What caused it? The answer is obvious and will sound, I am afraid, insufficiently romantic: mainly from malnutrition, diseases accompanying it and from being not properly cured. While Egor Timurovich, who "kept unconditional respect and piety" of Mr. Navalny, having heard about tens starvation deaths in situated near Moscow Zelenograd, at meetings kept saying: "Radical transformations take place, things are tight and death of people incapable to resist to these transformations is natural thing".

Whether the Soviet citizens in 1991 could assume that Yeltsin together with Mr. Gaidar would turn all their savings which were trustfully lodged in the state Sberbank into ashes? Frankly speaking, there were some bases to think so but after all they didn't know yet who Gaidar was. Now they know it well.

Well, read the quote of Navalny about Gaidar once again and answer, whether you want to see Gaidar-2.0 - i.e. Mr. Navalny the owner of the Russian land? Would you like to hear from TV screen or on radio that "death of people incapable to resist to transformations is normal thing"? What if YOU will appear one of such people? Whether you are so attracted by Mr. Navalny due to the fact that he poured a tub of nationalism scooped on “The Russian March” to mask taste, color and smell of Gaidar’s tactics. After all this time nobody could complain that they don’t know anything and anybody. All are known. As the Ukrainians say in such cases “eyes saw what they bought”.


Joke on the theme.

Interview with Navalny:

- Why did you enter board of directors of Aeroflot?

- Officials distribute money earned in aviation, lawlessness and corruption is everywhere!

- So, you want to stop it?

- No, I want to take part in it!

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