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Dances with Priests

Dances with Priests
Мarina Veregina 13.04.2013

Adoption by the State Duma in the second reading of the Federal law "About Modification of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and Separate Acts of the Russian Federation for Counteraction to Insult of Religious Beliefs and Feelings of Citizens, Defilement of Objects and Subjects of Religious Honoring (pilgrimage), Places of Religious Rites and Ceremonies" actually cancelled article 19 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation which states that the state guarantees equal rights and freedoms of citizens irrespective of their relation to religion and belonging to public associations. To make long story short - equality is cancelled, now – dances on the Constitution!

However, I do not understand the difference between insult of religious beliefs and insult of similar feelings, but now it’s clear to me that the state doesn't guarantee any equality, on the contrary, it enters one more untouchables - bell noblemen. That is earlier we had simple noblemen – guys going by representative cars who crushed citizens at crosswalks with impunity and now there will be one more category of untouchable who will press the same citizens, but with special spirituality.

However, the first inequality was not lawful, simply it was so accepted among guys and now division into citizens of different grade is fixed by the Federal law No. 142303-6. My congratulations, it is a big step forward to feudalism. Now citizens of Russia who aren't practicing "religion making integral part of historical heritage of people of Russia" will have less rights in comparison to the professing citizens. Now feelings of believers are concrete, while feelings of others - like garbage which won't be considered even in court.

However, cancellation of the Constitution and appearance of citizens of different categories of freshness puts several other questions before legislators. Namely - how to define category of the concrete citizen and how do we know if he/she is a believer or not? What religions make integral part of historical heritage of people of Russia and what don’t? What subjects of religious honoring (pilgrimage) and place for commission of religious rites can be profaned and what can’t? It has to be concrete list of the size of Big Soviet Encyclopedia (BSE), otherwise it will be continuous voluntarism. At last, what can be considered defilement?

I will explain the thought. For example, some peoples practice totemizm. Let’s imagine that such people hunkering and worshiping, say, figurine of reindeer which they made of a clay. Now you appears with your dog and your uneducated animal profanes this religious object. Say, publicly profanes. What will be the term in this case and whom it will be given – to you or your doggie? There is no answer. Thus positive conclusion was given both by Civic chamber, the Supreme Court and the Government of the Russian Federation... If you don't trust me, you can check for yourself.

Probably, special religious three who will explain all will appear soon. So indicative processes over wreckers - geneticists, Darvinists and other atheists – wait us ahead, under updated article 243.1 they will be sent to orthodox and corrective camps to repair church utensils under the bans: "Be free trusting in God!"

It is also good to establish special Committee on national obscurantism consisting of Cossaks for destruction of harmful books and other objects of art, so I recommend to go last time to Tretyakov gallery, Pushkin and Lenin library, soon we will have nothing, only TV and the program “Word of Pastor”. Kingdom of Heaven will come to us. Amen!

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