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If We Need “Law About Love to Putin”?

If We Need “Law About Love to Putin”?
Аlexander Golovenko 14.05.2013

That will be a law about patriotic education in its essence, the law which speaker of the Federation Council madam V. Matvienko wants to pour on us. On May, 8 at a meeting with veterans of war she made terrible promise:

- I think that the country needs the law about patriotic education and the Federation Council acted with such initiative together with deputies of the State Duma. We will surely prepare such law …

It would seem that I - the observer of the newspaper “Patriot” – should feel deep satisfaction to hear about such legislative initiative. Meanwhile I don’t feel it.

I have a desire to exclaim: "Woke up, sirs. For 20 years you have been throwing mud at the USSR, the Soviet past. You crossed out Stalin's name from all textbooks. You still abuse him all the time and now you decide to brainwash us following the law? What will be the punishment for non-execution? Kolyma?"

It is clear that old women Valya repeats someone slavishly. It’s also clear whom she repeats. It would seem: Victory Parade has recently passed. Well, dear president, why not to mention in your speech the truth that in the great Patriotic War the Soviet people, that is the red Army and front workers under leadership of comrade Stalin and the Communist Party won not unknown "enemy", but fascist capitalist Germany for which all enslaved Europe worked. Here you are among other things advantages of the Soviet social and political system. Here you are patriotism.

Though our owner of the Kremlin doesn't like such accurate and clear expressions. Acting on May, 9 on the Red Square in the day of the Great Victory for the 9th time, he managed for the 9th time not to tell with what country the Soviet Union was at war and what country it crushed. Continuous apophasis. He doesn't want to irritate, apparently, the German "partners" with a reminder that their earth gave birth to the German fascism, the frenzied Fuhrer who dreamed to conquer the whole world and to exterminate thus all Slavs and Jews.

I see harm of the "law about love to Putin" in the fact that it will at once divide all population of the country educatees and those who will be us, unreasonable, bring up.

Madam Matvienko whose patriotically well-mannered son-billionaire seven years ago bought an island in Estonia as though doesn't understand that patriotic education begins in a family. As though she forgot that at the time of her Komsomol youth the leading party under the name CPSU was engaged in education. From Oktobrists to pioneers.

Who will promote love to the country and land of the ancestors now? "United Russia" which is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg and which the president left? Or state officials who keep earned by back-breaking labour capitals abroad and buy mansions and yachts there?

"Gray cardinal of the Kremlin" Mr. Surkov in due time organized youth "patriotic" parties like "Going Together" and "Nashi". Those undertakings had no good ending, only scandals. He even thought up special smithy of patriots under the name Rosmolodezh. Soon its chief was compelled to leave sinecure because mass media made scandal because of his excessively patriotic bringing up of one minor member of "Nashi".

If they will invent new enterprise - "Rospatriot"? Who will be the leader? Some gay?

It’s amazing that the Kremlin has no serious politician who could speak about patriotism and could be trusted. May be they will assign this task to Rogozin?

There was such Hero of the Soviet Union - the participant of attack of Berlin, "colour bearer of Victory", the deputy of two convocations of the State Duma, General Valentin Varennikov. He died four years ago - on May, 6, 2009. None of the Kremlin chiefs recollected him these days.

Here you are patriotism.

Look how the deputy chairman of the State Duma from “United Russia” L.Shvetsova approves Matvienko’s initiative. She explained at once that "adoption of such law will allow to enter correspondent programs in regions".

Here you are all "education" which will end in the next "siphon off” of the budgetary millions.

Well, they will enter "hour of the patriot" at schools, give money to the writers for writing of necessary books, Mr. Mikhalkov will receive some tens millions for next handcrafted item, they will carry out a series of conferences, lectures, colloquiums. All these to make us love our Kremlin chiefs, existing system and our "gangster capitalism" “more better”.

Bootlickers will quickly narrow their "patriotic education" down to elementary formula: "If You love Putin, it means - you are patriot. If You don't love, it means - you are a nit and the earth bears you in vain".

If to begin fight (everything’s done in our country via fight) for love to the country seriously, it is necessary to accept a number of accompanying laws and vigorous measures. Here you are what I think in particular:

- return of Stabilization Fund to Russia – no matter how it’s called;

- untying of ruble from dollar;

- prohibition on having both deposits and real estate abroad to the official;

- rigid prohibition on export of capitals abroad;

- return to school of the Russians and Soviet writers expelled from it;

- exile of Russophobes and pseudo-historians - you know whom – from TV...

It doesn’t matter what I think. The power won't go n it. It means that its law about "patriotic education" will be harmful baby's dummy. What do You think?

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