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Spy, Get out of Here!

Spy, Get out of Here!
Tatyana Volkova 22.05.2013

Both the Russian and the American mass media diligently pretend that John Kerri came to Moscow to agree upon the Syrian question. In this regard they with interest discuss news about ships of the Pacific Ocean in the Mediterranean Sea, deliveries of anti-ship vehicle "Yakhont" to Syria and other stories which interest State Department no more than the snow of yesteryear.

As Charles Clausewitz formulated, in due time war was policy continuation by other means for Prussian generals. For modern Russia war in Syria – direct continuation of economy. If alawi will win in this opposition, there is danger that Iranian and, probably, Azerbaijani pipelines will be laid though Syria, if Sunnites – Qatar and Egyptian.

Profitability of Gazprom “South Stream” is already in doubt, therefore similar scenarios disturb the Kremlin very much. On the other hand, the Americans are going to enter the world market of gas as exporters, they don’t take too close to hear problems of future Middle Eastern competitors.

Rockets P-800 Oniks (export name "Yakhont") could pass from Syrians to Lebanese Hezbollah and to disturb Itzhak Tshuva and other figures of the Israeli gas industry to the joy if Gazprom, while it excites State Department little. As for invasion into Syria allegedly preparing by the Americans, this scenario seems to be extremely improbable. The last thing which the Democratic Party and Obama want to see leaving the White House, is reportings of CNN about military personnel left by the president in a hell of other peoples religious war, or about their shameful disappearance timed to elections.

If it isn't Syria, why Kerry came to Putin? What did he ask for? Why was he ready to suffer humiliating three-hour expectation? Why did Putin make the American Secretary of State waiting for 3 hours? Why did Putin spend at this meeting 3 hours, despite the protocol, after all he didn’t meet the President? What did Kerry achie\ve that he left being so grateful, without hiding pleasure? Why did he begin worrying again and met Lavrov after arrest of comical agent Fogl?

Senior lawyer of the largest (with milliard turnover) Chicago law firm Baker and McKenzie – Thomas Firestone returned to Moscow from Washington. Earlier he also worked in Moscow – in the American embassy as constant representative on legal questions of Ministry of Justice of the USA in Russia. Mr. Firestone possesses the broadest communications not only in the USA, but also in the government of Russia, however, he didn’t reach the office of the Moscow representation of firm; more precisely, he even didn't leave Sheremetyevo, where he got to know about his new status in Russia: "undesirable person". Of course, everything could happen and I haven’t done any assumptions within two weeks unless I was sure that no one told about this story - either in Washington, or in Moscow, though Firestone is not Fogl, it’s much more serious story.

Meanwhile all reported that on May, 7 "the president of the Russian Federation subjected to criticism work of the government which, according to Putin, didn't execute his assignment even on a third. Reacting to criticism, Surkov objected the head of the state on a number of questions and polemized with Putin in front of television cameras".

As "Interfax" reported on May, 7, during the meeting with the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin US Secretary of State John Kerri declared that the States and Russia need to support high level of cooperation — the same which was in the years of World War II. "As you know and you know it better, than someone else, we have to solve a number of difficult tasks which decision demands the same level of cooperation".

Next day after Putin's meeting with Kerry, already on May, 8, Surkov was dismissed by Putin from a post of the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia — with formulation "voluntarily". Resignation of Surkov which newspaper The Washington Post estimated as "outstanding political sense of the Kremlin", the western press apprehended as blow to the positions of the prime minister".

Earlier I got little interest in Surkov, but in connection with the events I peeped for a start in Wikipedia and found entertaining facts there, for example: "Authentic birthplace of Vladislav Surkova is not clear"… "Father — Dudaev Andarbek Danilbekovich (nickname Yury), according to some information … worked as the teacher", etc. I wonder, at what school the teacher Andarbek Danilbekovich could receive nickname Yury? Judging by quantity of white spots, it looks not as biography of the modern statesman, but as digression to the riddles of ancient history.

Something cleared up below: "In 1983 — 1985 Surkov served in the Soviet army in one of artillery parts of the Southern group of armies in Hungary … On November, 12, 2006 the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov reported that he was ready to open “secret” to TV viewers: Surkov … passed service in special troops of GRU”. Such revealing of "secrets" usually cover real secrets.

Then Hungary was considered as "the most cheerful barrack of socialist camp". Maxim "who is not with us is against us" was corrected by Janos Kadar on "who is not against us is with us". Relative liberalism prospered in a camp of "goulash socialism", night clubs, bars, discos worked and relative openness of borders was practiced. It was significantly safer for the Americans in Hungary to find the Russian military personnel inclined to confidential cooperation, than to make secret-service work in the USSR or in GDR. Certainly, the Americans were interested in military personnel of the General Staff of GRU, whereas simple gunners were not interesting. Despite youth our hero was, seemingly, not so simple; certainly, these are general thoughts, no conclusions can be made from them.

In 1987 our simple fighter of special troups becomes bodyguard of M. Khodorkovsky and already in 1991 enters into the management of association of the credit and financial enterprises "Menatep". Each demobee dream of such career …

Upon termination of prestigious university John Kerri also served as almost simple naval guy, also abroad in the friendly country - in South Vietnam. Despite activity against war in Vietnam, present head of State Department didn’t interrupt communications with military investigation and being people's deputy worked in Intelligence Committee of the US Senate. No wonder: judging by the book "From the First Person. Conversations with Putin", as the President of the Russian Federation was told by other US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger: "All decent people began in investigation. Me as well”. However double and triple agents, deserters and traitors usually also began in investigation.

Berezovsky invited Surkov to ORT and in 1998-1999 he held a post of the first deputy director, the director on public relations. In May, 1998 he was elected Secretary General of the Open supervisory board of ORT. At the beginning of 2000 by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation signed by the deputy president V. V. Putin V.Y. Surkov together with D.A.Medvedev got category of Actual State Councilor of the Russian Federation of I class. In the same 2000 Berezovsky lost ORT and not only it, and since 2001 was compelled to live and then to die in London.

Before V.Y.Surkov was bodyguard of M. B. Khodorkovsky. It is considered that the bodyguard is a person who will protect the oject from a bullet without hesitation. The former object of Surkov’s protection, Khodorkovsky, was arrested on October, 25, 2003 in the airport of Novosibirsk "Tolmachevo", but what poor creature Surkov could do? Nothing, so since March, 2004 Surkov — the deputy head of Presidential Administration — Aide to the President of the Russian Federation.

I don't know that Surkov’s chiefs thought about his prinicples of loyalty, whom he actually serves to. Anyway, when investigation of of Alexander Dolmatov’s “suicide” put my volunteer assistants on the scent of personel of Intelligence Service of the Ministry of Defence of the USA, measures to restrict distribution of my publications on this subject were taken. This time the trace, as they say in similar cases, in my estimated opinion, conducts to the office of the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia supervising mass media, justice, interaction with courts and prosecutor's office — to Vladislav Yuryevich Surkov.

Nobody explained reasons of Surkov’s leaving. Though on May, 19 Deputy Prime Minister Arcady Dvorkovich "confirmed that Vladislav Surkov left post of Deputy Prime Minister — the head of governmental body voluntarily". Fresh news…

I dare to assume as one more estimated opinion that if, for example, M.E.Fradkov's service found out abroad facts proving that one of the members of the government was playing with the Americans, it’s very possible that the events would have developed according to the following scenario.

The president of the Russian Federation acts with criticism of the government. The Americans who feel the shoe piching are very anxious: if things get going, their high-ranking agents will go in panic away from the Russian cold to own country houses on the warm seas. I doubt, of course, that such event will be publicly investigated: it is horbidden to spy against Putin, against Russia – it is possible. In any case, to those people who are allowed to do everhything in our country; they can appoint some scientist to be spy instead of themselves. All the same we don’t need scientists, while it’s impossible to throw officials around, even if they were caught stealing or spied.

Secretary of State goes to persuade the President not to go into details of the case, just to dismiss failed agent voluntarily: "As you know and you know it better, than someone else, we have to solve a number of difficult tasks which decision demands … cooperation," — oh, sorry, apparently I quoted somwthing similar above …

The president isn't late, but simply doesn’t hurry to the meeting to allow Secretary of State feel how odiuosly the partners behaved, however, he let to persuade. Happy head of the American diplomacy goes to report his President that thanks to his efforts everything is safely managed. Here you are – surprise, surprise! – the American diplomat with compass and in two wigs (he was for half a year under the gun but never made a mistake, while suddenly …) was caught. The head of the American diplomacy rushes to meet the head of the Russian diplomacy not counting on warm reception: report, please, to your President …

However, I gave free reign to imagination in vain, unless such things can happen in reality? While appointment of V.Y.Surkov the head of stand-alone opposition and other foreign agents is quite possible now. I don't know, whether there is in the Kremlin staff schedule of the chief foreign agent?

For some reason people near Vyacheslav Surkov aren't lucky. These are not only above-mentioned Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky, these are also group “Pussy Riots”, Lebedev who can appear to be a stone on a neck of prisoners of Bolotnaya Square … Though, on the other hand, the President kept safely out of the rain, he even had good time, but Putin is the professional in such questions, while amateurs fail all the time, they didn’t manage to enjoy the beams of spotlight – of "outstanding political brain" – and not to burn wings. It’s possible to predict the destiny of opposition if it accepts such leader. The abroad, of course, will help foreign agents, but the way under this "roof" lies not through registration in Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

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