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Russia without Science, Academy, Future?

Russia without Science, Academy, Future?
Mitina Darya 30.05.2013

So, tomorrow - the first round of election of the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, from day to day the story more and more gains character of the mystical detective. I write "the first round" because very few people believe that the President will be elected from the first vote.

The thought that academicians aim to use any opportunity to go to their country houses is persistently exaggerated in mass media (such synchronous media stuffing makes to search for imperative signs in such concern about active civic position of scientists: paid-for negative publications about all three candidates appear here and there (Fortov is ascribed hypocrisy and sympathy for clerical ideas, Alfyorov - decrepitude and tendency to fronder, Nekipelov - scientific insolvency).

Generally, own Kind Car of Truth exists in the building of the Academy, it settles down, judging by all, somewhere near Presidium rooms.

Meanwhile alarm for possible breaking up of voting more and more strongly seizes broad academic masses: sabotage of quorum, manipulation with bulletins, sudden rejections of candidates, supervising vote with the purpose to take away voices, actually one shouldn’t invent anything new, if to transfer practice of our political daily life to academic procedures.

"10 questions to candidate Fortov" (generally consisting of demagogy and paraphrasing of Fortov’s public speeches) appeared on a site of the department of mathematical sciences (I hope it is clear why exactly there, taking into account candidate nominated by the Department of Mathematic Sciences), but the candidate failed to answer them - having hung there one day questions disappeared from the site together with the page http://omn.ras.ru/news/newsdetails.html?ed=161642 – pure mysticism. Unprecedented decision of the incumbent president of the Russian Academy of Sciences Osipov to make general meeting closed from the press http://www.svoboda.org/content/article/24998858.html added nervousness - the decision is both odious and senseless in era of electronic gadgets and in conditions of existence of a number of guests without journalistic accreditation. Nevertheless, this “innovation” added additional negative in relation to academicians.

By the way, just yesterday academic public showed teeth, contrary to the powerful pressure of Presidium having once again deprived Mikhail Kovalchuk of opportunity to become the academician and to participate in fight for intra academic matters: department of physical sciences didn't re-elect him the director of Institute of Crystallography - the only institute of the department which didn’t keep the former director.

Address to the academicians growing, according to some information, from one of the science cities situated near Moscow is actively discussed in network against accruing tension, it’s so exact and timely that I can't but quote it completely: "Dear colleagues, academicians, corresponding members, delegates of General meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences!

At the critical moment for our Academy, for our science we urge to unite and protect the Russian Academy of Sciences. They want to make Russia to live without Academy, without science, without future. Today it is obvious to all.

United forces of "effective bureaucrats", unfortunate modernizers, simulators and ignoramuses wage war against our Academy. We saw that recently they even ceased to hide and declared publicly: they not simply don’t need strong, independent, free Academy continuing the best traditions of the Russian and Soviet science, it constitute deadly threat for their main business, business of plunder of Russia and all its intellectual, geopolitical and energy resources. The academy needs to be eliminated, differently its firm and competent voice, its intellectual and moral authority won't allow to turn our Homeland into semi-colony, into banana republic of the third world suitable unless for screwdriver assembly of not only cars, but also school, science, statehood and morals on foreign moulds.

They didn't manage to implement own into our ranks. All three candidates proposed today on the post of the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences are worthy, honorable scientists. The most important thing is that at all differences in their positions, they are uniform in the main thing: in aspiration to protect and keep Academy, in determination not to allow putsch of laymans in management of the Russian science, in intentions to develop and strengthen our academic traditions.

As we know, today "liquidators", having failed to achieve what they want during preparation for the elections of the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, intend to simply to break them up. All secret forces are used so that we won’t receive the result in the first round. Proceeding from available information we assume: they prepare break up of quorum in the second and third rounds of vote. Then they will provide such result which all enemies of Academy now try to achieve: elections will be postponed for 4 months and then will be appointed without Fortov, Alfyorov and Nekipelov.

What does it mean for us? It means that for four months Academy will be demoralized and paralyzed. It means that it will possible to carry out cannibal plans on its "abolition" underhand using shadow bureaucratic schemes, behind the back of Academy, of scientific community, of the President of Russia and of the country as a whole. At that no one will defend and publicly protect our interests.

If you don't elect the President of Academy of Sciences of Russia today, in four months it can be absolutely different academy and absolutely different Russia — Russia without science, without academy, without future.

Showing of emotions is not usual thing for colleagues, for scientists. We ask you forgive us that we can’t speck today in different way. The scientific community of Russia is non-uniform, we have different positions. But all of us don't imagine life in Russia without Russian Academy of Sciences. Let's not allow ignoramuses-political strategists ignore opinion of the Russian scientists!

For this purpose it is necessary to make the decision in the first round of vote. The "trap" is that all candidates are strong. Participation of all of them in the voting dooms to the second round, as our enemies plan, to break up of elections. We are also convinced: election of any from these three candidates will be benefit for Russian Academy of Sciences, while break up of the elections - enormous evil.

Therefore we address Alexander Dmitriyevich Nekipelov, Jores Ivanovich Alfyorov and Vladimir Evgenyevich Fortov with request: dear colleagues, please, make some agreement! You know about comparative level of support. Let the one whose level is lower will show civic courage and scientific integrity and will withdraw his candidacy either in favor of the one from remained, or having urged to vote freely.

We address all participants of General meeting: let's vote for two leading candidates and to make the decision in the first round to break plans of secret schemers and to rescue our Academy! Let's vote for ourselves, for Russia, for science!"

So, tomorrow promises to be interesting.

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