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It’s Necessary to Eliminate Legitimacy of the Power As Law Isn’t Interesting to Anyone

It’s Necessary to Eliminate Legitimacy of the Power As Law Isn’t Interesting to Anyone
Baranov Anatoly 09.06.2013

Sergey Sobyanin signed the decree according to which he started temporary fulfillment of duties of the Mayor of Moscow, ITAR-TASS reports. Due to the expiration of powers of members of the city government before introduction into the post of the elected mayor of Moscow Sobyanin assigned fulfillment of duties to the following deputy town governors: Peter Biryukov, Alexander Gorbenko, Victor Zakharov, Maxim Liksutov, Leonid Pechatnikov, Anastasia Rakova, Natalia Sergunina, Marat Husnullin and Andrey Sharonov. Ministers of city government: George Golukhov, Artem Yermolaev, Vladimir Yefimov, Isaak Kalina, Sergey Kapkov, Alexander Kibovsky, Vladimir Petrosyan, Maxim Reshetnikov, Sergey Cheremin, Vera Tchistov will help them.

What can be commented here? As Lenin wrote, the form is correct, the essence - mockery. At it it’s a mockery not over democratic principles – they are known only approximately now. Not over the Constitution of the Russian Federation – it’s considered indecent to appeal to it even in court. It’s mockery already over principle of the republic. Well what republic do we have, if you split in his eye and he will reply it’s dew from the sky?

However, everything was done for it – someone Putin during "elections" to the presidential post for the third time left duties of the prime minister only at the moments when he made ritual actions. Just as in a joke about rabbi who found a purse on Saturday – the purse was with money, but it’s forbidden to do anything in Sabbath. So the rabbi prayed to God - and Friday suddenly became round him and the purse...

It would seem if it’s difficult to refuse from fulfillment of duties of the head of the state for three months, if then you surely occupy this post for many years? But it’s republic. It’s undesirable for Caesar in the autocratic state to stay far from a throne – it can be taken away together with the power and a scepter. Not casually in medieval monarchy attributes of the imperial power were carried together with the reigning person.

Therefore there were "elections" in Khimki where mechanism tested on "elections" of Putin was fixed as tradition of fictitious leaving of the power. The major republican procedure turned into ritual as the republican symbols were kept in imperial Rome but already without republican meaning.

Well, Sobyanin's "elections" - full completeness of the process. Putin remained at the position of the prime minister, not the president (though all understood that Putin is the head of state, not finger-top Medvedev). In Khimki some Shahs (by the way, the member of the first hundred of "presidential reserve", the person instructed with high trust) was initially appointed "deputy" mayor and simply had that title till full falling of a prefix away. Sobyanin was appointed the mayor, rejected the powers to participate in the elections and then immediately assigned the same powers to himself with prefix "deputy", he did the same with all his administration.

What is in general sense in leaving of the post for the time of elections? Do you remember? It is made so that acting elective chief didn't provide himself re-election for new term using imperious levers. Unless Sobyanin in the same office, in the same chair, with the same set of confidants has less opportunities to influence results of elections, than without prefix "deputy"?

It’s interesting, whether there’s any court in Moscow which at least will accept to consideration the claim about similar fictitious leaving of the post? I don't even dream about satisfaction of such claim.

Whether there is still a need to discuss fictitiousness of elective procedure obvious to all?

What could we do? It is a question to discussion. Because society is faced a deaf wall which is possible to fight with forehead, but it is impossible to break or bypass. Meanwhile there’s an opinion in civil society that it’s necessary to continue fighting with forehead. Firework of promotions on the post of the Mayor of Moscow of the most different people, including those who can't be put forward in any way is confirmation of a tendency. Though they still declare.

After all it is clear that the power for legitimization of fictitious from the very beginning elections needs only one thing from society – participation in this procedure. As it was on Duma "elections" in 2011 and on Putin's "elections" in 2012 - part of opposition (first of all the author of these lines) demanded boycott, while appeared form nowhere “status" opposition insisted on participation in initially hopeless vote. Navalny insisted that it is necessary to fight the wall with the head, Udaltsov was for boycott, but then changed his mind and went to support candidate for president Zyuganov, who last time had less chances to be elected, than in previous 4 times. Generally all went mad and Bolotnaya Square on May, 6 was deification of public insanity. After all Vladimir Putin was the only one who was interested in "disorders" on Bolotnaya, now nobody would be able to reproach him that he came to the power without fight...

It is necessary to understand that the word "legitimacy" is not synonym of word "legality". Legitimacy is, as a rule, passive recognition of a society. Thus execution of the parliament and revolution of October, 1993 gained legitimacy after elections of the Duma and consent of society to live under laws which are adopted by this Duma. Both referendum under barrels of machine guns, "elections" against just cancelled state of emergency and the new constitution instead of the old - all these was illegal in 1993 and remained illegal till now, it will remain illegal forever. Though legitimacy was acquired. Even the Moscow protests against falsification of elections of 2011-12 confirmed legitimacy of "the authorities of 1993" - people protested against falsifications on elections into illegal authorities.

So, Putin and Co don’t care even own laws a bit. Though they still need some legitimacy. Republic needs legality, while present semi-feudal structure of the Russian Federation keeps on legitimation of illegal procedures.

Both participation of opposition in the elections and vote of mass of people for it (which then will be impudently forged as it’s surely forged impudently in our country that all saw force of falsifiers) serves only to one aim - power legitimation. Or someone really believes that it is possible to win elections against Sobyanin who has started campaign with impudent profanation of own resignation?

Denis Zommer, the secretary of the Moscow city association of communists already made the proposal on air of Vladimir Kara-Murza’s program: "It seems to me that breaking up of these elections will be the way out for opposition and I would like to offer it taking into account that here now we have the chairman of the party "Yabloko" (Mitrokhin who has already declared participation in elections of the mayor – note of the editor). Only alternative elections are possible. If opposition withdraws all candidacies, elections will be admitted as cancelled. It could show that the power is powerless in front of own game machine, when people go to elections following ideological reasons to explain their program position … I will emphasize that the majority of parties which participate in elections has good program for Muscovites, that is there is a question of nuances which are possible to argue. We would offer this form because then the power will appear gripped in a vice of own game. Today opposition put forward at once a lot of candidates who already declared that they would nominate, thus in advance putting themselves on subordinate position in relation to a person who is somehow known in the city".

Mitrokhin reasonably objected that the power all the same will propose "technical" candidate for such case (well, for example, the same Mitrokhin) as it was done earlier at the former mayor, objected correctly, Kara-Murza and Zommer had nothing to object.

Here it is necessary to recollect difference between legality and legitimacy.

I don't think that someone seriously expects to win or even to pass into the second round. Politicians hope to gather points for the future, spoilers - to earn money. Why should citizens participate in it? It’s necessary to explain to politicians on behalf of citizens that participation in farce of Sobyanin’s elections will lead only to loss of reputation. Spoilers will remain but we would know for the future all spiders and mitvols.

The main thing is that people won’t come to "elections". Let Serega Sobyanin will be chosen by 2 percent of Muscovites and guests of the capital. It will be absolutely lawful from the point of view of existing illegal laws. It will be absolutely illegitimate at the same time. At least one question will appear: what’s the reason of farce with feigned resignation, if then Sobyanin will appear the mayor all the same, even not being elected?

The republic of the majority has to keep separate from semi-feudal Kremlin and its guardsmen, it is necessary to cease to feed them up with legitimacy - even with legitimacy through denial, through protest. After all we come to meetings trying to show something to "them", while we meet not people, we meet a wall. A wall with crenellations, wall consisting of OMON, wall consisting of court and prosecutor's office.

For a start it is necessary to allow Sobyanin to collect 99 percent of votes from 2 percent of those who come to elections. If the number of voters for new-old capital power appears the same as the number of protesting against this power what legitimacy we are talking about...

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