Why Results of Eletions in Our Country Are Known before Eletions?

Why Results of Eletions in Our Country Are Known before Eletions?
Alexander Golovenko 03.07.2013

It seems that the order of the president Putin sent legendary Vladislav Yuryevich in the day of funeral of runaway London hermit on May, 8. One and a half month passed and I get more and more convinced that he hasn’t left. More precisely, they say that unsurpassed master of sams and grand master of behind-the-scenes games withdrew into informational shadow according to the instructions of senior companions, he continues to carry out his magnificent combinations from there.

Even if to assume for a seond that he is expelled from the government and stayed unemployed for one and a half month, his business all the same lives and wins. Unambiguously.

I think he was the author of the unique elective technology when the results of elections became known long before the elections. “United Russia” always won, even if it wasn’t so.

Objectionable governors from the Kremlin were made suh proposals whih they failed to aept. This way well-known "the red governor's belt" was liquidated little by little liquidated. All so-called "rivals" of the defined in advance winner only made beautiful performanes.

Here you are the notes whih the deputy of the State Duma of 4 convocations Nina Ostanina shared in her article on October, 2011:

"After last eletions of 2007 into the State Duma I came to a final conclusion that the results of vote are thought out "behind the battlements" in a month – two before voting and sent to the governors and into the Central Election Commission for strict execution... " (http://kprf.ru/rus_law/98017.html)

It is clear that after such sensational revelations she is not the deputy any longer.

Unless the founder of "sovereign democracy", "the main ideologist of the Kremlin" could be not art and part in creation of this purely Russian know-how? No, certainly. Don't try to dissuade me.

I am sure: invention of "engines" – is also his invention. After all it’s world shame: Deputy Prime Ministers, ministers, governors head the “party in power” and then as small children rejet deputy mandates. Shame! The purest deception of voters.

It’s not only that. It’s the worst violation of the constitutional principle of division of the authorities, laws about political parties and civil service. Even first-year student of the faulty of law in raising from knees Russia will tell you about it. Except the chairman of the Constitutional court comrade Zorkin whose opinion, apparently, is formed "behind the battlements".

Tell me frankly today unless we don't know who becomes the presidential deputy in the hero ity of Moscow on September, 8? I won’t make a stake on blogger Navalny. Who will be the lord of the richest Moscow area with its really invaluable lands?

We also know it. In the same way we have learned long before Marh, 4, 2011 who would be new – old president of the ountry. About it we were learly told by "tandem" in September, 2011 at the ongress of "United Russia". When Prime Minister Putin suggested the successor - the president Medvedev - to head the party. While president Medvedev put forward the candidate of the senior companion Putin in presidents. Here you are all the intrigue

So why then are we making fools of ourselves for so many years? That is a riddle which has been haunting me for many years. Why do we swear, argue, collect signatures, nominate rivals to "favourites of the race", carry out opinion polls and exit polls?

Then in the "uniform day of vote", having lifted up trousers, we run to the polling stations to transparent ballot boxes as though something depends on our presene there? We irritate polie, we terrorize members of electoral commissions by the observers.

Earlier one an find there heap beer and pies with liver, what an we find there now? Especially when the olumn “against all” was anelled from bulletins, the same way as voter turn-out. After all we were told openly: there is no reason to hand round polling stations. You only interfere with correct counting of votes.

Though solution dawned upon me recently. It seems that in the middle of the 2000s Vladislav Yuryevich and his guys in administration thought up: elections without choice beame not interesting to people, turn-out falls. It is necessary to think up some lasso to make them partiipate. They thought it up – they dragged through the State Duma the law on financial feeding of the parliamentary parties participating in the Duma and presidential elections. Each voice of the voter brings now 50 rubles to these parties. Multiply …

So, following the results of two last parliamentary and presidential elections which weren't recognized by comrade Zyuganov legitimate, the CPRF reeived nearly 1 billion rubles from the budget. It isn't known what sum really ame to the account, but we were told that there were transfer. No reports on expenditure of those sums were ever given either on plenums, or at congresses. That gives reason to mistrustful Party members to speak about their "utting".

Unless omrades Zyuganov, Mironov, Zhirinovsky and Co won't drag their supporters to participate in the elections without choice after suh open bribery? After all they are not mentally ill people to refuse hundred millions of actually gratuitous rubles. Here you are the soure of appearene of suh slogans as “Vote or You will Lose". Or "If You Are not Indifferent to the Destiny of Your Children - Come and Make Choice".

That is why I am convinced: for the sake of the public benefit and tranquillity of members of election commissions it is necessary to declare results of elections in a month – a month and a half before elections.

The economy of budget money will be enormous.

You will see.

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