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New Gapons and Krenesky of New Revolution

New Gapons and Krenesky of New Revolution
Sergey Gupalo 23.07.2013

New Russian revolution, this waking-up volcano, is ready to burst at any moment. The latest events in the Novokhopersky area of the Voronezh region and in Pugachev of the Saratov region of the Russian Federation as well as mass protest in the regional centre Vradiyeva in Ukraine are symptoms of approaching revolution.

Mentioned protests are privatized by nationalists - these new gapons of new revolution.

Difference of the coming revolution from both revolutions of 1917 year is obvious. To 1917 Russia already didn't suffer from classical mode of different gapons - attempts of solution of problems of the country by ways of archaism finally crashed on January, 9, 1905.

Presentiment of new revolution unites such different at first sight figures as oppositional liberals and oppositional nationalists, thus considerable part of so-called left party lazily argues about ostensibly Marxist abstractions ignoring social explosion coming nearer, while at this very time other part participates in electoral games of a mode.

In Putin’s RF archaism is uniting factor of such seemingly various forces as nationalists of all colors and supporters of Zuganov. In this regard the Russian Federation can't overcome new long-playing edition of January, 9, 1905 now in any way.

Alexey Navalny just corresponds to this new edition of January, 9, 1905, objectively uniting liberals, nationalists and even part left ready to play either by rules of Bolotnaya Square or those who allegedly blames Bolotnaya in words at the same time participating in electoral games of a mode.

Overcoming of the present new edition of long-playing January, 9, 1905 is inevitable, only what the price is?

Navalny is often and not fairly compared to Yeltsin.

Speaking about notorious "fight against privileges" carried out by Yeltsin and his environment which in practice appeared only some form of interception of the power from rather vegetarian Soviet and party bureaucracy of CPSU by real cannibals of so-called dashing 90s, we should understand that it was some form of change of one more progressive social order - bureaucratic socialism – by other, more reactionary - gangster capitalism.

As to Navalny, this mister isn't going to make any change of social order. It is a question only of change of one group of the ruling bourgeoisie by other. Methods similar to the ones applied by Yeltsin and his environment at the beginning of the 90s became necessary for implementation of the rotation.

Deceived expectations of the inhabitants of the 90s will be repeated at president Navalny (or any other character like Prokhorov) in repeatedly considerable scales.

Possible overcoming of present mode following the worst variant - by coming to power of number 1 collective Gapon and Kerensky – all in one - Navalny or some other whom he will bring to power (the same Prokhorov) with subsequent discredit of a new governor at the price of enormous human and material losses comparable unless to losses from coming to power of Yeltsin and his team.

Less cannibalistic variants of overcoming of present long-playing January, 9, 1905 are possible, but such maturity of the left core group of which we could only dream now is necessary for this purpose.

Whether anti-Zyuganov part of the CPRF has ripened to understanding of a need of creation of new not-Zyuganov party long ago?

Till now considerable part of the left goes under banners of Zuganov’s supporters with readiness to have chance to participate in Sobyanin's elections as the mayor, justifying such behavior by need to use elections for promotion of their ideas.

Expected propaganda effect from such participation in Sobyanin's elections of the left core group is over and above overlapped by their full discredit as obvious participants of a game by rules of the ruling mode.

In this context mentioned companions, participants of Sobyanin’s elections differ just little from Alexey Navalny, unless they have less charisma and less prospect of coming to power.

Majority of the left already hardly object to the fact that Navalny became Gapon of new revolution.

Whether he only will be able to become Kerensky of this new revolution?

Whether it is necessary to promote his coming to power with the purpose of his subsequent final discredit?

There was a joke in the Russian Federation among communists in the 90s that Yeltsin should be awarded with the order of Lenin for creation of revolutionary situation.

Then all protest material of the country went to the harmless for a mode empty steam blast.

Something similar can occur at the present historical turn if place gapons of the CPRF and their supporters from the left ore group, these objeсtively younger brothers of Alexey Navalny's won’t be oссupied by new Leninists who will not simply expose Zyuganov and his poliсy, but will also really do so that present long-playing January, 9, 1905 will end and we will find ourselves at least in new February, 1917 with clear prospect of new edition of October, 1917.

It’s even better as a result of overcoming of present hard times of ruling of gapons in new socialist Russia, but in this сase we need not such "communists" as daddy Zyu, but figures of essentially new socialism free from degradation of the late Soviet period.

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