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Bastrykin Won’t RetireTill the Money Which He Hid Won’t Be Found

Bastrykin Won’t RetireTill the Money Which He Hid Won’t Be Found

Alexander Bastrykin rejected charges put forward against him on the eve: according to him, he wasn't engaged in any commercial activity in the Czech Republic. If Alexey Navalny finds some profit got by him, the head of the Investigative Committee promised to retire.

“I wasn't engaged in any business. What is commercial activity? It is activity for the purpose of receiving profit. If they find at least one euro profit, I will retire. You can write the following: if mister Navalny and mister Hinstein find at least one euro profit, I will retire. It is easy to prove it. They very easily received all documents, except one: tax declaration”, — Bastrykin declared to "News".

- Actually it’s strange position for the official of Bastrykin’s level, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noted. - "You find and then I, may be, will retire..." And if he won't retire? If he will change his mind. It’s like in the story with Sokolov - at first he said that there was nothing, then that there was something after all and then that all really took place. Well, he is really the owner of his word. Unless such private persons as Navalny and Hinstein are obliged to search for something? Unless our Investigative Committee exists not with the purpose to investigate, but to cover things up? It means that Navalny with Hinstein will search for something, while the Investigative Committee – cover things up? Generally not only in civilized countries, but even in Russia there’s absolutely different order - suspected chief voluntary is released from his duties for the period of investigation so that he couldn't influence investigation, while his subordinates, having got very plentiful compromising evidence on Bastrykin, try honestly and impartially to find out, if things really took place or not. Then there will appear a question not about retardation, but about measure of restraint in case of launching criminal case. Something like this.

Realtor Office “LAW Bohemia” in Prague Bastrykin, according to him, registered for the purpose of obtaining long-term visa. “I have only visa, it’s not residence permit. I want to emphasize it. As to my document, the only document which I have since 2008 — is diplomatic passport. Here it’s,” — the head of the Investigative Committee showed the document.

- There’s no sense to bullshit with this residence permit, - Anatoly Baranov explained. – For long time the Czech Republic let foreigners starting business obtain residence permits. It was very simple and many used it. At that 99 percent of companies were fictitious, therefore it was easy then to cancel residence permits. Then legislation of the Czech Republic changed and began issuing long-term visas. However our main inspector, "Mr. Virtue" registers fictitious company "to go to Europe"? Teaching in the European higher education institutions has nothing to do with it - universities give their professors visa support.

In relation to the apartment (46 sq.m in the Czech capital) Bastrykin declared that he bought it when he expected to remain to work in Europe. “I will be honest: I had plans to become visitor-professor. As at that time I had many scientific relations — in Karlovy University, in Sorbonne, in Bonn University, in Great Britain. Then I travelled a lot across Europe and Prague is very convenient in this connection”, — the main inspector of the Russian Federation explained.

- Well, he obviously forgot to tell that Great Britain has own visa and it should be necessary to go to the embassy of England in Moscow with the Czech long-term visa, - Anatoly Baranov noticed. - Doubtful "convenience", besides in 2007 no one was allowed to enter Schengen territory with the Czech visa, so it seems that explanation about Bonn and Sorbonne is nonsense.

At the moment this apartment, Bastrykin added, doesn't belong to him — his ex-spouse Natalia Bastrykina owns it. “I didn't sell apartment, I simply transferred it to the first wife. If I didn't sell the apartment, no taxes shouldn't be paid”, - he added.

- Certainly, act of donation isn't taxed, - Anatoly Baranov was surprised. – For the Bastrykinys. All others, strangely enough, pay taxes especially in Europe.

The head of the Investigative Committee considers that this scandal is connected with investigation of a high-profile case about disorders on May, 6 where 13 activists were detained. “It is connected with this case, as that scandal which took place (with the journalist of „Novaya Gazeta”) was settled. Mass media published apology before me. The story ended then for me,” — Bastrykin declared.

- That is "Novaya Gazeta” apologized for that fact that Bastrykin took Sokolov out to the forest and talked to him heart-to-heart, the journalist urgently left Russia after that conversation”, - Anatoly Baranov got surprised again. – What about connection with arrests of innocent people, of course only crystal-clear person could head "case on May, 6", with such brilliant dew in eyes. It hard to find such honest man- he was engaged in sales of toilet bowls in the Czech Republic, bought an apartment, registered company and received a call from classmate: "Hey, stop selling toilets, to rule the state is also cool!" Our crystal-clear man became colonel general and a thunder-storm of all criminal world. Oppositionists would commit riots, OMON fighters would weep and Navalny would celebrate triumph – nuts to you! We have comrade Bastrykin with diplomatic passport, he doesn’t case a cuss.

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