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Social War as a Mean of Suppressing of Bandit Underground

Social War as a Mean of Suppressing of Bandit Underground
Volodya Troparevsky 02.09.2012

Public terrorism comes back to Russia. Acts of terrorism earlier happened in the North Caucasus again started getting coverage in the federal mass media. While one part of experts thinks where bandits will launch next blow, other experts develop system of measures directed on extinguishing of violence volcano in the Caucasus forever.

There are two ways of fight against this evil. The first was used by imperial okhranka, it is called "to beat a problem in a forehead". It means to answer violence with violence. They follow this way in Iraq now: death of 250 prisoners accused of commission of acts of terrorism by firing squad took place today near to the Bagdad prison “Abat”. When Anders Breivik committed his crimes voices in favor of restoration of the death penalty were heard in the different countries of the world. The same was done also by Stolypin in the imperial Russia – only a poor students didn’t hear about Stolypin’s ties and vagons. Until recently Russia also followed this way - all more or less significant schedulers of terrorist activity in the Chechen republic, Dagestan, Ingushetia were simply killed.

The second way of fight against terrorism is based on eradication of the social reasons of this evil. Terror isn't a target because as well as any other action it has sense only in a concrete social and cultural situation. Terror is the instrument of political struggle, that is it’s a mean of achievement of certain external purposes. Change of the geopolitical organization of the region, partition of Dagestan, delimitation of the republics of the Caucasus and Russia, creation of the Caliphate and many other ideas – these are the aims of terrorism in Caspian Sea region..

Therefore the simplest way to block this activity is to make it so that this purpose was impracticable in principle. It will be impracticable, for example, in case of introduction of external management in the region. It is necessary to make it so that all functions of life support became dependent on the federal center. In this case all political forces which try to use own strategies won't have anything else to do than to try to agree with the federal center.

In other words, it is necessary to limit possibilities of manifestation of independent political will of the participants of political process in the Caucasus and in Caspian Sea region as much as possible. To make it so that manifestation of political loyalty became for them condition of political survival. It will make all other methods of fight senseless. Including terrorism.

The second important condition of termination of terrorist activity is dissociation of a terrorist network, termination of its feed with weapon and money. It is necessary to liquidate not all fighters, but those who form knots of the increased connectivity in this network. That is informal leaders and schedulers. The rest should become conductors of disorganization, bursts of psychopathy and neurotization, that is they should become means of moral decay of the operating members of bandit underground.

It is necessary to introduce false leaders into the bandit environment, to achieve their authority and then to decompose, separate and irritate gangster underground with their help. As experiment shows such practice allows to make practically every organization to start decaying in a half of a year, that was recently made by us excellently in relation to neo-Nazis. “The Russian Image" was made decaying exactly in this way. The same could be done with every possible vilayets and emirates in the Caucasus.

Modern science actually knows many ways of conducting bloodless social war so application of such methods for bandit underground defeat in the Caucasus is represented correct and timely. After all all are sick and tired of murders and attacks. It is time to finish with all this violence.

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