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It’s Impossible to Have the Result as “at Stalin” Living “at Putin”

It’s Impossible to Have the Result as “at Stalin” Living “at Putin”

Michael Delyagin, known economist and the chairman of Editorial board of FORUM.msk commented Putin's statement about modernization of military complex as in the 30s

- Probably, our management at last understood that the world is returning to the new Middle Ages when weapon means more than law. But comrade Putin should understand that to recreate modernization mechanisms of the 30s, let even at a new technological and social level is possible only in one case - having lowered corruption level at least to a level of the discussed period in history, i.e. to the level of the 30s.

Vladimir Putin also should understand that really serious struggle should be carried out against corruption and from my point of view, it will be apprehended by inner and not only circle of Putin as blowing up of the state foundations, betrayal of Motherland and robbery of worthy, good people. However it is impossible to carry out modernization at the theft standard from 30% to 60%. Thus, if to do it seriously, it is necessary to declare war to the ruling class, if to do it "carelessly", then there is nothing to talk about.

Speaking about the mere idea of work with military – industrial complex as with economic locomotive of the Russian economy, we should understand that complex can be a source of new technologies and these technologies entering civil sector could become locomotive of the development. Weapon sale could allow us to keep the staff, to bring up the staff and to support existence of technologies, but the market of weapon is insufficient for maintenance of all society. Isolated from civil sector military – industrial complex can become only "a black hole".

If to speak about efficiency of modernization technologies of that time, certainly, we should understand that they were the most effective technologies in the world. Special committee created by Beria after war represented unsurpassed structure of management over scientific and technical progress. Then Americans were only near, they didn't catch us up.

However, now the problem is different, now we are facing the problem of passing from words to deeds.


I completely agree with Michael Gennadevich's estimation, but his some words - about corruption in military – industrial complex demand more detailed explanation.

They obviously stole at Stalin. Though there was no such problem in military - industrial complex – they could steal everywhere, but for military – industrial complex. Liability level there was very high, one could lost his head and without theft. Only a suicide could have decided to steal anything having in mind that level of accountability.

The matter, of course, not only in the fact that it was terrible to steal in "defense industry". It was also sufficiently hopeless and senseless. How could one steal, if all his life passes in the public eye? There were no country houses on Canary Islands, nor deposits abroad and even a button stitched not according to the known standard caused questions.

Different things happen in today’s "defense industry"... When at the very end of the 90s I came to work in RAC MiG, I was first of all amazed with abundance of cars of extra-class, mainly BMW which were parked next to the building of management of the plant. A number of workers was reduced in comparison with the Soviet period in 3 times, the plant worked 3 times a week and such exhibition of achievements of the German automotive industry in front of the administrative building... Naturally management of the security service - acting staff of FSB – also drive the German cars.

The problem of management of the defensive industry for that control system which has been created by Putin – for the system of “overlookers”, not of the professionals - at the head of the ministries and departments is a not least insolvable problem of control. Who can supervise the professional, if not the professional of not lower level? While here non-specialists not only put perspective tasks to experts, but also somehow try to supervise.

If it’s really not clear that professional can always cheat the "sucker"?

Here we observe: the state starts to allocate more and more money for rearmament, for research and development. While the system has been already built up in such a way that no matter how much money you allocate – they will be obligatory stolen! Earlier people stole because the sums were too small to be enough to do anything and now - because there is a lot and it will be enough once and forever.

It is possible to change heads, but in essence it is just a replacement of one highly professional thief by other. Why do professionals become thieves – is a different question. They do become and materials of tens criminal cases testify it.

What the Deputy Prime Minister come to "defense industry" from diplomatic work, for example, can do? To play tennis within sight of officers of the Black Sea Fleet? He will see what they want to show him. He will sign that figure of expenses which professional people will give him. Then he will sign expense report – the way obviously superfluous allocations disappear in the pockets of professional thieves is the same as it was done with obviously insufficient allocations.

Because all of them are thieves!

It is clear that absence of significant results is indicator of a trouble in "defense industry". There is no perspective rocket for a basis of national security - RVSN. There is no reliable new rocket of sea basing. It’s absent even in the project of perspective aviation complex of long-range aviation. There is even no reserve for aircraft carriers, there’s big trouble in general in the question of replacement of water crafts by modern ships. There is no fighter of the fifth generation, what they say it’s is just a prototype. No, no, no...

All candidates for occupation of perspective posts of managing directors of high rank - are extremely suspicious in the question of corruption. To put it mildly.

Whether there can be any decision in such gone wrong system?

There are two variants - the first follows from history of our direct historical predecessor, the Byzantine Empire (Russia - the Third Rome), once being the center of the remains of ancient art, advanced for that time technologies, qualified personnel. It fell under the impact of even not external barbarians, but own, internal - the Osmanli Turks, being in Byzantine something like present Chechens in the Russian Federation. Managed at the time of Maskhadov to produce own weapon like machine guns “Borz” and other on the basis of some agricultural workshops, without any allocations.

The second variant is mobilization, first of all of the personnel. It is necessary to address the only interested party - people of Russia. In conditions of accruing barbarity democracy is the only steady form – it also can be primitive as in the Greek policies or the Chechen field formations. For the defensive industry - production democracy, with transfer of at least control functions - to labor collectives. System "when I want your opinion – I will rattle your cage” is simply inefficient today, it is even pernicious.

Who except labor collectives can reveal and stop no-purpose expenditure of budgetary funds, their removal to external accounts and into non-core assets? Who can distinguish real innovative project from "con games with suckers" from the government? Who knows everything about income and expenses of the administration?

Appointing today the director of the defensive plant, the government actually gives the workers “temporary barin" and them to a service to this person. Formal supervisory authorities get instantly corrupted, as they already were corrupted at the former "barin". Administration has only one interest – to steal as quicker as possible, while being administration. What defense capacity of the country we are talking about? What modernization?

The Minister of Finance of the Moscow region could serve as an example for imitation - he managed to take at once 22 billion dollars from the budget (absolute record in all history of the planet Earth) and disappear safely with them. Or someone believes that present "generals of defense industry" want to be similar to Korolev and Tupolev?

The only way to keep independence of the country is to return the right to dispose own resources - first of all production – to people. There are no other parties interested in preservation of Russia - all other have gone to London long time ago or are ready to move there.

Аnatoly Baranov

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