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Russia Degenerates into the Criminal State

Russia Degenerates into the Criminal State
Delyagin Michael 02.11.2012

Laws can be as much as rigid: the main thing that they were observed. In Russia we have not laws but codes operating. Why does the desire to leave the country appear in the thoughts of many Russians. Case of Leonid Razvozzhayev can serve as an example. On Tuesday, October, 23 Sergey Udaltsov's colleague refused “to give himself up” and declared that made confessions connected with mass riots on May, 6 under psychological pressure. Whether demonstrative, in the spirit of 1937, action of intelligence services is a signal to the society before the next “turn of the screw”?

Leonid Razvozzhayev's arrest looks as thought-out action, signal to the society about approach of rigid rules of the game. Actually, we faced simple reaction. The power got wildly frightened of mass protests. It waited the moment when liberals dampen protest (probably, in coordination with the power). Then the least cultural elements of the power started revenging for the endured fear. Certainly, they intimidate, absolute impudence and demonstration of arbitrariness is significative. It is possible to do any business artfully. While it is also possible to hit a person with a hammer and to say that he used that hammer to make attempt at the power, but hit himself instead! The power intimidates using stupidity and primitiveness of actions.

It is possible to say that the power will demoralize society on the threshold of economic catastrophe. Crisis is inevitable in Russia and in the world. But people capable of such conclusions won't organize kidnapping, in general, insignificant people in the territory of neighboring states. These people have minimum ideas of decencies. There were parliamentary elections in Ukraine on October, 28. It would seem the president Yanukovych should be indignant! He could have told angrily: “What’s going on?” Doing it he would even have gathered some votes. Then by phone he would have made excuses: “Elections are at hand, brother, I didn’t really mean that”. No problem! While the Ukrainian side declared that as the laws of Ukraine were broken not by bandits, but intelligence services of other state, there’s no problem.

I can imagine what intelligence services of the United States of America could do in the territory of Ukraine! There is a feeling: if you have a sheepskin in the pocket, you can do in Ukraine everything. It is possible to go to the market place, buy the certificate that you are Mossad and go kidnapping …


It’s normal, when the rules of the game are written down. Even if they are tough. Anti-Jewish laws acted in the territory of fascist Germany. If You are red, wear glasses, tie a tie the other way, it means you are doomed to death.

A lot of time passed between acceptance of these laws and physical destruction of Jews. If you had the place to run to, theoretically you could escape. Hundred thousands, million people had no place to run to. Others managed to filter, if they understood which way the wind blows. Sexual contacts and marriages between people of different races were forbidden in the Republic of South Africa during the times of apartheid. Under the law. Who didn't break the law, had the right to quiet life. In Russia everything’s differently. There are no rules of the game, only lawlessness operates here. When almost any representative of almost any power structure can do almost everything almost with everybody.

Citizens are thrown under the bus with unpredictable people with unpredictable motives. Not because you are dissatisfied with something. Because you have a passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation in your pocket. You are not lucky – animated cartoon or amateur about you will be shot... I am sure, they are now preparing something similar about Leonid Razvozzhayev. They will put him to prison! If you are not so lucky – you will be killed in police office. They even(!) will bring criminal case and somebody will be punished. But it can't be foreseen. That’s the difference of laws from gangster state. Difference between the state and criminal political state into which Russia is promptly degenerating. The state, even if it’s criminal, observes rules.

Great number of people seriously think of leaving Russia. Many of them thus hate Sergey Udaltsov. I know them personally. Criminal codes differ from laws as they are changed on a game course. These changes are spontaneous. Without preliminary agreement.

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