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First Arrest on Case of Stolen Billions in Moscow Region

First Arrest on Case of Stolen Billions in Moscow Region

Former deputy Minister of Finance of Moscow region Valery Nosov is arrested on suspicion of participation in plunder of 27 billion roubles from the regional budget. Nosov didn't recognize his fault at session of Tver court. As he said, he being the state official only followed instructions of his management, "Interfax" reports.

- It is necessary now to find out who that management was, whose instructions were executed so assiduously by mister Nosov, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov providently being in Ukraine noticed in the given occasion. It could be former Minister of Finance of Moscow region Alexey Kuznetsov, so to say, immediate superior. It could be also the governor of Moscow region general Gromov as appointment of officials of the regional government and control over them is his direct and exclusive duty. It could be even more interesting, as through minister Kuznetsov at means of co-founder of one of his companies ("Russian Investment Society") the chain reaches Ilya Klebanov - closely authorized representative of Putin and "Petersburg" in general.

Mass - media informed about initiation of criminal case in connection with drawing of damage to the budget of Moscow Region by swindle on February, 3rd though there were conversations going for more year than a year. Former Minister of Finance of Moscow Region Alexey Kuznetsov, his wife, citizen of the USA Jeanne Bullok heading company RIGroup and general director RIGroup Dmitry Kotlyarenko are persons involved besides Nosov.

Inquest considers that Kuznetsov and Nosov made the decision on granting a loan for the sum of 25 billion roubles to the structures controlled by Bullok and Kotlyarenko. Besides, assets of "Moscow Regional Investment Trust Company" (МITC) created under instruction of the government of Moscow region for the sum of 2,6 billion roubles were transferred to the company "ROSVEB" established by Bullok and Kotlyarenko.

In the end of February, 2010 Valery Nosov was interrogated on suspicion in organization of extortion of 80 million roubles from the guarantor of his debtor. It's connected with personal business of the former official. It was informed that Nosov himself reported fro evidence to investigation department at the Department of Internal Affairs of the Western district of Moscow.

Other persons involved in swindle are, according to investigation, in the USA. At that in the beginning of February it was informed that inquiry about Kotlyarenko's extradition was directed to Cyprus.

- The matter is that it's possible to steal privately one million or two, - Anatoly Baranov noticed. - While it's not possible to steal 27 billion from the budget privately, rather big shots at considerable quantity should be engaged in business. It's a level not the minister of the regional government and even, I am afraid, not the governor - anyway not of one governor. People who do not understand game rules are not being appointed on posts of ministers and governors. So it's necessary to search both for 27 billion and the main thing for those who got them first of all in the Kremlin and then already in corridors of Moscow region.


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