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Moldova: War in the Doorway

Moldova: War in the Doorway

The president of Moldova Vladimir Voronin on Wednesday passed to scale counterattack on organizers of protest actions which ended on Tuesday with mass disorders. He accused opposition in launching civil war, he introduced a visa regime unilaterally with Romania and declared the ambassador of this country persona non grata. Romania in its turn categorically rejects charges of authorities of Moldova in intervention in internal affairs of this country and declares intention to send the Moldavian ambassador.


"This charge is provocation. It is unacceptable that communistic authorities in Kishinev shifted the responsibility for internal problems of Republic Moldova to Romania", - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania said in the application.


The State Office of Public Prosecutor of Moldova brought criminal case under clause "Attempt of overthrow of power", twenty five years of imprisonment would be the punishment for suspected, the public prosecutor of the country Valery Gurbulja informed RIA News.


"We work under clauses related both to organization and financing, and direct actions resulted in disorders", - he said.


The clause "attempt of overthrow of power, realization of revolution" provides imprisonment for the term up to 25 years.


According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova, about 200 initiators and participants of pogroms and excesses which took place on the eve in Kishinev were detained all in all during protest actions of opposition.

From editorial board: For the beginning here you are what the Israeli poet and publicist Vlad Rivlin who can hardly be suspected of great-power chauvinism or "chekysm" writes to us:


"Struggle against communism sooner or later however inevitably leads to appearance of Hitlers, Mussolini, Kaudiglio and similar. It is typical that seizure of power by fascist modes and subsequent expansion were always accompanied by slogans about freedom and general blessing. While it came to the end by big blood and tragedy. Both for the countries injured from fascist expansion and peoples of those countries, whence fascism started from.


70 years ago nationalists both in east and in the western Europe, desiring "to save" peoples from communism and to receive long-awaited "freedom", agreed on the union with Hitler whose hordes directed on the East "to release" peoples living there from Bolshevism. As a result of that union and expansion which followed it tens millions people across all Europe of whose "blessing" nationalists of Bandera type cared died, turned into gun meat or cheap man power for the Third Reich.


The third honourlessly lost. But his ideas about transformation of Russia into a conglomerate of vassal states didn't sink into oblivion. Former helper didn't remain without work. 50 years later they again appeared to be claimed.


The East Europe, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Georgia and now Moldova. Everywhere one and the same script and everywhere the same result: civil wars, poverty and lawlessness. Present liberal - fascist putsch in Moldova threatens to turn back the biggest in the history of this country tragedy. In case of a victory of liberal - fascist putsch, Moldova will be absorbed by NATO Romania. In this case those from its citizens who dreams to become today Romanians, risk tomorrow to receive status of untermen in structure of Romania Mare (Great Romania) and to fill up the numbers of cheap man power for the Western Europe like guest workers of the  times of World War II.


It's hardly possible that having become thus great Romania will restrict itself to Moldova. Appetite as you know comes with eating and after Moldova there will be Transdiestria and further - Bukoviny, that is already Ukraine. Things which Hitler and Antonesku failed in due time to realize get today quite real outlines due to the efforts of the block of NATO headed with the USA and their executors in Moldova. Therefore present opposition in Moldova is a question not so much of survival of lawfully elected president and his party but of survival of the country and its people. The destiny of the republic depends now in many respects on consciousness of its citizens. One could trust that citizens of the country will make the right choice".


Perhaps, being the citizen of Russia I would not risk to make such sharp estimation of the event as I would be immediately declared "the Kremlin henchman" or something even worse.


Therefore I shall remind: Certainly, the Party of communists of Republic Moldova and personally president Voronin are guilty first and foremost in what happened in Kishinev. 


In his interview given to RIA News hotfoot Voronin asks a question: "Who undertook so many efforts that not Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandella but marshal Antonesky became heroes of young generation?"


Probably, there was no mirror before the president at that moment to answer his rhetorical question - who's guilty?


Communists came to power in Moldova long time ago to prove somehow to be communists. But they, as director of Institute of the Problems of Globalization Michael Deljagin fairly marks, proved to be more liberals - even bigger liberals, than those who call themselves so: liberal Gaydar already entered tanks into Moscow in such time.


It is very good that Voronin and the Moldavian communists proved to be bigger liberals, than note liberals and bigger democrats, than note democrats. Successes of Moldova in the field of economy, in the field of eurointegration look quite good but why youth pretty often aspire to receive the Romanian passport and hangs up portrait of Antoneslu on the wall? Perhaps, economic successes look good only in statistical reports, while eurointegration in the structure of Romania looks more real?


But it's not the main thing - the main thing is that there were no steps made aside socialism (not talking about communism). They were not even thought of. Even, just in case, there was nothing said about it.


It is the first big fault of president Voronin and Party of Communist of Republic Moldova. And the second fault resulting from the first - business in Moldova feels no so well as it should feel at liberal board. Working class in Moldova practically disappeared together with industry, base public moods are defined mainly by small business and everything that accompanies it.


Business at "communistic" board of Voronin is not going smoothly - such disorder as in Moldova in this respect can not be found, likely, anywhere in the CIS, even in remote places of authoritative Russia. It is purely administratively - police disorder. And it played its role.


Well, what is the reason than for 15 thousand young people to go on streets and destroy all around in Kishinev? In happy society such things are impossible, even if all special services of Romania and other countries of NATO wriggled out. Fertile public ground is necessary. Long-term policy of Party of Communist of Republic Moldova gave necessary motifs.


Certainly, it is possible to accuse of all Sekuritat, CIA, Mossad, Berezovsky, Nevzlin, world Zionism and personally Lucifier. But the reality is such that the whole generation of young people which go on streets of Kishinev will all the rest of their lives associate "communism" with the time of Voronin's board as generation of the Russian 40-year old people connect Gorbachev's empty shelves and kilometer long turns for getting vodka with a word-combination "real socialism".


We have no other Voronin, other Party of Communists of Republic Moldova and other Moldova, the left will have to support anyhow Voronin who is present. Though having in mind the prospect to ask - well, comrade, how it happened so that the youth turned away from you and to whom? Marshal Antonesku! It is possible because the marshal did not have son using reputation of the main racketeer of the country. Anyway, there was no refutations on materials about Oleg Voronin's business. It's difficult to believe in sincerity of communistic aspirations of people so assiduously collecting ourely capitalist actives.


Well, some words about geopolitics. Actually interests of the Russian Federation in Moldova are totally indirect as against Ukraine which is not simply adjoining to Moldova but also is situated in direct dependence on the problems of this republic.


It's not a secret now that such remarkable country as Romania whose orthodox troops left a bloody trace in Ukraine still has territorial claims to the neigbour. The Ukrainian politicians occupied with selfish interests somehow surprisingly easy conceived loss in territorial dispute with Bucharest concerning island Zmeiny. The same way easily they perceive such unambiguous hints as published maps of Great Romania including solid pieces of the Ukrainian territory, switching, for example, Belgorod - Dneprovsky.


Collective forces of Ukraine not so long ago with big pomp placed forces of air defence along the Russian borders in reply to muffled though obviously schizoid threats from Moscow (there are in Moscow officially more than 100 thousand schizophrenics). Though no Russian plane was going to cross the border of independent power. However, despite of obvious threat of intervention into internal affairs of the neighbouring state on the part of Romania (I shall repeat, having already territorial claims to Ukraine) collective forces do not react in any way! In fact in case of revolution in Moldova not simply liberal but national-liberal forces (fascists will inevitably come) to power - the stream of refugees will rush not to Russia and not to Turkey, but to Ukraine! It will not be Russia which will have on its border armed cap-a-pie under NATO standards army, having from the last war maps of the Ukrainian territory. And, by the way, there are direct indications that Romania carries out nuclear researches in interests of militarians - already Ceausescu was ready to get nuclear weapon of own manufacture.


It's interesting to ask, not in the Russian but purely Ukrainian interests - whether it is not necessary to any normal country to concentrate in such situation 2-3 brigades in full alertness on the border? Perhaps, to support Transdniestrian units? To offer president Voronin technical support of police formations available? To carry out command - staff exercise in Odessa area?


Today not only Kishinev, but also Kiev has problems... Russia also has problems but they will begin later. And it's in the interests of Russia not only to support Voronin but also to help Ukraine technically if it is required.

Аnatoly Baranov

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