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Modernization for Cannibals

Modernization for Cannibals
Baranov Anatoly 29.06.2011

The Russian Federation as winded up in advance mechanism continues its cyclic rotations from elections to elections - creaking gear wheels, straining latent and obvious springs, sprinkling all around worked out oil and rusty water. This mechanism can stop only if something important breaks in it and repair or replacement appear impossible. The wheel of sansara embodied in flashers, choppers and ritual, already almost senseless larceny when system robbers itself that thieves could steal keeping thus system working.

What if to approach public processes as separate person understanding that the society is alive organism and not mechanism? Let's estimate: each separate person is alive being, internally inconsistent, with difficult system of motivations as ancient spoke - microcosm. Here we have a set of microcosms in all political theories - political, economic - they also should be considered exclusively as mechanism. All of them describe mechanics of public relations. Doing this assumption we not only simplify system, we kill it and study its corpse instead of alive organism.

Here you are a beautiful girl... Let's look what inside is?

It is possible to study not society anatomy but its physiology, not mechanics but its psychology.

Hippocrates allocated four temperaments using two defining principles - force and irritability. That is he allocated sanguine persons - strong and counterbalanced, melancholics - weak and irritable and two intermediate types - strong but irritable choleric people and counterbalanced but weak phlegmatic ones. Why organization or even the whole state could not be treated as choleric or melancholic person?

It's clear that there's no science under such extrapolation but after all we often use art-publicistic approach instead of going into anatomization in the face of the amazed public.

Let's say, the party in power is such typical sanguine person and non-system opposition - melancholic - irritable but very weak.

It's funny but there are four parties in the State Duma, just on a number of temperaments. Sanguine United Russia and their antipode "national-socialists" - weak and irritable - owing to this fact their claims to play the role of the party in power are absolutely nonrealizable. Let's recollect at least as aunt Valya threw out their leader from the Federation Council, satisfactory hisses were heard from everywhere. By the way, in due time Valentin Ivanovna offered herself on the post of successor - if Putin agreed, there would be today no question who would become the president in 2012, there would be different question - if to rename Petersburg in Matvienkovo or to wait for a while.

The same with "intermediate" parties - choleric temperament of LDPR completely copying the character of its constant leader for long time ago crossed out further prospects of liberal democrats. While sad phlegm of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - potentially strong but absolutely inert, not capable to react adequately even to mass protests of 2005 and occupied exclusively with search of internal enemies can't be considered as alternative of the party in power even by its members.

Though there are other examples. For example, both strong and counterbalanced Ministry of Public Health and Social Development - and weak, irritable medical public at the congress of doctors.

Let's note, I don't speak now who is good and who is bad - it is absolutely different categories, position of sanguine of Gollikova is much less pleasant to me, than position of doctor Roshal but he is in weaker position in relation to the ministry and being counterbalanced person will behave according to weak temperament. Probably, if he won't change temperament, relations between the ministry and the community which activity he regulates won't change.

I will repeat, sanguine person not necessarily should be good person and melancholic - bad one, sanguine person can be cruel dictator and even cannibal from an old German fairy tale, while melancholic can be the musician or the chess champion.

By the way, cannibals in the German fairy tales are not savages, not cave men. They speak normally, wear usual clothes and even live in castles. Cannibal in these fairy tales, as a matter of fact, is either the robber, or the feudal lord that are rather close concepts. That is they belong to certain social group, simply sometimes they eat people, in everything else they are quite normal representatives of modern society. They are even inclined to modernization.

Certainly, I don't hint that representatives of our elite eat fellow citizens in leisure time. Though it would be serious answer to a question where several millions Russians which the country lost for last 20 years are. Though it would be too simple explanation. Certainly, representatives of elite eat oysters and Brie cheese but population reduction somehow paradoxically turns into oysters and Brie cheese. Perhaps, because strong and counterbalanced concentrate on one pole of society, while remaining weak and irritable answer with... dying in accelerated rates.

We often hear that average lifetime of the Russians got reduced in comparison with the Soviet period and doesn't want to grow despite the national project of president Medvedev stimulating its duration. But I never saw statistics of lifetime depending on social groups. I'd say, comparison of lifetime of millionaires and doctors and teachers who become social outsiders. Though obviously it would be strange to demand growth of lifetime of citizens from doctors if lifetime of doctors decreases.

About three years ago I saw research devoted to lifetime in Moscow and other regions of Russia - now the highest life expectancy can be found not in mountains of Dagestan as in old time but in gas-polluted Moscow. Mostly in the central areas of Moscow - where the most elite layers of Muscovites live, there lifetime is longer. Ecology doesn't matter.

It's illustration of the fact that the person - social animal and social factors can influence purely biological aspects of life of people more strongly, than natural ones. While such strange thing as reason for being can kill people in large quantities as some epidemic.

Obviously the question about reason for being appears - and what of it? There's life but there's no reason for it? The same as in famous maxim of Ranevskaya - it's strange, there's ass but there's no such word... It seems there's some internal contradiction in it.


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