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RF Got One Non-Competitive Course - to Follow Somali Scenario...

RF Got One Non-Competitive Course - to Follow Somali Scenario...
Tatyana Gavrilova 05.07.2011

It seems that it becomes indisputable at last for the increasing majority of the political active of RF: the worst - Somali scenario - has been chosen from a number of scenarios of ruin of the country. We come across acknowledgement of it every day. It's shown by literally all steps of the first and the second persons of the ruling tandem.

There are great variety of signs of future disintegration of the Russian Federation (impetuous robbery of the country by ruling "elite" and accruing conflicts in international sphere; almost total disappearance of fundamental science; full de-industrialization when, for example, the same KAMAZ produces no more than 30 thousand cars instead of 120 thousand planned, at that they are produced already from import accessories...) but the MAIN thing is absence of new progressive ruling class, capable to incur responsibility for the country.

If in the beginning of XX century at the time of global left movement of mankind towards socialism every year (with inevitable insignificant fluctuations) approached the world to a new bright society, after 1991 with approach of historical recoil every year approaches us to the new Middle Ages.

If in the beginning of XX century labour party (RSDLP including its left, Bolshevist wing) already existed in imperial Russian, there are no now even remote analogs to either RSDLP, or such characters as priest Gapon (the first leader of the Russian working-class movement though under aegis of colonel Zubatov). In this case opinion that "Putin followed Gapon" is undeserved compliment to the leader of RF-tandem. One should search for the character whom our national leader follows in the history of the European feudalism but with that diametrical difference that monarchs struggling in those days with feudal barons (boyars) agreed on the union with townspeople giving them rudiments of bourgeois freedom, thus achieving unification and consolidation of their countries, while our V.V.P. doesn't even speak about rudiments of bourgeois freedoms and in practice entirely is geared to new boyars - destroyers of unity of the country.

There is a natural question: "Why and who have chosen notorious Somali variant?"

Not once earlier we noted that there were two variants of development on the eve of historical recoil in 1991:

1) missed - to a new working socialism.

2) present degradation, "carried out without alternative" as a result of refusal from the first.

Thereupon there is a natural question: "Why do you, comrades, urge to create different organizational centers of workers' movement, if the movement of the society definitely goes downwards?"

Our answer: ...Yes, the planet slides downwards but nobody cancelled the subjective factor of history. Look, in the same Cuba presence of alive for the present F.Kastro does any counter-revolutionary overthrow impossible, though national economy is undermined and the ruling class of the Cuban bureaucracy is strongly demoralized. In the same Belarus presence of A.Lukashenko allowed to avoid wild judging from example of RF destruction of local economy (industry and agriculture). Present revolts of petty bourgeois will almost non-competitively ruin all positive "vestiges of the Soviet past" - Belarus will lose industry, agriculture, instead they will have "human rights"...

It would have been possible to avoid it if in 1996 batka listened to Gennady Zaharov offering him support not of the bureaucracy but of a new working active, Sashko then understood nothing and sent appeared out of left field Ukrainian walkers away.

By the way, whether it's not rather symptomatic that almost simultaneously we strike out: at Libya - using bombs, at Belarus - economically, at Venezuela - at the health of retiring but still young-looking Hugo Chavez?

Historical recoil is being aggravated by blind devotion to old bureaucratic socialism. There will be soon twenty years as the USSR became thing of the past but our "successors of the CPSU" not only don't grow wiser but even run into cretinism together with a core of the ruling class - "United Russia". It is obvious that once again they want to underline correctness of old Marx wisdom that the ruling class on the eve of its falling runs into gloomy cretinism. With persistence worthy better application they "trigger a backflash"...

Presence of such phenomenon as the Communist Party of the Russian Federation guided by father Zyu on the historical arena does forthcoming death of RF especially juicy. We repeatedly read the story of appearance of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - this political strategy project of the mode. We heard especially interesting stories of the Ukrainian comrades - witnesses of how president Kravchuk using force made the ex-secretary of the Ukrainian Komsomol Petya Simonenko (who following example of the majority of "bosses of Komsomol" after 1991 immersed himself into business) got reoriented himself on "communistic party project". "Communistic" structures created this way couldn't be carriers of historical progress! The silliest experience of submission of petitions by "anti-migralievetses" from Tatarstan to father Zyu - one more confirmation to it.


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