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The Art to Win

The Art to Win
Eugene Ikhlov 26.07.2011

Aiming to drive to bay left-wing opposition ("People's Freedom Party" or Parnas*) hunting started. Ideological "cousin" are among forefront hunters. In our case these are right-wing liberal progressists: prohorovs-latyninas-radzihovskies and so on.


What are their reproaches to left-wing liberal democrats? 


The first thing. Say they are fringes. Probably it's really so in comparison with dollar multimillionaires and management of presidential administration. Though as simultaneously majority of progressists is compelled to ascertain that our country promptly moves to new revolution - it's rather advantage than a lack. Each revolution is a small apocalypse. The law of eschatology is severe: "the last become the first". In May, 1985 going on hunger strike of protest exiled Andrey Sakharov - is outcast. In four years - he is the leader of all-Union parliamentary (!) anti-communistic opposition. No other country than Russia having overgone three revolutions during less than 90 years should know that at present historical dynamics only fringes have chance to go ahead at a new mode.


The second thing. They demand democracy, while nobody needs it, it's very harmful: "poor" and "irresponsible" couldn't be entrusted destiny of the country. Even taking into account that constitutional democracy as slogan is now unattractive: the left nationalists dream of Lukashenko, right "progressists" - of Saakashvili, the idea of democracy as power source is all the same considered as ideal. Therefore political force publicly supporting restriction of democratic freedom of broad masses immediately becomes history dust. Protecting democratic and legal principles is possible, certainly, to obtain reputation of blessed. Though such reputation during revolution is all the same better, than renome of corrupt skins.

The third thing. They loosen system but are doomed to fall under its fragments. Probably, it's so. Though as "our steam locomotive" flies at full speed to "the Arabian scenario" (general corruption, power paralysis, growth of social and ethnic enmity...), the fact that Kasyanov will demand registration of his party, Nemtsov and Milov will publish new brochure about Putin corruption, Kasparov or Piontkovsky will write one more article about treachery status of progressists will affect approach and moving crash of a mode away the same way as publishing of additional three-four issues of "Chronicle of Current Events" influenced prolongation of agony of the USSR. Simply if left-wing liberals will refuse system criticism, they will lose chance to have "a share in a new life". For example, in June, 1940 Mussolini organized worthless attack on the French defenses. The Italian armies split blood and failed to move forward a single inch. Duce told correctly: we need to lose at least 10 thousand to be among the winners. As a result, following conditions of Armistice signed on June, 22nd, 1940 Italy managed to get a slice of Southern France.

The note aside. The author expects charges in cynicism but he is convinced that revolution - the same military campaign, it should be planned with taking into consideration tactics, strategy and big strategy. Only those who live in entrenchments follow the policy: "not a step back" and "forward to victory". In headquarters they understand that sometimes it is necessary to leave forward base, attack should be sometimes restrained not to come off backs. The aim of the author - educational: to try to explain to "trench knives" the logic of "red hats". For each soldier should know his maneuver (Generalissimo Suvorov). 

So, if left liberals start supporting putin-surkov mode, they will lose reputation but, naturally, will not rescue the mode. Participating in oppositional activity they receive the status of "belligerent party".

At a variant of though a little controllable crash of "putinism" dared to surrender Kremlin, most likely, will try to "give a sword" to left-wing liberal opposition. It was so in March, 1917 and in August, 1991 in Russia. It was so in October-November, 1917 in Austria, Hungary and Germany... in April, 1974 in Portugal... Most likely, this logic will remain. Hardly possible that last days of "ancient regime" governors will decide to give power to Limonov, Navalny or Delyagin. 

Therefore, considering all aforesaid, left-wing liberal opposition proceeding only from strictly rational reasons should increase its pressure on mode, acting thus from strictly democratic positions.      

* The meaning of a word Parnassus both in Greek and in Jewish can't be connected with this party, so try not to use this abbreviation. The term neocadets in this case is also out of place as the historical double of "constitutional-democratic party" was most likely Big "Democratic Russia" and its political successors - parties of Javlinsky, Gaydar and Ponomaryov-Starovojtova...


From editorial board: it is strange enough to reckon academician Sakharov in anticommunists, after all views of the dead are widely known, he was the supporter of theory of convergence, mutual penetration of socialist and capitalist systems - only this thing excludes "anti" in his views. By and large, Andrey Sakharov as well as Gorbachev was the supporter of "socialism with human face", they only have different faces.


Though, probably, the author means that Sakharov headed anti-communistic opposition without being anticommunist - and died in due time before this ideological discrepancy became appreciable. After all while Sakharov was alive, Мoscow Deputy Group talked only about democratisation of the Soviet power, about multiple structure of economy a la NEP - with corresponding citations from Lenin. They "lived it up" much later...

Sakharov really died in due time - what is it 68 years for the politician? Simply "children's"" age... Though we are deprived of opportunity to see the great humanist calling "to crush a reptile" in 1993 and approving mortgaging auctions in 1994... Or worse than that - not approving and not calling to. Though judging by the fact that dead Elena Bonner was the first person who signed the reference "Putin into Resignation" - it's hardly possible that we would ever hear appeals "to crush a reptile" performed by Sakharov, more likely on the contrary.

As to the described by E.Ikhlov tactics of "the left liberals" - "to sit and to wait while brothers will give them a sword" it is quite characteristic and is even organic for these colours of political spectrum. In 1991 "left liberals" already acted as a screen for former nomenclature which started privatizing former state property as well as state power. Then, when there's no necessity to be shame of something, the screen was put aside as superfluous. The screen has kept a trade dress and can be used again - here you are actually the message.

As a whole it is absolutely fair that "hardly possible that last days of "ancient regime" governors will decide to give power to Limonov, Navalny or Delyagin". Though they can give it to Navalny - he is inside man, simply a new screen has appeared on change, "of the Chinese origin" but with the European label.

Hardly possible that to Limono and Delyagin - it speaks well for the last.

Though state power can't be presented as underpants on birthday, for it's a fight - bloody and pussy. The author is again right here - each revolution is a small apocalypse and sometimes not so small. The last become the first, therefore chances of "left liberals" are not so high - in our life they are far not the last, they have fat faces, good cars, cosy apartments (and not only in Moscow). They are accepted if not here, than "there". They are insufficiently marginal to become oprichniks of the new world. All of them rush with old skins of liberalism trying to pour new wine of the postindustrial world in them.

One more absolutely correct exile to historical predecessors of February, 1917... And then in female dress through the American embassy to the West to write memoirs.


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