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Disintegration of the USSR Made New World War Just a Matter of Time

Disintegration of the USSR Made New World War Just a Matter of Time
Sergey Gupalo, Gennady Zakharov 07.09.2011

War and peace questions are central questions in the doctrine of Marx, Engels and Lenin. Class interests of proletariat are the only criterion here as well as in other questions. Class interests of proletariat in the USSR with its fading degree of understanding were definitively forgotten to the beginning of reorganization. This treachery of class interests of proletariat as a result led to disintegration of the USSR and made subsequent new world war only a question of close enough time. Apparently its time is approaching us, no matter what our corrupt political analysts and their servants from among father Zyu environment say.

With disintegration of the USSR the question of the beginning of new world war wasn't removed from agenda as the traitor of the USSR Gorbachev, "originator" of inappropriate celebration at funeral banquet of the USSR tries to present all last years. Simply imperialistic predators unexpectedly received possibility at the expense of plunder of the rests of the USSR to correct own economic problems inevitable for every capitalism even mobilized by the fact of mere existence of the Soviet Union.

Twenty years passed - all Soviet heritage is taken away by our compradors to the western banks. Weakened by absence of the USSR global capitalism again needs new world massacre as a bear-cannibal having at least once tried human blood needs murders of new and new people. It's like or nearly like if there were no more than seventy years of the USSR. All as it was on the eve of the World War I when there was neither the USSR, nor the Kremlin owner Lenin which they hated so much...

New world massacre can be smelled in the air more and more distinctly. Thereupon there is natural question: "What should be the line of new left forces in conditions of available interimperialistic contradictions?"

Representatives of degrading residual bureaucratic socialism in the name of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation of father Zyu prefer to support "own" imperialists in the spirit of the traitors of the Second Internationale who supported their governors after the beginning of the First World War in August, 1914. Father Zyu acted the same way having supported in August, 2008 his imperialists in their war with the Georgian petty imperialists brought by our democrats to a level of samples for imitation for all "democratic" Russia. Father Zyu as though carried out in August, 2008 dress rehearsal of the forthcoming treacherous behavior after the beginning of the new global massacre.

That August of 2008 I failed to publish my international position in any local mass-media even in own Kazan with all its operated in interests of local feudal clans opposition against "imperialistic mother country of Moscow" - either in the independent newspaper "Word of Honor. Kazan" which part-time worker I was for many long years, or in become almost legendary "Star of the Volga Region" edited by Rashit Ahmetov affording unprecedented for Tatrstan opposition with "damned imperialistic Moscow", or on a site of the Tatar Bolsheviks of E.Bochkarev - nowhere I could publish lines of my internationalist anti-war position. I don't talk about editions of regional branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - many long years they didn't dare and don't dare to place any critical quite bourgeois-democratic material with the most moderate criticism of the most harmless disgraces of local bai orders. Only reprints of speeches of father Zyu with abstract and harmless condemnation of antinational mode. With groundless references to Lenin.

Lenin and Bolsheviks always occupied basically internationalist line - not casually working Bolsheviks - deputies of imperial Duma - preferred exile, not to support imperial mode in the first world massacre begun. Nobody would imprison father Zyu if in August, 2008 he at least in interests of mimicry for the purpose of reception of "long" political money" would stand up Putin Duma and tell that the Communist Party of the Russian Federation opposed that war as imperialistic but no - with foam at a mouth he supported imperialists having shown once again that he and his office had completely torn with Leninism.

Such internationalist appeared in Kaiser Germany - Charles Liebknecht dared in peak to cowardly predecessors of father Zyu to vote against war. For this reason there is severe need in our new pre-wartime to think of a new format of unification of the left and other forces under slogans of prevention of new world massacre.

In disputes of two bourgeois or bureaucratic clans at all other equal conditions it's reasonable to support the weakest but if we are not talking about support of own imperialistic mode in war questions.... Laws of dialectics demand certain variation for maintenance of minimum level of contradictions as development source. In full conformity with these laws even such authoritative model as Putin one, not mentioning while softer Ukrainian model, is not capable to put an end to all contradictions both in itself and in society as a whole. Therefore new left forces should learn to use contradictions between capitalists and bureaucrats, thus always remember the threat to become involuntary tool in struggle of bourgeois and bureaucratic clans.

Unforgettable vice-president of the United States of the times of World War II G.Truman supposedly talked about necessary in his opinion way of behavior after attack of Nazi Germany to the USSR: "Let them destroy each other as much as possible, while we should alternately support the weakest". The saying shows that actually all American semi-official antinazism had rather superficial, alluvial character, it easily enters usual practice of interimperialistic contradictions which though with disputable share of art the USSR used, not allowing imperialists of the USA to act according to mad Harry Truman's statements.

New world massacre approaches. Bombardments of Tripoli become a kind of rehearsal. There's still question - whether new left movement is ready to oppose this fatal for all mankind threat? Very near future will answer this meanwhile almost rhetorical question.

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