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How to Call the One Fascist Correctly

How to Call the One Fascist Correctly
Eugene Ikhlov 09.10.2011

The founder of a matrix of the Chinese civilization Confucius taught that correction of order begins from correction of names. As some terms are constantly used in the Russian political publicism incorrectly, I suggest to specify their value. "fascist", "Nazi" is very widely used concepts. Mainly as a curse.


Almost all existing definitions of "fascism" don't consider its historical goal-setting. Fascism (and proto-fascist movements like the French Boulangisme and the Russian "the black hundred") was always called by despotic or oligarchical system for destruction of real institutes of democracy and civil society, the left and left-centrist movements. Fascism is always right movement directed against humanistic values of the age of enlightenment.


Therefore to speak about fascism in conditions of absence of institutes of democracy, weakness and servility of civil society is deeply wrong. The most cruel dictatorship, the most repressive despotism remain only such and "fascism" could be used only as the most rough politological curse.


Widespread notion "the Russian fascism" applied to radical-nationalist movements is also incorrect. Actually, they should be called radical-romantic, national socialist or conservative-revolutionary. In modern Russia there is simply no civil society and democratic movements of that influence and force for which destruction historical fascism was used. Today's Russian civil society hasn't deserved to be hounded by fascism. It doesn't change the fact that large quantity of officials, employees of power structures and also members of the pro-Kremlin youth movements share many values of traditional fascism and are ready to support establishment of high-grade system of fascist type.


To call right liberals "liberal fascists" is terminologically incorrectly.

"Liberal fascism" is last stage of fascist mode when because of corruption and general enervation from absence of resistance authorities permit many forms of heterodoxy and even uncontrollable public activity. It was so in Spain during last years of boarding of Franco in the beginning of the 70s and in Pinochet's Chile in the beginning of the 80s.

It's different thing - "fascist liberalism". It is form of right conservatism. As a whole certain, more intuitively recognized, than accurately formulated doctrine, according to which for achievement of socially comprehensible purposes in democratic society such as, for example, struggle against drug trafficking, against organized crime, against armed underground resistance, against corruption or property protection, application of socially unacceptable in democratic society ways is possible: cancellation of democratic procedures and prosecution of people demanding their restoration, total spying, legal and administrative prosecution of far-outers, tortures widely used in practise, creations of paramilitary formations (i.e. "death squadrons"), pogroms, extreme justice which doesn't guarantee the right for protection and appeal...

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