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Plunder of the Country and the World in the Gold Equivalent

Plunder of the Country and the World in the Gold Equivalent
Kalashnikov Maxim 09.11.2011

It's interesting to show some Russian losses in gold and prices to the end of 2011. So, let's except: 20 tons of gold - billion dollars.


Then it will turn out that our "reformers" who stole 2 trillion dollars (0,5 trillion at Yeltsin, 1.5 - after him) from the moment of the ruin of the USSR as though took equivalent of forty (40) thousand tons of yellow metal out from the country! It many times as more than the gold stock of the USSR on a peak of its magnificence, at Stalin (2800 tons) - he managed to create it spare extreme efforts at the account of slavery work of convicts on Kolyma. Gold stock of the Russian empire in 1914 - 1400 tons.

During 1920 - 1922 Bolsheviks sold about five hundred (500) tons of gold abroad. From October, 1st till November, 1st, 1928 the USSR sold other 120 tons abroad. In the course of industrialization, when the country had to buy technologies and equipment, the Soviet Union spent more than 260 tons of gold since 1931 till the end of April, 1934 (http:// www.forbes.ru/ekonomika/vlast/55689-zoloto-stalina).

You say the red plundered Russia? Then how to call what our "liberals" and "reformers" made with the Russian Federation as their robbery is equivalent to export of forty thousand tons?

Gold equivalent of semitrillion financial reserves of the Russian Federation on the eve of crisis in 2008 is, roughly speaking, 10 thousand tons. Stalin had three times as less gold. Though if Joseph Vissarionovich had real gold, Putin has green, unprovided paper. Or even worse - figures on the accounts of the Western banks and debt securities of the Ministry of Finance of the USA. "Ingenious" Kudrin and Ignatyev valorously missed the moment when in the beginning of 2000s it was possible to buy the gold on the sly, worldwide at the price of 200-300 dollars for ounce, not for 1670-1700 as in the end of 2011.


It is possible to calculate in gold (using prices of autumn-2011) 12-trillion state debt of the United States. So it's as though 240 thousand tons of "yellow devil". China (leads the world in world gold mining, 375 tons a year) should work more than a century to extract so much gold. By the way, for all known history mankind extracted (since ancient Egypt and Sumer and till 2011) only 161 thousand tons of "solar metal". So all extracted gold of the world won't cover the American debt.

Certainly, this information has perishable character: both the American debt and the price for gold will quickly increase. Though it is clear that Yankees will never manage to return such debt.

Well, young people had great time. Some plundered own country in the amount of ten thousand tons of the gold equivalent, other - the whole world. Approximately for a quarter of one million tons if to calculate "in metal". By the way, thus the Russian robbers pumped considerable part of the stolen in the USA.

For reference: the richest, not yet developed gold deposit in the Russian Federation - Sukhoy Log - 3600 tons of stocks.


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