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Why Am I So ”Grateful” to Mister Medvedev?

Why Am I So ”Grateful” to Mister Medvedev?
Alexander Golovenko 15.11.2011

I can't call D.Medvedev the president as he himself admitted that he occupied the post to play the goat for four years and now honestly holds his promise made to his master. It's also ridiculous to use the word "sir" for he is not sir to me? I won't give him a hand, if I meet him. As for these years he many times showed pro-Americanism, "Mr.", in my opinion, suits him well.

Recently the writer Al. Prokhanov on "Echo Moscow" twice called D.Medvedev inadequate, not understanding needs and expectations of people. He compared the president to Gorbachev re chattiness. Only "the best German" fooled people with "reorganization", this one - "modernization".

After majestic kid told that following arrangement with Putin he decided to make buffoonery for four years on the Russian throne, Prokhanov compared his serene reign to extra-uterine pregnancy ...

The word of honor, I would take offense ... I would invite to the Kremlin and asked: "What's wrong?" When in the end of epoch of publicity "Arguments..." (if I am not mistaken) named the president of the USSR Gorbachev political impotent man, he got offended. He even wanted to dismiss the editor-in-chief. For it touched. Wounded. Offended. Though he failed (may be the newspaper wasn't too wrong about impotence).

Today Medvedev is being abused by everyone! He is called a locum, a decorative-doll president, "a parrot on a throne".... I don't talk about swearing in the Internet.

Why he doesn't take offense and doesn't react on it? If he has no vanity or he is really inadequate? He doesn't understand that people are thick and tired of him and that they want his fastest leaving?

Whether people have other variant? The country dies out, is being blown up, sinks, goes to blazes - he still talks about "innovations in the human capital".

People are attacked by high prices, rent becomes already very heavy for the majority of the population, medicine and education, contrary to the Constitution, paid and he is none the worse for it. Spaceships fall and blow up one after the other and he repeats his words about "modernization".

All write that Medvedev - the dullest, useless, inutile, comical, indifferent and even harmful to the country president, while you switch on TV in the morning and see continuous narcissism.

That is in March, 2012 it would be necessary to bring the results of his destructive "board" with participation of FSB and the State Office of Public Prosecutor, while he still talks about "big government" and plans to stay in power another 12 years. Really, it's not Russia, it's some lunatic asylum.

Italy, meanwhile, celebrates Berlusconi's resignation. Nevertheless, as the journalist, cannibal and people lover I am to a certain extent "gratefull" to Dmitry Anatolevich for his being so resistant. So-called, certainly. For he showed me at least two important conclusions.

The first one. The post of the president of Russia is absolutely unnecessary. Locum showed it to us all by his sybaritism. All main decisions are accepted in other circles. The governor of the country, as they speak, was and is Putin carrying out the will of oligarchs and world off-stage.

Why is this conclusion interesting to me? I'll explain. On the eve of presidential elections in Russia in June, 1991 I, observer of "Pravda", was invited to the Central television to take part in the discussions of importance of this post. The writer Roy Medvedev, observer of the magazine "People's Deputy" of that time Victor Guschin and the chief of radio "Russia" Oleg Poptsov were my opponents. Struggling here and there I tried to prove that introduction of the bourgeois in its essence post of the President of RSFSR will lead to demolition of the social order, a throw of the country from socialism into gangster capitalism. To Bonapartism and anarchy ... It became true.

Medvedev's "merit" is that he, so to say, brought the post of the president of the country up to marasmus, made it comical and zany. Here you are one more important conclusion: posts of the president and the prime minister - unnecessary luxury for Russia.

What do we need two governments for: "The White House" and Presidential Administration taking no responsibility whatsoever and prying? You can't find such situation anywhere in the world. It is necessary to choose one thing as in the majority of "civilized countries". Medvedev's "friend Obama" works himself as the head of the government. The prime-minister runs the show in Great Britain. Germany is being headed by the chancellor Frau Merkel, the president there has purely nominal functions ...

The main thing is that for 3,5 years such form of management of the country as "tandem" showed all its mongrel character. There's actually no management of the country. There is a plunder multiplied by impetuous enrichment of a handful of oligarchs in epaulets and without them.

The second conclusion - prompted by one habitue of network. Have you ever paid attention to the constitutional requirements to the candidate for presidents of the country?

I quote: "Every citizen of the Russian Federation not younger than 35 years, constantly living in the Russian Federation not less than 10 years can be elected the president of the Russian Federation". That's all! Can you image it? Can you see? There's no need in any professional, military-political or other preparation. It means both yesterday's criminal and illiterate Tadjik who has lived in Russia for 10 years and any other mad "Napoleon" can apply for a role of "the father of nation".

That's how we got yesterday's laboratorian on throne. The supreme commander in chief who never served in army. Absolutely incompetent locum hiding from the country and people for hours in embraces of virtual web.

Naturally, I will be objected: who needs your fantasies? While "tandem" grips power like a vice and is not going to let it to someone for the next 12 years.

The answer has already sounded: ideas become material force when they are seized by the populace. True writer always writes not for favourites-governors, but for descendants and eternity ...

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