Putinism “Gets with the Program”

Not so long ago known economist and sociologist Eugene Gontmakher published small, but sensational article about absence of the state in Russia. It was very strange to read it in the country where literally everything means state and easy movement of eyebrow of the head of the state defines ways of justice.

However Gontmakher meant lack of "vertical", obvious distortion of policy and even clearly expressed will of the higher authority at different levels of exclusively ruling group (nomenclature).

The matter is that the system of power developed in our country – putinism - is not rigid authoritarianism of the Belarusian, Iraq (at Saddam), Syrian (at Assad) type. It is analog of the refined Russian autocracy as it was developed at Alexander II and was again restored at Brezhnev, it’s such scattered, disperse despotism. Totalitarianism in each section of system including civil society, full chaos and Brownian motion of micro-dictatorships together. It is possible to solve concrete problem only having applied all forces of state machinery for it and having carried out everything literally in a mode of operations of intelligence services. As it was, for example, with capture of NTV or in case of Yukos.

Totalitarianism in Russia is idealized, it’s been considered embodiment of a principle "bondage in exchange for order", the fact that despotism is chaos together with lawlessness which each citizen of the European monarchy two hundred years ago and each inhabitant of the Russian Empire hundred years ago understood perfectly well (even each citizen of the Soviet Union 30 years ago) was somehow forgotten today. It was forgotten behind dreams about "educated" (for Westerners) and "firm" (for those who profess pochvennichestvo) autocracy.

Here you are the latest examples of how the highest policy is ruined as a result of the fact that the tops don't supervise next layers of state machinery and also don't know what is done in subject territories.

When Nadezhda Tolokonnikova was sent to prison, they obviously know that she: a) won't be silent; b) each her word will be spread all over civilized world. Therefore because of amnesty, inevitable release in March, 2014 (as it will be pleasant to the highest administration) they sent her to the showcase colony, so that she would stayed silently, causing no problems. It was found out that even regional government, not that the Moscow management knew nothing about horrors of that "ideal" according to the reports prison. Result – terrible all-Russian scandal and all-Russian shame. With inevitable conclusions. The reason is obvious, different understanding of tasks of the state took place. Moscow wanted to send trouble-maker into a quiet place. Locals decided to teach her a lesson, so that she wouldn’t do it from now. Complete antithesis of tasks. They in Saransk central board simply didn't know what call “Freedom for Pussy Riots” means in the modern Western world. They don’t firmly trust in the modern Western world.

When FSB and Investigative committee diligently were cooking charge in piracy against the crew of "Arktichesky Voshod", they obviously didn't know about Putin's fast performance at the III International Arctic forum in Salekhard. They even didn't know what organization Green World is, i.e. knew that it is scandalous organization financed by enemies. As a result they nearly buried all Putin's propaganda achievements on Valdai.

If local deputies know about international treaties of Russia when Tuleev’s Legislative Assembly violating all international obligations of Russia including contracts with France and Italy forbids all adoptions of children by foreigners in the Kemerovo region? Whether they understand that they again directly before the Sochi Olympic Games broke a crust from already begun to heal last year's wound?

Here you are how putinism was completely exposed in its powerlessness to pursue complete policy. Who did it? Those who are convinced that they are its most faithful adherents and that they literally telepathic guess the will of the highest administration.