National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Hunkers Down to Say Whom It’s Fighting with on Donbass

National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine opposed introduction of martial law in the southeast of the country. It was declared by the deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Mikhail Koval on air of TV channel ICTV on Monday July, 14. According to him, in this case Kiev would have to formulate accurately with whom “armed forces" are at war. Besides, he expressed fear that authorities don’t have enough money and other resources for realization of necessary actions.

Well! What is happening then in the east of Ukraine? More or less respecting itself state should answer this question after 3 months of bombings and shelling of own cities by own artillery and aircraft.

Events which take place obviously don’t suit official definition “anti-terrorist operation” – first of all because there are no terrorists in usual for world practice meaning. The American law, for example, defines terrorism as premeditated, politically motivated violence made against civilians or objects by subnational groups or agents acting secretly, usually with the purpose to affect mood of the society. If there’s anything similar on Donbass? Where are terrorist attacks conducted by so-called "terrorists"? There are two republics with their attributes of government, including armed forces which carry out operations against attacking them “armed forces” of Ukraine. The last, by the way, is not army, but illegal armed groups created in defiance of the constitution and laws of Ukraine and not submitting to lawful authorities.

Civil war takes place in essence in the southeast of Ukraine (and not only on the territories of Donetsk and Lugansk areas.

That’s where the problem for authorities in Kiev appears - the constitution of Ukraine categorically forbids application of armed forces against own population!

Thus the National Security and Defense Council and other self-appointed authorities of "new Ukraine" face problem - either to recognize that using armed forces they fight with own population, or to declare war to Russia (that would be apprehended by many with relief), having accused it of all internal problems. There’s no political will for the first and resources for the second.

Though the question which the National Security and Defense Council faces is from category "high noon” - war against own population puts Kiev’s mode in position of terrorist and the world community actively fights against terrorist modes.

ánatoly Baranov