All Parties Do It...

"An open secret" that political parties coordinate their pre-election lists in Administration of the president for some reason caused quite violent reaction of the Russian political circles which for these years got used that they were put even doggystyle. So this "trifle" could pass simply unnoticed. But - it was noticed! Like an old gold digger who has no place to put a brand will suddenly shout: "People, he called whore!"

Actually, it all began from Maxim Glikin's article in "Vedomosti" where this well known "secret" three persons was revealed at once by three people - Vladimir Ryzhkov, Michael Deljagin and I. What is pleasant is that - after the noise and squeal risen no newsmakers started to deny and say, "I was understood incorrectly". Everybody understood everything as it should be.

Naturally a lot of deniers appeared. From anonymous employees of Administration of the president up to the chapter of Central Electoral Committee Churov, from LDPR up to the deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Rashkin whose application we will talk over later.

Vladimir Ryzhkov in the comment to the radio station "Freedom" explained more exhaustively: "Actually tens deputies from different fractions told me that the Kremlin supervised process of drawing up of party lists and not only of "Edinaya Russia" but also other parties which would be admitted to elections. It is known to any person in the slightest degree close to the Russian policy. As far as I know, it occurs in the form of informal consultations between the leadership of parties and a management of administration. It's also not a secret that there are figures which for some reason don't satisfy the Kremlin as the participants of the public policy. More than that, purposeful work on expulsion not only from elections to Duma but also from public policy in general of a lot of oppositional figures is being conducted. For this purpose one-mandatory districts in which the oppositional deputies, oppositional politicians could be elected were liquidated. For this purpose the new law about political parties which has led to their reduction from 60 parties which existed several years ago up to 15 today passed. Amendments in the legislation are also devoted to it, according to them imperative mandate, prohibition of political blocks, prohibition to transfer to other party are introduced. That is all this complex of measures was directed to exclude from the political life of the country, from elective process the whole number of oppositional politicians".

Some private part is assigned to the Communist Party of the Russian Federation about which for some reason without any arrangement everyone says that it supposedly coordinated nothing earlier and even now brings not the lists but "consults about separate persons".

Really, a situation is hardly predictable. Nobody make any stamps on the certified lists, nobody runs with papers through the Red Square.

"The closer elections are, the more possible anticommunistic baizes mass-media matures, - deputy V.F.Rashkin in the comment on official site of the Communist Party noted with literacy peculiar to him. - Different dwarfish and marginal small groups which try to play a role of informational sources for bourgeois editions try their best. One of such, if one may say so, is information "hits" of today - gossips that the Kremlin suddenly demanded from all parties including the Communist Party of the Russian Federation lists of future candidates in deputies of the State Duma".

Then he for some reason starts to deny Vladimir Ryzhkov who, generally, speaks not about the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

He carelessly recognizes himself that the authority tries to coordinate with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation voting lists: "Such requirements to the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - as dismiss this one, we don't like him, he interferes very much and for it we shall press you not so enraged, - sound constantly during all political history of modern Communist Party". Though then, certainly, he angrily rejects everything.

However all these are words and only words. Classic of Marxism said that a criterion of truth is the same practice.

In my comment for "Vedomosti" I named 3 figures around which there are bad games in the list of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. It is Ivan Melnikov whom in the majority of the regional organizations they wish to see at least on the second place in the central list of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. It is Michael Deljagin who was promised the first place in one of the regional lists of Communist Party (and against whom, by the way, acted sharply the denier Rashkin). It is Jores Alfyorov whom the communists also want to see in "three" on elections. At that these three figures are not simply "passable" - they are obvious "locomotives" capable to add quite a lot of voices to the party.

There are also figures which were not mentioned in the comment - these are vice-president of the Central Committee Vladimir Kashin who is also applying for the post in party "three" and - on the second place. Though the expert estimation of his "charisma" essentially concedes to a self-estimation of this candidate. It is chairman of the Central Utilization Review Committee Nikitin possessing serious antirating, especially after his scandalous application made on behalf of the Committee "about danger of neotrotskizm".

Actually, if the party is anxious only by the maximal result on elections and its decision is not influenced by any Kremlin "petty decrees", then in the first party three should appear such candidates as Melnikov and Alfyorov. Then, if it will occur, I publicly recognize that I was wrong and persevering admonitions from the Kremlin "to get away" Melnikov and include Kashin to his place party leadership were ignored.

However I have an impression that Melnikov will not be in the first three. Contrary to any common sense, he - will not be. As well as Alfyorov. But there will be Kashin, also contrary to polytechnic calculation. And Nikitin will be the first in the list in Pskov area - despite the fact that it will be difficult to vote per the party which regional list is headed by so eloquent character. It will be difficult up to impossibility.

So, practice is - a criterion of truth. Or let's live and see, as you like.