Vigorous Applications about Reveling of the Murder of Anna Politkovskaya Turned out to Be Bluff and Fiction, Case Is Collapsing

AS you know this week prosecutor general Jury Chajka declared actual revelation of the murderer of Anna Politkovskaya. Chajka reported Vladimir Putin about arrests of 11 people connected with this business having hinted that the customer of Politkovskaya's murder and as well as Pavel Hlebnikov's and Andrey Kozlov's was either "great and awful" Boris Berezovsky or the Chechen philosopher-emigrant Hozh-Ahmed Nuhaev, or both at once and Leonid Nevzlin with them. The motive, according to the prosecutor general, is on hand - "desire to discredit Russia".


Such hints of the prosecutor general forced public to treat everything that inquest makes as to a rough farce and execution of the political order of authority. Within a week it became clear that the case ostensibly revealed by the State Office of Public Prosecutor broke to pieces completely.


As mass-media informed, out of 11 arrested people connected with the case some were already released. Among them are the former militiaman, nowadays employee of the Private Security Firm Alexey Berkin and the former employee of Capital Directorate for Combating Organized Crime Sergey Hadzhikurbanov. The inquest has no proves against Berkin, meanwhile Hadzhikurbanov was in prison at the moment of Politkovskaya's murder.

Oleg Alimov - the former employee of executive-searching department of the Main Department of Internal Affairs - was also released.


One more person arrested - the lieutenant colonel of Moscow UFSB Pavel Rjaguzov was arrested on another matter - on the excess of official powers such as "fronting" of businessmen. To his misfortune, he had bad relations with own UFSB. Probably, therefore, carrying out the order from above, management of USB appointed him as Anna Politkovskaya "murderer".


One of the arrested brothers Mahmudovs (those whom operatives, securing confessions, beat bottles on a head and threatened with bodily harm of relatives) also has an alibi: in the day of murder he was in the Chechen Republic with parents. The other, from the brothers that day was severely ill and stayed in hospital.


Making comments on the collapse of a case of Anna Politkovskaya's murder, political scientist Ruslan Saidov said:


"The customer of the murder of the known in the West journalist in the day of Vladimir Putin's birthday was, obviously, someone from the nearest Kremlin circle. The motive of the act, as well as the motive of a nuclear poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko and I am convinced that the customer was one the same, is necessary to search in a context of forthcoming "operation "Successor-2008". Organizers of murder, probably, are somewhere on Lubyanka, meanwhile executors - among former group of FSB "Gorets".

Sure thing to bring to responsibility such chain in modern Russia is impossible. But the West also demands to detect the murder. That is why they have to fake the results.


It's the same as with Andrey Kozlov's murder, the assistant to the chapter of the Central Bank. Very few people doubt that behind it there are the heads of a swindle of bank "Discont", names and posts occupied by them in the Kremlin and on Lubyanka not for one time were mentioned in press. It is clear that it won't come to someone's mind to involve such high-ranking officials. Therefore the "whipping boy" whose place occupied by the banker Alexey Frenkel was found. But case against him was fabricated so half-assed that no normal court will pass a sentence on it.


Tha same situation with Anna Politkovskaya's case. It is faked even more clumsily, than the case against Frenkel. But politically everything is sustained. Here you are "the enemy of all alive" uniquitous Boris Abramovich, probably, to his own pleasure - excellent PR! Here you are "werewolves with epaulets", here you are, certainly, "malicious Chechens" and their Alazan Organized Crininal Group has not been existing for already one and a half ten years.


It is curious, that "leader" of pseudo-"Alazans" Magomed Demilhanov for sure was chosen by the "inquest" just because of similarity of his surname with the surname of brothers Demilhanovs, close team-mate of Ramzan Kadyrov.


As to whether "organizer" or "customer" Hozh-Ahmed Nuhaev, he was appointed to these roles obviously from reasons of revenge. The State Office of Public Prosecutor and FSB cannot forget the shame they suffered when the case of the murder of the editor-in-chief of magazine "Forbes" Pavel Hlebnikov in which Nahaev was registered as main "villain", collapsed in Moscow jury who, by the way, were Russian on a nationality whereas people accused - the Chechens.


The total result is natural, as in Russia there are no law-enforcement and judicial systems in normal sense of a word. Practically all criminal cases are not investigated but faked, evidences are being achieved under tortures, monstrous logic discrepancies in cases "are not noticed" by public prosecutors and judges, corruption of courts and investigation agencies has reached other-wordly scales, the atmosphere of impunity reigns everywhere.


In such atmosphere as it is found out, they simply forgot how to fabricate normally, everything are too thin. Meanwhile we are still surprised that in the West, at all its lacks, they treat "creativity" of the Russian State Office of Public Prosecutor without a piety. Whether there is another variant?"

To confirm Ruslan Saidov's opinion it was found out that Petersburg anarchists Andrey Kalenov and Denis Zelenjuk suspected in case on undermining of a train "Neva Express" also have alibis.


Yesterday during session in Novgorod district Duma the lawyer of Zelenjuk Andrey Filippov said that his client was in Saint-Petersburg in a day of act of terrorism: "There are witnesses, there are data of mobile communication which are not possible to fake".


"Inquest is on a false way, by inspectors didn't make steps to check up Zelenjuk's alibi, two or three days will be enough for it, all arguments are based on conjectures on which is possible to arrest everybody", - Filippov declared. According to the lawyer, his client came to Malaya Vishera only on the 16th of August where he was arrested.


"Neither with him, nor in his dwelling any illegal subjects or subjects which would testify to his participation in the act of terrorism were found", - the lawyer declared. The lawyer estimated decision of Malovishersky regional court to arrest his client as "illegal and unreasonable". "The court did not investigate circumstance of Zelenjuk's arrest", - the defend attorney noted.


Lawyer of Andrey Kalenov Renat Gusmanov also declared, that his client had alibi: "it is documentary confirmed that Kalenov was at his workplace.... No material evidences which would testify to his participation in the act of terrorism were found out during his arrst, arrest was illegal". Renat Gusmanov declared that expertise of things withdrawn from Andrey Kalenov showed that they couldn't be used as ammunition or the weapon.


Despite of all that yesterday Novgorod district court having considered petitions of Zelenjuk and Kalenov on cancelling of decisions on arrests and replacement of the custody by written pledge not to leave town left them without satisfaction.