"Transbaikalian mini-Blagoveschensk": Peace Citizens Suffered from the Hands of Militia in Jasnogorsk

Today the lawyers of Transbaikalian Human Rights Center officially notified the public prosecutor of the Chita area about the state of emergency in a settlement Jasnogorsk. According to public investigation, peace inhabitants suffered three months ago in the settlement during militian operation. At least six citizens who were unreasonably arrested and kept for many hours in militia were found. They returned home with different injuries - craniocereberal traumas, grazes and bruises. One of them has his appendage of a neck bone broken. All those people appealed to the public prosecutor of the area but received no protection of the state. The second appeal to the Office of Public Prosecutor, according to the lawyers of the center, will put the deal into motion.


Mass "mopping ups" of peace population of the settlement Jasnogorsk of the Chita area took place three months ago - on June, 1st. But till now information on state of emergency was not made public. Though already in a couple of days after the incident the citizens suffered from militian arbitrariness appealed to Office of Public Prosecutor of the area and service of own safety of the Department of Internal Affairs: punish tyrants in epaulets!


But it didn't happen. District Office of Public Prosecutor moved the complaint down to the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Olovjanninsky area and forgot about it. Regional Office of Public Prosecutor, having ignored reasons of suffered citizens and numerous witnesses, having not asked medical documents came to the decision: "Refuse to bring a case before a court".


In August beaten citizens of Jasnogorsk turned for help to Transbaikalian Human Rights Center. The first results of public check shocked legal experts: obvious attributes of malfeasances are seen in actions of some employees of militia and Office of Public Prosecutor of the settlement Jasnogorsk.


- These attributes are so obvious that no doubt crept in: either we or the Office of Public Prosecutor do not understand something. The numerous facts testify - there was mass infringement of the rights and freedom of man. On its tragic element it resembles events in Blagoveschensk in Bashkortostan. Prosecutor's office couldn't fail to notice it, - the chairman of Human Rights Center Vitaly Cherkasov considers.


As public check showed, in the early morning on the 1st of June, 2007 employees of a police station in Jasnogorsk whom colleagues from others regional departments and even from the town Chita were sent to help, arrested and kept imprisoned for a long time six men. Thus their surnames were not registered in reports of arrests or into the register of the delivered were not written in. As it was found out there were no claims from the part of guards to the arrested. They should do only one thing - to give doubtful evidences in connection with their common acquaintance whom militia suspected in committing murder.


According to 28-years old Evgeny Kazantsev, he came across such moral humiliation and inhuman sufferings for the first time. He was at once put handcuffs on in militia, where they started beat him, forcing to give false testimonies. It was intolerable pain when Evgeny was knocked down and lifted above a floor taken by handcuffs behind a back, then one of employees pressed his head to a floor using his knee. Once, according to Evgeny, mister R. (one of the heads of criminal investigation department) and demanded "blood". They made arrested to stand leg-split, stretch his hands forward and to stay in such position for a quite long time. He was again beaten when strength was leaving him...


Next Evgeny's revelations are beyond human comprehension. He declares: to break will totally, one of the employees put him on knees, clasped behind a neck and made suffocating maneuver. The second militiaman stood at the ready with camera. And the third employee unbuttoned a fly, got his penis out and began to loom it before Evgeny's face. Militiamen declared that they would show those photos to his friends.


Being afraid of a shame, Evgeny agreed to testify, as, according to him, otherwise he would have to risk his neck.


According to 19-years old Vladimir Filippov, they scoffed him in militia from 8 o'clock till 23 o'clock. He endured everything and only when he was dropped on a floor and they began to remove his trousers he gave up. He gave evidences necessary to militiamen. Now he asks not only involve them in the criminal liability but also to cancel the report of interrogation in which he under torture stipulated a person.


26-years old Stanislav Pfanenshtil came to militia himself on a call. He also suffered the same tortures, as well as other arrested persons. Stas stood for two hours leg-split with his double arms. At the time militiamen kicked him on legs and abused. Once a tracer from the Office of Public Prosecutor came into cabinet and asked prosily: "Well, you are working?". And went away.


When Stas was released, he passed at once medical examination which revealed bruises of soft fabrics of huckles, forearms, brushes, shoulders, talocrural and hip joints, grazes.


But 37-years old Arthur Aslanjan suffered more than others on the 1st of June. Militiamen appeared suddenly at his home at six o'clock in the morning, got him to the department where continuously scoffed all day long. When Arthur addressed hospital with strong pains in head, physicians were horrified: the following was revealed - head injury, bruises of the ribs, the 5th and 6th neck-bones were twisted and appendages of the 6th and 7th neck-bones were broken.


The trauma of a neck soon reflected in Arthur's legs. He started going bad, because of it he uses to visit doctors regularly.


Having given today this information to the public prosecutor of the Chita area Vladimir Falileev, the lawyers of Transbaikalian Human Rights Center suggested to bring a case before a court immediately according to attributes of malfeasance. Investigation of this complex and resonant business, in opinion of legal experts, is necessary to charge to specially created group from among the most efficient inspectors of the district Office of Public Prosecutor.


- We have many examples when workers of regional offices investigate such cases, so to say, half-heartedly and due to professionalism. Investigatory mistakes or carelessness often lead to loss of serious proofs which later would be irreplaceable, - Vitaly Tcherkasov shares experience.


The lawyers of Human Rights Center already now predict that serious pressure will be put both upon inspectors, victims and witnesses on the case of beaten citizens from Jasnogorsk. Too big circle of militian and public prosecutor's employees to whom victims have serious claims is outlined. In this list there are not only ordinary employees, but also their heads. As experience shows, in this situation it is possible to expect any provocations and pressure on "troublemakers" from guilty officials allocated by imperous powers. As well as falsification of proves, false witnesses. And what is important - corporate support from the part of the colleagues and senior management.


For this reason lawyers of the Center suggest Office of Public Prosecutor of area to accept emergency measures for protection of victims and witnesses against possible psychological and physical pressure. From its part Transbaikalian Human Rights Center by means of the public and the mass-media is going to carry out the civil control over development of resonant and socially significant case about Transbaikalian "mini-Blagoveschensk".


The press-secretary of Transbaikalian Human Rights Center Anastasiya KOPTEEVA

Phone: 8 924 384 8156 E-mail: NAS80@yandex.ru

Fact of Militia and Факт милицейского и прокурорского беззакония в отношении жителей п.Ясногорск подтверждается свидетельскими показаниями:


Lawyer К.: " ... Specified citizens were arrested without any lawful bases and during long time were exposed to mockery, severe beating, humiliation from the part of employees of criminal investigation department of Jasnogorsk and employees of Criminal Investigation Department of Chita" (from the appeal addressed to the public prosecutor of the Chita area Falileev V.A. and chief of Personal Security Department of Internal Affairs of the Chita area Kozulin G.A. of 05.06.07). Ph.T: "I came to militia to learn the reasons of arrest of sons and the nephew. In one of the cabinets I saw Kazantsev Evgeny, he was like "squeezed orange". Then I saw a man of the Caucasian nationality who was strongly beaten, he couldn't turn a neck. Once again I saw Kazantsev who went hardly, limped, was in sweat all over. In one of the cabinets I saw my son Vladimir in handcuffs, but they closed at once a door in my face. I heard shouts from the second floor. About 4p.m Stas Pfanenshtil passed, he looked wearily. In an hour Lappo Evgeny appeared, he hardly dragged, hold on the right side. After 6 p.m. they released son Sergey and the nephew Vladimir was released at approximately 11 p.m. Where is justice? Why militiamen organize lawlessness, cruelty, villainy, filth, humiliation and violence?".


К.О.: "I was at work when militia arrived. I was taken away to the Office of Public Prosecutor. I saw in a cabinet a husband Kazantsev Evgeny who looked badgered. Evgeny asked to confirm his testimonies which he gave to the inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor. When he began telling what I should confirm, an employee that was in the cabinet listened closely. This employee said that I should remember everything. Then I was taken to the inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor where I confirmed testimonies of husband as I was strongly afraid. After that I was taken away again to my work. In the evening at home I saw that Evgeny strongly limps, his wrists were pulled in blood, he was beaten all over, knocked morally down. Soon civil wife of Aslanjan Arthur Marina came to us, she was searching for her husband. Evgeny told us what happened to him. From his words, in militia under tortures they beat out testimonies against Soshin".


B.М.: "I was in Manchuria (Peoples Republic of China). From the brother by phone I learned that employees in masks and with weapon arrested my husband Aslanjan Arthur. At once I left for Jasnogorsk. From the worker of Sanitary Engineering Department I learned that he was visited by Kazantsev who informed that he was arrested and beaten by militiamen. I went to Kazantsev's home. Evgeny limped, his hands were cut by handcuffs. He explained that in militia he, Aslanjan and others were dissolved on different cabinets where they were subjected to violent actions. I went to militia, to the Office of Public Prosecutor. But there was no Aslanjan there. I found husband at house, he was in bent condition, he told that he was beaten by employees of militia. Thus Arthur was afraid that his ribs were broken. I have examined husband, all body was in bruises, there were traces from handcuffs on the wrists. Arthur said that his head hurt since they beat him on it. I took husband to the surgeon but the one refused to examine his without referral. In the Office of Public Prosecutor they didn't give me it. All next days Arthur complained of pains in head and neck. I took him to Chita for examination where it was found out that the 5th and 6th neck-bones were twisted and appendages of the 6th and 7th neck-bones were broken. I am shocked. Where is justice? How could we believe in militia if its employees - are criminals only in epaulets and with powers".

N.Е.: "Approximately at 2..30 p.m. Kazantsev Zhenja came to my work in Sanitary Engineering Department. He strongly limped, was rumpled, hardly spoke. He told that he was beaten in militia". S.A.: "Approximately at 3 p.m. I saw Kazantsev Zhenja, he strongly limped and has such view as if he was just released from under the anvil. Zhenja said that he was beaten in militia so that to make him to slander someone".