Baburin Acted with Criticism of Bolshevism on True Zyuganov’s Followers Applaud Him: Glory to Russia!


Things "neo-Trotskyists" have been talking about for so long proves to be true more obviously: the Communist Party of the Russian Federation tears every communications not only with any creative inside of a party, with own pary-members creatively developing Marxism but also with own communistic predecessors, with communistic ideals, with Lenin's Bolshevist historical basis of Communist Party. For the sake of "electoral equivalent", for the sake of additional voices of voters Zyuganov's followers are ready publicly Brezhnev-like kiss nationalist Baburin. For the sake of placing their pants accustomed to the Duma's seats to the dear cabinets on the ninth floor of the old building of Sovnarkom.


If only zyuganoids would simply let their comrades know that Baburin has brought ready-made not very numerous "voices" - well, they give him a tribune. You are welcome, Your ...nessĪ, scold Bolshevism on - for radicalism, for "administrative dictatorship" and whatever you wish!


Whether it's not ideological treachery?! And you will go to vote for these "crushers"?


Cretinism of iron-assed patricians sat down a heavy cargo on a pyramid of the Communist movement obviously has passed any limits. Tomorrow they will already without Baburin's help start to abuse not Bolshevism but Lenin, will run to take him away from the Mausoleum and in an orthodox Zyuganov's way commit to earth. May be he really is the German spy? Why not to agree with nationalists if they come with "peace"?


In this occasion Bolshevik Lenin said: "There are compromises and compromises".


Frank, consecutive Nationalism-Menshevism became today ideology of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Whether such party can be called communist?


"Neo-Trotskiysts" leave the Communist Party of the Russian Federation but they are changed by "neo-Kornilovests". These pro-Putin "statesmen" have nothing in general with communists, with Bolsheviks-revolutionaries. Zyuganov praises Lenin exclusively for NEP. As to Stalin - everything have been distorted in the spirit of Baburin's followers. A pier, Stalin is - not a Bolshevik, he is the statesman, the Russian patriot and hidden monarchist at all.


If Stalin would agree with such treatment? No, he would send these vulpine "followers" to the known address.


The ideology of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is near to death in direct and figurative meaning. Zyuganov gets rid from the left in the party inviting hospitably the right to fraternize. There is no way back. Here you are - dirty policy.


Ideological unsteadiness in case of publication of Baburin's contra shows unequivocally a parity of aims and means of Zyuganov's followers. All that they need today is - "to build a house and to settle in kiddies", to seat one more term in the Duma to the end and then to sell a brand and devil-may-care...