Having Learned about Appointment of Medvedev Putin’s Successor Minister of Defence of the USA Started Talking about Friendship with Russia

The USA do not consider Russia as threat to the national safety and interests and do not aspire to global opposition with it. Minister of Defence of the USA Robert Gates acted with such applications in the interview to newspaper Washington Post. As he said, America "is not engaged in a global antagonism with Russia" as it was during an epoch of "cold war". "The world does not any longer consist of blocks. Now we live in the multipolar world", - Gates declared.

Analyzing a year of work of Gates as the chapter of military department of the USA, Washington Post comes to conclusion that Minister of Defence became "a voice of reason" in Bush's administration from last forces trying "to keep a head above water" after a lot of large foreign policy miscalculations. Among the foreign diplomatic coprs accredited in Washington Gates has reputation of "the only person left in administration who can be trusted".

Minister himself in interview declared that, according to assistants, he was going to take part further in various sorts the international conferences, in every possible way to show adherence of Washington to the idea of multilateral cooperation. "We try to expand scales of cooperation when it is possible and to let know clearly that when it does not occur, its' not the fault of the USA", - Robert Gates said.

A head of the Ukrainian editorial board of FORUM.msk, political scientist Vladimir Filin being now in Washington on the basis of his contacts in the American capital assumed that "Robert Gates's reconciliatory words in Russia's address are connected first of all with Dmitry Medvedev's appointment Vladimir Putin's successor".

"The Figure of the president Medvedev causes in the West, including the USA, enthusiasm and hopes that Russia will gradually return to the European way of development. Robert Gates is included into the number such enthusiasts. It seemed to be that he would like to play in case of Medvedev the same role as Margaret Thatcher played in Micahel Gorbachev's case 22 years ago", - political scientist said. 

Let's remind that yesterday making comments on the phone from Istanbul Near-Eastern policy of Robert Gates, political scientist Ruslan Saidov informed about initiative to put forward Minister of Defence of the USA on the Nobel Prize of the world. As Saidov specified, it's not only and not so much his offer, as it's initiative of representatives of the public of several Arabian countries.

Speaking in favour of the given initiative Ruslan Saidov, in particular, pointed at "attributes of realism appeared in the Near-Eastern policy of the USA" which he connected with Robert Gates's name. The political scientist said: "At least four important events capable to change considerably situation in the Near East took place recently. The first - the USA managed to convince Turkey of hopelessness of military operation against Kurds in the north of Iraq and the Iraqi Kurds - of necessity not in words, but in practice to keep terrorist group working Party of Kurdistan from carrying out of diversions on the Turkish territory.

The second - under the initiative of Saudi Arabia the United Arab Emirates and Jordan direct confidential negotiations between the USA and representatives of Izat Ibragim - vice-president of Iraq at Saddam Hussein, heading Baasite part Sunni resistance in Iraq - started. The first round of negotiations passed in Jordan having marked refusal of the Americans of the unilateral rate on proIranian Shiah making the government of Iraq.

The third - the report of National Intelligence Service of the USA in which it's said that else in 2003 Iran cut down its military nuclear program, gets arguments of those forces in Washington and Tel-Aviv which insist on drawing the American air rocket impact on Iran. In this way the probability of new war considerably decreased.

The fourth - the USA insisted in Annapolis on renewal of the Palestinian-Israeli and Syrian-Israeli peace processes. Syria should receive back Golan Heights. In exchange it seemed not to refuse from signing of peace agreement with Israel, from playing more constructive role in Lebanon and, the most sensational, showed readiness to depart from Iran and to stop supporting radical Sunni and Shiite Islamic terrorists from HAMAS and "Hezbollah".

As to Palestine, the USA are ready to make pressure on Israel so that it doesn't give concessions to the Palestinian leader Mahmud Abass resisting radical Islamists from HAMAS and asking for help on Western coast of Jordan and in Jerusalem.

If to add here rather constrained reaction of the USA to state of emergency entered in Pakistan that was necessary for bridling radical Islamists and terrorists, full refusal of strong-arm tactics carried out before by neo-conservatives headed by the vice-president Richard Cheney is obviously seen.

By the way, new approaches in the politician of the USA associated with Robert Gates's name are appreciable not only in relation to the Near and Middle East but also Russia. As Andrey Illarionov noted with obvious regret, administration of the USA having approved Dmitry Medvedev's nominee on a post of the president of Russia, appeared in one number with president of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov diabilized by liberals who also supported successor of Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, Robert Gates and Ramzan Kadyrov, in my opinion, understand better what occurs in Moscow, than the Russian liberals, some of which as, for example, Michael Kasyanov, allow to use himself by losing and agonizing because of it chekist group of Igor Sechina's as a spoiler, some kind of "mini-Zyuganov" against Dmitry Medvedev on presidential elections".