The Main Event of the Year – New Wonderful World Has Been Created

Sociologists from Jury Levada's Center summed up the results of the leaving year. 40% of the Russians consider elections in the State Duma the main event of 2007, 39% of interrogated named a victory of Sochi in the struggle for the right to carry out Winter Olympiad in 2014. On the third place - a jump of prices for food stuff this autumn. If anybody knows how and whom they interrogate? According to their former interrogations, more than 50% of citizens strongly feel influence of price increase for meal on family budget. While at interrogation they put the problem of what they are going to fress (I beg your pardon) on the third place! Olympiad interests them, ostensibly, more than own stomach!


It is possible to say, certainly, that I do not trust interrogation. But it's not so. I trust this very interrogation. I do not trust the majority of citizens of my country in such important business as definition of their own destiny. Because in our country there already has been created the majority which is dangerous to itself.


It was formed not casually, but as a result of quite conscious selection and educational work during one and a half tens years. And now instead of shouting "I want to fress!" this majority shouts "Glory to Russia!" and "Putin's Plan!" It's possible that it was brought up so: if you shout "Putin's Plan", you will receive a soldering. It's possible to build with such people channels and concentration camps. Good people, controllable.


It is necessary to note that each second Russian named leaving year successful and only 26% declared that the leaving year was more difficult, than the previous one. By last researches of sociologists, third of our fellow citizens name leaving 2007 a good year and meet 2008 in high spirits. Just one year ago there were 10% less of them. These are the results of interrogation of VCIOM. We shall notice that if to ask, what it was such successful for an average Russian in the leaving year, then according to statistics he, likely, should name elections into the State Duma, Olympiad in 2014 and increase of price for foodstuff. There were no others successes, fortunately. Well, several undermined buses shouldn't be taken into account. Several rockets were not launched; the plan of reequipment of army went to the depth of the hell; half of a million Russians more than was born died; several great actors died and nobody appeared in exchange; several planes smashed and new promised by the end of the year SuperJet didn't rise into the sky; the Constitutional court recognized withdrawal of pension accumulations from 29 million citizens lawful and so on. Is it possible not to go on the spree?... Good year, successful.


By the way, the Russians named Vladimir Putin a person of the year. Not for toffee, I can't recollect what special was done in the leaving year by our nation wide elected? It looks as if he rescued nobody, went nowhere, only one popular expression "be as jackals in embassies" remembered itself. But it's far from "get them in the toilet". The guarantor also went for a drive on a boat with a prince of some dwarfish European monarchy known for his nonconventional orientation and was photographed with a naked torso. 3-4% of voters, likely, were tickled pink, but what about the others?


At least 5 new women-deputies from the party in power "Edinaya Russia" had picture of naked body taken for man's magazines. Therefore elections in the State Duma stuck in the memory of the voters. Dmitry Medvedev's promotion on a post of the head of the state and application of the present president that he could become the prime minister was also memorable. It is clear, that one couldn't see such a rag every year. It is a pity, last time nobody guessed to make Yeltsin the prime-minister. Or the patriarch. In fact he hinted already in Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Laura: "I am - a holy president!"


In the meantime already today more people are for Dmitry Medvedev, than there were ones for Putin on elections in 2004 and it was not necessary to do something special. Just not to speak any nonsense and that's all. The guy just earns 5% of the state budget, pays something extra to doctors, something to teachers, lying-in women, as a whole on trifles. Promises to raise birth rate, to lower death rate, accordingly. And if elections takes place this Sunday, already 79% of respondents would vote for the candidate from "Edinaya Russia" Dmitry Medvedev.


It's impossible not to recollect here Ruslan Imranovich Hasbulatov who once under an impulse of frankness said that our people was remarkable, it's enough just to give a little bit of bread, to pour a little bit of milk - and it will go for you though fire and water.


It's possible to build a thousand-year Reichstag right now with such people. It is a pity Goebbels had no TV-set, then we would shout "Hajl Hitler!" till now - simply nobody would know that we took Reichstag.


By the way, people are the same in brotherly Ukraine.


54,6% of interrogated by the Center of Economic and Political Researches named after Alexander Razumkov named elections to the Supreme Rada the main event of 2007 - in one and a half time more, than in Russia though elections in Ukraine finished earlier. 10,1% of respondents named appointment of the leader of BJT Julia Timoshenko the prime minister the main event. 3,8% of interrogated consider dissolution of Rada of the 5th calling the event of the year. Elections of the chairman of Rada and catastrophes in the mines were named by 1,4% of interrogated, perpetuating of the memory of victims of Holodomor of 1932-33 - 1%.


Nobody recollected a rise of prices for foodstuff which took place in Ukraine!


3,9% of the Ukrainians consider that no event of the leaving year deserve special attention. 18.1% failed to answer a question about the main event of the year.


Almost third of the Ukrainians (31% of respondents) named the new prime minister of Ukraine Julia Timoshenko the politician of the leaving 2007. Well, it's all right. But ex-prime-minister and the leader of the Party of Regions Victor Janukovich who in general lost everything that was possible with a crash became the second one! Almost 15% of the Ukrainians named him politician of 2007. The right place to stay with such people is gasenwagen - they will only ask to shut the door closely, so that there won't be draft.


More than that, 6,6% of the population of the country are ready to name the president of Ukraine Victor Jushchenko the politician of the leaving year! A person who in general did nothing that year!


They say that the Russians and Ukrainians have different mentality.


I think so, that it is necessary to finish in general with democracy. The most popular TV presenter should simply become the president of the country. And the most popular TV presenter is the one who conducts on the first national channel the hour program at the prime time. It is necessary to regard selection and preparation of this person with maximal care. He should be handsome, represent, certainly, the title nation, to have the decent experience of work in the bodies. In 8 years, during the next show he should appoint his successor, at that this decision should be confirmed by interactive voting. It's possible to do it, by the way, directly on the New Year, so that there will be an atmosphere of holiday.


By the way, on a course of presidency broadcasters of national talk-shows can marry themselves, get divorced, give birth to children directly on air. All this should find necessarily reflection in simplification or difficulty of crossing of borders, in growth or reduction of prices on gas and on a width of passage between the Krasnodar coast and island of Tuzla. In the same way it is possible to define also cross-course of a rouble to grivna.


Marvellous new world, by the way, will be received.