Shut up, Russia!

The chapter of the National Anticorruption Committee Cyril Kabanov estimates annual growth of corruption market in our country in one and a half time - from $ 240 billion in 2006 up to $350 billion last year. How it is better to new president and government of the Russian Federation to organize struggle against this social evil, what means should be used, what social forces could be used as the support?

Evident image how the Kremlin and putin's cabinet are going to answer this pressing question is given by recent personnel assignments.

According to one of them, former Minister of Public Health and Social Development Michael Zurabov became the adviser of the president of the Russian Federation. What socially important reference points did the head of Russia Dmitry Medvedev see signing the decree about Zurabov is possible only to guess. To ask the president what criteria he used having taken so unpopular in society person as his adviser, nobody from officials, apparently, would dare.

While we, journalists, shall ask Dmitry Anatoljevich directly, for what merits before people and the state in which this people lives, mister Zurabov is awarded with honour to advise something to the president of Russia? May be you will explain to citizens of the country from which pockets Zurabov's advisers will be paid, what is a true essence of this "epoch-making" assignment?

The society has not come round after "global" treatment of conditions of improvement of public health services in our country by Michael Yurievich. "Well-known" 122-nd threw tens millions Russians off their stride, aggravated crisis in medicine, stopped concrete social mechanisms. Before parliamentary and presidential elections M.Zurabov as though disappeared from internal political arena, was not seen anywhere. So, elections are behind and the official who is being recollected badly by almost all the country again goes great guns. At that he walk confidently along the stone blocks of the heart of Russia.

Giving the status of the presidential adviser to Zurabov is fraught with creation of a situation at which system of values professed by the supreme Russian authority is exposed to public doubt.

In fact one could not necessary be governmental analyst to understand: while Zurabov is close to the first person of the state, no physician - professional will be the chapter of Ministry of Public Health and Social Development. As minister - professional, in my opinion, will instantly open and promulgate the facts which should be examined not personnel officers of the Kremlin but, perhaps, inspectors of Office of Public Prosecutor. Everything is being done now so that the destiny of the milliard financial streams "irrigated" medical coasts of Russia from 2004 till 2007 has fallen into oblivion. Anyway, the Russian Public Health Service in which bowels it's possible to find out traces of many "interesting" tenders, strokes and "features" of erection on a qualitative paper of hi-tech medical centers has been already liquidated.

... After pushing through by minister Zurabov of "innovations on strengthening of public health services" the Russian society began to fix the facts of not clear, we shall say, attitude of executive and legislative branches of authority to health of people. At that skeptical perception of Zurabov's medical "reform" got in Russia different forms. There were emotional appeals to authority to see reason, capture of some premises of the ministry by national Bolsheviks and concrete performances in mass-media about the facts which should cause not emotions of inhabitants but reaction of law enforcement bodies. While after such loud confusion the official who made it becomes the adviser of the first person of the state!

I believe that it is similar to a tasty spittle from the Kremlin wall downwards - into the "crowd". To the spittle accompanied with a boorish hail "Shut up, Russia!"

However, I shall be glad, if someone will explain to me on facts that the new adviser of the president of the Russian Federation renders beneficial influence on expansion of constructive opportunities of the Russian authority on improvement of life and health of the population ...