Cartoon Heroes

Television today as well as Internet create feeling of unreality of the events on the screen. People talk that Putin with the Siberian white cranes already recollects famous talk show hostess Yakubovich in skullcap. Though lately actions of oppositional political groups bear strong resemblance of the behavior of the cartoon heroes.

Opposition unsuccessfully tries to catch up with legislative initiatives of the power eternally going forward. But it’s only half-trouble. Having no nerve to stand up to some next "light" undertaking of the power, it safely "forgets" this undertaking. Undertaking grows into the ritual list of sins of a mode. As well as cartoon hero invents some cunning way to catch its antagonist. Expected it its idea fails and it starts planning something new. It does it with big, we should say, enthusiasm and without any belief in possibility of success. "Toon" with pleasure forgets its previous tricks. Though, probably, the way was quite good. Pure "Tom and Jerry". Or something of the kind.

Unfortunately the same happen in life. There was monetization. There was protest. Where is “monetization” today? Hey! Pensioners and aided people deprived of privileges remain, they didn't disappear. All, it seems, didn't like "police" … Hey! The cat throws out dynamite and starts making some mad car. Instead of the car there will be parachute then. And I don’t know what else further. Hey-hey!

Thus imperious "toons" are more powerful than the one from cartoons. Let them be the same way ridiculous and cartoonish. Their animation legislative weight beats through the screen quite noticeably. They don't stop doing what they’ve started. They decide what the "scenery" for passing of the next series of psychodelic animated film will be. What the power will think up – will be new scenery, new political fashion, new agenda.

The most part of so-called Coordination Council of opposition constantly repeats that it dreams to make protest "fashionable". To catch eternally escaping "fashion" up. To set agenda. Unless the cat catches a mouse at last? Even if the first will catch the second up, the mouse will again slip out and escape. The vogue of K.Sobchak’s protest will pass.

Result of all "liberal" protest undertakings, alas, is always one: "cartoonish" opposition predictably gets in the neck again. Navalny as the cat will shake the fist from the collapsing under it car. While Putin with all his heart will laugh at him imitating the voice of the mouse.

Who will consider cartoon hero seriously? Who will follow it as the leader except mentally ill people and children?

After all it’s not so difficult to break the structure of the cartoon: it is necessary only to be a little more unpredictable and to cease to run behind a spot of sunlight. Why not to raise again already forgotten law about police, for example? Without waiting next series of horrors about police lawlessness on TV.

While today’s attempts of "creative" can’t be called using different words than pitiful: to rename the third time become ritual meeting "March of Millions" as some bankrupt agency. The first time it was actually the protest, the second – "March of Millions", now – "March of Freedom". Say, going to freedom in harmonous columns keeping step with a team of cartoon losers. Well. It’s even not "Tom and Jerry!", but some Japanese cartoon pornography in pure form.

It is time to recognize that bourgeois "leaders" are ridiculous and awkward. If we don’t live in the movie and falling from the sky blacksmith anvil can kill, so they are even dangerous.

It becomes obvious that, first of all, it is necessary to reanimate attempts to change "forgotten" laws. Secondly, to take the lead offering new projects of change of the legislation already in the interests of people. It is worth emphasizing that return to the "past" with variants of transformations is also the lead and, possibly, that it’s 10 times bbetter as it means beginning of a new round of public discussions. Thus there’s no necessity to look for any "reason", just take the list of "blessings" of the power and make something!