Apostle Addressed His People As If the Saviour Came Exclusively to FSB

In spite of the fact that Jesus Christ whose birth the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates on January, 7th was born very far from Russia and openly said that "there is neither Jew, nor the Roman" patriarch Kirill found words full of state patriotism for this event:

"There were in the history of our Fatherland a lot of examples how our people, having hoped in God, overcame difficulties, with honour left the most difficult tests. Many of these events we celebrated last year. We celebrated the 400th anniversary of overcoming of Distemper which ended with exile of interventionists and restoration of the national unity. The 200th anniversary of Patriotic War of 1812 in which our ancestors stood up to the invasion of the huge army gathered by Napoleon from all subdued Europe," — he said, though if there’s relation ancient wars of the Christian peoples have to Christmas?

There is such an impression that not Christianity, but some kind of faith specific to Josephites established in Russia many centuries ago. Such syncretic national focused faith partially using Christian attributes.

If there’s a lot of joy from the fact that as a result of seigniorial plot 400 years ago they killed tsar-reformer Dmitry the First, let’s note, duly elected by emperor "on the Roman custom" and later "appointed" by the parliament, council of boyars and anointed to reign by the patriarch? By the way, Dmitry was the only Russian tsar was crowned not only by "the Kazan cap" but also by the Austrian crown specially for that purpose sent by emperor Rudolf the Second – great friend of Ivan the Terrible. Very strange "intervention" entering Russia in a number of the largest European powers, establishing constitutional monarchy and parliamentarism at the same time with the first bourgeois revolution in the Netherlands... Instead of it, to the pleasure of the Russian Orthodox Church, medieval absolutism and serf slavery remained for long was established in Russia.

If there’s a lot of joy that Napoleon also was going to overthrow Romanov's absolutism in Russia, to abolish serfdom and to open trade ways to India and to the east for Russia? We write a lot about nice orders in Sweden forgetting that it was Napoleon who established those orders, having appointed marshal Bernadot the king of Sweden. But Russia preferred Romanov's absolutism - even peasants participating in Patriotic war of 1812 received medals instead of freedom from serfdom.

But the Russian Orthodox Church idealizes those times, even in spite of the fact that then it was headed by ober-prosecutor, not patriarch. The Soviet power which returned in 1918 self-government and institute of patriarchs to church is damned. The first patriarch Tikhon was the first who started damning.

Apostle drew attention to the social perspective. "In all circumstances the church in word and deed proclaimed God's truth, it announces it today testifying that society constructed on the principles of profit, permissiveness, unlimited freedom, neglect eternal truth, denials of authorities is morally unhealthy and is threatened by many dangers," — the patriarch warned.

As we see, the Russian Orthodox Church doesn't have the nerve to refuse from Jesus words about rich and the Kingdom of God... After all society in the Russian Federation is built exactly on the principles of enrichment - not casually on a number of billionaires poor Russia cedes only the USA and on a decile index unless some Bangladesh or Nigeria.

At once – hint on "unlimited freedom". Though Jesus told about unlimited freedom considering there’s no intermediaries in relations between a person and god, except his conscience. Including priests. But all churches of the world avoid this moment. After all it directly follows from the first and the second precepts of Jesus:

"Thou shalt love the Lord Thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. The second similar to it: love near yours, as itself”.

(Matt. 22:37-39)

A bit earlier those words were told in the Old Testament.

There are no other specifications what is possible and what is impossible - all the rest directly follows from these precepts. Whether it is not limitation of freedom, if to follow these precepts literally?

Though where then will be the priests and for what reason? Actually, interpreters of the Old Testament sent Jesus to be crucified including for the requirement of "unlimited freedom" and "denial of authorities".

Now Pharisees and scribes from the Russian Orthodox Church continue their business demanding criminal punishment for "blasphemy" - in fact seeking to return legal system of the Russian Federation to the standards of dear to them Middle Ages, when one of the main sacred, “excellent” in Russia Joseph Volotsky openly wrote:

"...when the same shall see that the infidels and heretics want to lead astray the Orthodox, then it befits not only hate them, or condemn, and curse, and cause them wounds, sanctifying the his hand... thus, it is absolutely clear and understandable indeed all people, and that the hierarchs and the priests, and monks, and the common people, all Christians becoming to condemn and curse the heretics and apostates, and the kings, princes and worldly judges becoming to send them to prison and given over to fierce executions ".

"After all of that, who blaspheme earthly king, ought to be punished; the more it refers to the one who blaspeheme the King of Heaven. All have a sin, if there is no truth. Befits for all who needs to explain, let them know and Jews, and vile heretics that Christians are the saviors of the state, builders, intercessors and teachers. Let wild and wicked Jews and heretics know, that they should be afraid of God's servants. And if they want they ever say anything improper - let them look after each other everywhere and let them be afraid of shadows barely hearing Christians.”

"... everywhere threaten us with evil spirits and confuse our humble body."

"Can say that the Holy apostles and Holy fathers commanded the kings, princes and rulers to punish those who do evil, that is, murderers, adulterers, involved in theft and robbery and other evil deeds, and heretics and apostates are innocent. But if it was commanded of murderers, fornicaries and making other evil deeds, then it’s proper to do so in relation to heretics and apostates.”

"In the rules relating to the civil laws is said of the infidels and heretics: those who received Twelfthtide, but turned away from the Orthodox faith and became heretics or offered sacrifices to Hellenic gods shall be subject to death penalty. If a Jew ventured to seduce the Christian faith, he is subject to beheading. If Manichee or other heretics, who have become Christians, will then come and talk heretics, they will be beheaded with the sword; and those who know about it and don't execute them also shall be subject to the death penalty. If any commander or soldier, or the chief of community, who is obliged to follow if someone does or think like heretic learns about heretic and do not expose him to court – even if the chief is Orthodox – is subjected to death penalty…”

"..it befits not only to condemn but also to expose to fierce executions, and that not only heretics and apostates, but Orthodox themselves, learned about heretics or apostates, but those who have not exposed them to judges shall be subjected to death penalty.”

“If someone kills following the will of God – this murder is better act of humanity. If somebody will deal kindly and truly, but contrary to the will of Go – this grace is more badly than the murder.”

"... all sacred blessed and divinely-inspired fathers, pastors and teachers begged pious kings and princes that they exterminateheretics."

On December, 7th, 2009 with the blessing of patriarch Cyril Joseph Volotsky was proclaimed protector of orthodox enterprise and economic management.

ánatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

PS. Unless it’s high time to establish in Russia "Society of non-Josephites" to counteract state followers of Josephites from the Russian Orthodox Church and autocratic state being battened by it.