Death of Kibalchish

I would like to stress that I am not the journalist, I am not engaged in journalistic investigations. Alexander Dolmatov's death caused in me, except human sympathy, professional desire to understand legal side of the matter in which there were at least two oddities: first, extremely unreasonable refusal of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in granting political asylum and, second, extraordinary speed of the procedure.

Therefore I wasn't too lazy and called up usually well informed European colleagues lawyers. It became clear that having learned about Dolmatov's profession representative of intelligence service got engaged in his business. I know the name of the service but I won’t mention it here, as hardly many readers could name though one intelligence service of this country.

However it’s possible to guess what newly appeared James Bond smoked proceeding from local specifics. Together with abuse of movies about spies it can play an evil joke.

Dolmatov was offered to participate in the rocket program of the Netherlands. Valorous scout didn't know whether there is such program. A lot of other programs such as Tomahawks, Patriot and other are on the stage of development in the country.

Dolmatov refused and was right. Regardless of political believes and desire or unwillingness to help his new homeland, the refugee either applies for political asylum, or for transaction in a role of as carrier of secrets; it isn't recommended to mix these two crafts not to confuse migratory service finally.

Representative of the intelligence services also didn’t know any secrets, he didn’t know that everything that Dolmatov knew was no longer a secret. Unfortunately Dolmatov also didn’t know about it and absolutely logically believed that if he – carrier of secrets - than in the course of participation in (mythical) rocket program, he would anyway give out his level of awareness to his local collegues.

Having smoked a little more, the representative noticed in the old Hollywood movie brilliant double-thread combination and decided to play in big boys. He told Dolmatov that he could merge the Russian intelligence services misinformation that Alexander leaks and if the last wouldn’t agree to cooperate even after it, he would organize deportation of a poor creature back to FSB embraces.

Dutch lawyer of Dolmatov guessed that there was something wrong. He suggested Alexander to tell him everything, so that the district court forbade representative of the intelligence services even to come near to the settlement where Dolmatov lived.

Under such circumstances obtaining of such decision in the law-abiding Kingdom of the Netherlands would take fifteen minutes from me. It would require even less time and efforts from the local lawyer. However Alexander Dolmatov was brought up where he was brought up and was convinced that there’s no animal stronger than a cat.

We know how it ended. The press, including the European one, gives wide coverage of this story but till now no one took interest what happened in reality.

Not once I wrote about political asylum: in connection with Razvozzhayev's case, in connection with cooperation of the German federal police with KGB of the Republic of Belarus … Unless it’s so difficult to a person making fatal decision to send someone anonymously to consult to the expert? Asking needs no pay.

Dolmatov's family has all bases for opening of the criminal case against the staff of the Netherlands intelligence services upon infliction of suicide, excess of office powers and perjury.

Unfortunately, excess of admissible degree of idiocy on duty isn't punishable.

It refers to our James Bonds as well: if you fabricate cases in connection with Bolotnaya Square, you should at least examine at first personnel files of the persons involved. Or may be you drank away all rocket secrets and therefore you knew that it’s possible to declassify Dolmatov with an easy mind?