Public Health Authority Will Close Anna Karenina and Romeo with Juliette

As we already reported, Public Health Authority demanded to close nearly 600 Internet sites because they contain information about various ways of suicide. "We received 703 addresses from Rosinformation. We looked them through. 594 judgments on closing of sites and pages with information about ways of commission of suicides are passed, - quotes Interfax the head of Public Health Authority Gennady Onishchenko. - 342 pages were already removed. 187 pages are in the stage of response".

Gennady Onishchenko, I will remind you, are the health officer, even the chief health officer in the Russian Federation. Public Health Authority warns - information about suicide can be dangerous to freedom of speech.

It is surprising that the novel of a blasphemer and scoffer (anathema hasn't been removed from the count) Lev Tolstoy "Anna Karenina" where the main character intentionally rushes under moving public transport passed attentive eye of the sanitary officer. What example she gives to our youth? After all the work of this, if I may say so, count is studied at school!

The work of the bloody chekist (the former fighter of Special Forces) Mikhail Sholokhov "Tikhiy Don" where at once two heroines commit suicide in very inventive way - one drowned in that Don and the other cut her throat with sharply whetted scythe.

There are questions also to Saltykov-Schedrin's work "Misters Golovlevs", the drama "Tsar Oedipus", to William Shakespeare with his "Romeo and Juliette", not to mention works of pseudo-writers who committed suicides themselves setting bad example for the admirers: Mayakovsky, Yesenin, Garshin, Fadeev, Radishchev, Tsvetaeva, Meyrink, Koestler, Jack London, Hemingway, Zweig, Lucretius, Petronius, Seneca.

Modern cinema causes even more doubts - from known history about Antony and Cleopatra to such movies as "Desyat Negrityat" and "Burnt by the Sun". The more so "Romeo and Juliette", "Tikhiy Don" and "Anna Karenina" are cinematized many times.

I am not talking about Japanese literature and cinema - there hara-kiri in almost every story. Writers commit suicide on a mass scale: Yukio Mishima, Akutagava Ryunosuke, Kusaka Yoko, Kubo Sakae, Kitamur Tokoka, Ashihey Kano, Yasunari Kawabata. I think, Japan should be closed in general on request of Public Health Authority! What do we need this Japan in general? Onishchenko, by analogy to the pioneer, should be awarded with a rank of a discoverer.

It’s high time to end with antique literature too. Literally all classical plots contain descriptions of suicide of heroes which are considered positive - Heracles and Perseus, Ajax and Theseus, Bellerophon and Lycurgus. It is time to close everything - it is possible to begin with closing of museum named after Pushkin with his Greek hall and to fill in diggings of Hermonassa, Tanais and other antique nurseries of suicide in the territory of the Russian Federation. It will be also good to build churches over former diggings so that nobody could dig under.

It is necessary to end up with it. The heavy hand of Public Health Authority has to clear the country not only of worms and crabs, but also of the other nasty things. We should stop, at last, free sale of ropes and soap!

PS. The inhabitant of Orenburg Vladimir Savinkov accused a number of known companies of promotion of the forbidden substances. In directed to the Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Orenburg address Savinkov asks to forbid advertizing and sale of Coca-Cola, toilet water Opium, belts for guitars Rasta, chocolates "Red Poppy" and several types of hempy oil. He also asks to demolish one of the statues of the fountain “Friendship of Peoples” and pavilion "Geology" in the All-Russia Exhibition Centre.

As Savinkov specified that violation made by pointed out by him organizations of Art. 6.13 of Administrative Code ("Promotion of Drugs") and also "personal rejection and concern for relatives" served as the basis for his address. As a source in OFAS of Orenburg informed, the address has been accepted to consideration.

Onishchenko has competitors...